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  1. Hi everyone... Last night I had a meteorite giveaway contest on my website and it went by so fast there was a bunch of people who didn't get to place the guess on the meteorites weight. That was WAAAAY too fast! So I'm giving away yet another iron meteorite! I also forgot to post here in the meteorite forums to give you guys the opportunity to guess too. So here it is! For those of you who participated in the last contest, Thanks! Now I have to make things a bit more challenging. It's was too easy too just guess 1-1000 grams and get it just by process of elimination. So, I decided to make
  2. Wayne, I am curious as well... I can't wait for it though I tell you! The thing is, it could be sitting in the mail box right now and I wouldn't know because my girlfriend took the key to the mailbox this morning... ARRRG! lol Oh well.. I'll email you when I get it... Thanks! Eric
  3. Awesome Job Wayne! I'd be happy to find 1/100th of that... Will hunt GB myself in a few weeks hopefully. Eric
  4. Continued from previous post... CLOSEUP TOP CLOSEUP BOTTOM CLOSEUP FUSION Hope this helps... Eric
  5. Here are some more photos. They're a little sharper and easier to see... FUSION CRUST? SIDE BOTTOM TOP Eric Cont...
  6. Is anyone actually planning a trip there? And what about samples? If it was a meteorite where are photos of samples? I've seen tons of photos of the crater but none of any samples found. Were there any meteorites found yet, or is that still in the works? Eric
  7. Looking at it you can't really tell... The magnetisim is very low, and even then it only magnetic on "one side" of the stone which I find really odd. Also I've held a couple "genuine Holbrook meteorites" and used my magnet on them and they were WAY more magnetic than the stone I have. The fusion crust just looks suspect to me. There's a part of the crust doesn't look like any real fusion crust I've seen... It's TOO BLACK and bubbly. That's no to say it's not fusion crust but it's certainly weird. I would like to cut it but don't have anything to cut it with. Would cutting it in half would de
  8. I agree... I'm going to send it to a lab as soon as I find someone to look at it. It's possible it's not a meteorite at all and if not I want to know. I know the photos are kind of blurry. Sorry bout that... Does anyone think this "fusion crust" looks a little weird? Eric
  9. I'll post this here because it seems like a good place to get a good discussion going about meteorites and meteorwrongs. I purchased this supposed "meteorite" from a dealer (who will remain un-named at this time) who claimed it was a genuine Holbrook. I have seen many photos of Holbrook meteorites and they kind of resemble this piece. I have had this specimen visually inspected by an expert hunter and collector and even he was unsure it was a Holbrook much less a meteorite. We placed it under a microscope and viewed it under 400 magnification and we are still undecided. The physical cha
  10. Great job on the video Ruben. My favorite part was the paper airplane. I didn't know that's how meteorite entered our atmosphere. Wow! You learn something new every day. Eric
  11. Here's some good link for ya... Digital Desert Website: http://digital-desert.com/dry-lakes/ You also might want to download Google Earth. It's a great tool to use for huting meteorites. And you'll need it if you want to map official meteorite find using the Meteoritical Bulletin Database and view satelite. Google Earth: http://earth.google.com/ And of course the Meteoritical Bulletin Database: http://tin.er.usgs.gov/meteor/metbull.php Hopefully that will help you out a bit. Eric
  12. Good luck out there! I'll be heading out that way soon. Hopefully in the next couple weeks if possible. Be sure to post your photos.
  13. Great finds Erik! Get's me motivated for sure. I was in Arizona a couple weeks ago but passed up a chance to hunt Holbrrok, and hunted Franconia for a couple hours instead. Now I wish I had gone. I looked down the road though as I crossed the overpasson I40! lol Happy Hunting! Eric MeteoriteWatch.com
  14. Where can I get a copy? I'd like on to add to my library. Eric
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