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  1. Been there... Seen it, and it is imposing isn't it... ;) I was reading that there was a little town there way back in the Old West days when they built a railroad bridge over the canyon, and that it was a pretty lawless little town, worse than Tombstone or Deadwood even. Eric
  2. Johnno, Thanks for the offer! I appreciate it... I think I've decided on a type of detector... Had a few other offers and realized I was a little vague on exactly what I was looking for... A V-SAT I think is the direction I'm going... It's a good detector and one that is reasonably priced, and readily available. They range anywhere from $150-$250 and I think I can get 2, one for me and one for my girlfriend so we both can hunt! --------------------------------------------------------- Looking for a V-SAT! Anyone that has one they want to trade PM me... Actually looking for 2 units! Eric
  3. Thanks! OK, I've been watching the thread and no one seems to be interested in the equipment I'm offering for trade. The Back pack (which I paid $120.00 for) I'm offering as part of the trade is for camera equipment but is also perfect for detector gear! Headphones, tools, coils, control boxes, whatever you want to keep safe. The 35mm Camera is LIKE NEW and worth $200 just for the body not counting the lense. The 28mm-90mm Lense will fit ANY Canon Digital SLR camera with an EF mount so you can use the lense for both cameras. The Digital Camera I'm including as a FREEBIE because the displa
  4. Hey Stan... I really like Gold Bug 2's and am kind of partial to them but I know the GMT and V-SAT are nice machines. If I can trade ALL my photo equipment and throw in that Big Canyon I'd be happy and whoever gets that big meteorite will be one happy camper. Oh yeah. THanks for bidding and Congrats on winning that auction! I'll ship it first thing tomorrow alont with your other ones... Eric -------------------------------------------------- As a side note: To everyone who reads this thread. Please contact me if you have an old working detector laying around and would like to trade for wha
  5. Does anyone have an old detector laying around? Maybe a V-Sat, Gold Bug, GMT, anything made by Fisher or Whites that's good for meteorites? I need a detector but am low on funds. I have lots of meteorites! More than enough to trade for a good detector if anyone is willing to trade. One AWESOME piece I could trade is my 660 gram Canyon Diablo here: I also have more than 1 Kilo of NWA 4300 H5, some Campo fragments, and some NWA Unclassified (about 1.8 Kilos) and would be willing to combine a custom LOT for you. I would of course provide photos and weights of specimens before finalizing the
  6. CONGRATS! Nice find. :whoopie: Great job! Eric
  7. 1406 GRAMS OF METEORITE AUCTIONS ENDING SOON I've got lots of iron meteorite auctions up and some ending tonight around 9pm. Looks like I have tons of watchers too! Especially on the 660 Gram Monster Canyon Diablo I have. People seem to like that one but I have a feeling they're watching and waiting until the last minute to bid to get the best possible deal! .45/g is just too good to pass up. AUCTIONS ENDING TONIGHT: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZfreel3orn Good Luck & Happy Bidding... Regards, Eric
  8. Sonny, I haven't met you yet, but I've heard alot about you from Ruben and have corrosponded with you via email many times. I like your style, and I respect your opinion. On the contrary I don't take it personally at all... Having said that, I disagree... I feel that if someone wants to sell their own info they can. Just like if you want to sell any of your info on the many Nevada meterorites you've found I would respect your decision to sell it. It's yours to sell... Of course it's used to make a buck. That's exactly what any selling is for unless you're a non-profit organization or holding
  9. Maybe I'm over stepping, but I'm certainly not trying to step on toes by saying this. If I am sorry but I'm gonna say it anyway. :raspberry: It seems the biggest thing here is that people believe the information shouldn't be packaged and sold for a profit. Others say that they don't mind it being sold for a profit as long as it's for educational purposes. Others give their information freely as long as it isn't copied or used in a way that could be construed as profiteering. And some people believe that information should be kept "close to the vest" and held in the strictest confidence. Or i
  10. SOLD! All my NWA Auctions Sold. Thanks! I'll be listing the NWA 4300 H5 over the next few days along with some other Unclassified material. I have some other CD auctions still up and the offer still stands on the 660 Gram Canyon Diablo. .45/g Plus I'll ship it FREE. You have got to see this piece! BEAUTIFUL! Keep an eye out here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZfreel3orn Thanks, Eric
  11. Hi guys, I have auctions ending in 30 minutes and some others being put up for auction later tonight and over the weekend. Many Canyon Diablos, NWAs, and some polished Campo crystals. I also have some NWA 4300 (Classified as an H5 Chondrite, S2, W2) that I wil be listing soon if anyone wants some I'm selling to the forum members for .22 cents per gram, everyone else gets it for no less than .35/g. Meteoritical Bulletin Database Listing for the NWA 4300: http://tin.er.usgs.gov/meteor/metbull.php?...&code=44898 Ebay Link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZfreel3orn I also have a beautifu
