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  1. I've got 2 odd stones I found in a large lot of NWA meteorites. I know I know, NWA, woohoo! Just look and tell me what you think... Meteorite 1: Slightly magnetic
  2. Read This forum post on the BFRO forum. http://s2.excoboard.com/exco/thread.php?fo...hreadid=1900226 Very intersting, don't know how true any of the accusations are. Nice read...
  3. That make sense John! I haven't found hundreds of kilos but I've found lots, if a stone or iron regarless of size breaks up it is more likely to be oddly shaped, and distinctly un-uniform with more jagged edges. I guess it makes even more sense if you were to take a hunk of granite to the top of a high building (DON'T DO THIS AT HOME) and drop it on the concrete below it will break apart in very irregular pieces. Picturing those fragmented broken pieces falling through our atmoshpere, burning up, forming fusion crust and impacting the ground. Some of the jagged edges would be be more round
  4. Congrats to Richard! WooHoo! Nice Big GB meteorite! Eric MW
  5. :innocent0002: Great answer... I don't have that book yet but it's on my short list of books to get. Sounds like that just might be it! This answers my question on why it's green. So that means the article Jim pointed me to was in fact correct. That article was worded somewhat differnt and I guess I was still a bit unclear on it. Thanks for all the help with it! Thanks Jim for the article link... looks like you were right on the money there! I've done more research and just about everything I read states it's the ionization of atmospheric gases coupled with the extremely high temps the c
  6. Great Job Wayne! Nice piece of GB! :whoopie: twice mine... ;) :hmmmmmm: Guess I'll have to come out there and find another... Eric
  7. Great article Jim