  12. I agree... Making a profit on something you researched and worked on is purely ligit. No argument there. """Now, on the other hand, I'm not quite sure as I understand the concept of selling Co'ord's to finds made by the finder of the meteorites. Most of us who plot our finds, usually go back maybe once or twice, if it was a big enough find (to find other pieces), but usually "clean" the area where the find was made the first time. So, unless there is a scientific study going on about the co'ords (fall area) of the debris field, then what sense does it make to sell them? """ It makes since i
  13. Guess I should have asked a simpler question. I'm not asking for a classification... :hmmmmmm: Just if this stone looks like something, or if maybe it would be worth sending off to get classified. Maybe I should have been more clear... :grrr01: Does anyone think this Unclassified NWA meterorite looks like any Classified NWA meteorite? Or that it would be worth sending off to have it classified? :feedback: Eric
  14. I agree Ruben! Sonny, I have to disagree... if only slightly.. ;) From everything I've read and heard about the Gold Basin strewn field (from many veteran hunters who's names I won't mention) there are many who say they are "done working" Gold Basin. Does this mean that there are no meteorites left there? NO. Wayne goes out many times per week and very often finds a new GB meterorites. If Gold Basin were a SECRET then I would have something to say about the information being sold. But, it's NOT a secret and many veteran hunters seem dissinterested at best to hunt there again. If this is th
  15. Maybe no response to your reply is better, or maybe it just fuels the fire. Am I wrong here or does you post seem a bit uncalled for? Am I reading it wrong? Eric
  16. Hi List, I've got an Unclassified NWA that looks different than any other material I have in my collection. This 11 gram piece is very different than the fractured, and common desert varnished "cheap stuff" that I've seen. Can anyone tell me if this looks familiar? What kind of NWA is this? Here's 3 angles on the same stone... Thanks, Eric
  17. Ben, There's no taming the beast! Obsession consumes completely... Just kidding. I can quit any time I want... No... Really I can. :smilie_pinoc: Ok I give up... I just can't wait to get out there again. I'd go tomorrow if I could. Heck, I'd set up camp and stay a week if possible. That would be a cool trip! Any takers? LOL Imagine what can be found out there in an entire week! Did I mention I'm addicted? :grrr01: Eric
  18. Thanks Del! I appreciate it. Wayne was great, he helped us out a lot and introduced us to the GB strewnfield. We had a blast. Congrats to you Del on your first California Meteorite: http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...showtopic=12204 Great Job! Wayne, You ROCK! Jaime and I had a blast out there yesterday and we can't stop talking about how much fun we had. I was determined to find that meteorite simply because I had to beat out Jaime's first Franconia find the day before! :innocent0002: My first Gold Basin hunt turned out to be an awesome one! Wayne was very nice and let
  19. OK, I've relisted the auction for another 3 days and we'll see how it goes. I'd really rather trade ALL this stuff for a detector. Even Steven Trade. I'd even kick in a bit of cash for the right detector. Gold Bug 2 maybe! Whites GMT There's over $500 worth of gear here: http://cgi.ebay.com/CANON-ELAN-7e-SONY-MAV...emZ250207259481 BRands of Metal Detectors I'd trade for: Fisher Whites Minelab ;) LOL Just kidding... You can view the photos here: http://cgi.ebay.com/CANON-ELAN-7e-SONY-MAV...emZ250207259481 I'm not asking anyone to give up anything. Whatever is being traded will be a s
  20. You can view the photos here: The auction ends in about 2 hours or so from now... http://cgi.ebay.com/CANON-ELAN-7e-SONY-MAV...emZ250206554772 Thanks, Eric
  21. I need to upgrade my photo equipment. I have 2 cameras I'm selling along with all my gear. Here's a list of the gear: ############################### LIST OF ITEMS: 1 - CANON EOS ELAN 7e 35mm CAMERA BODY 1 - CANON ULTRASONIC 28mm-90mm LENSE 1 - Official CANON EOS CAMERA STRAP! 1 - CANON RS60-E3 ELECTRONIC CABLE SHUTTER BUTTON 1 - RC-1 REMOTE SHUTTER BUTTON WITH 20-30ft range! 1 - 58MM CLEAR UV FILTER 1 - Extra CANON CAMERA BODY PROTECTIVE CAP 1 - LENSE CLEANING KIT w/ TISSUE, BLOWER BRUSH & LENSE CLEANING SOLUTION 1 - OFFICIAL CANON ELAN 7e CAMERA MANUAL -------------------
  22. Hi all, We have a winner of the Win a Meteorite Contest 2.0 With a winning guess of 14grams Larry Atkins wins it! Congratulations Larry! Good guessing! More than 200 guesses were posted and many were "Oh so close" but only Larry won this contest. Giving away meteorites is fun! I've given away 3 meteorites within 48hrs, will you be the next winner? Maybe I should cut back a bit on the giveaways. What do you guys think? ;) I think the next contest is gonna have to be more challenging. You guys are just too good at guessing the weight of meteorites. Maybe I'll do something like "Guess The E
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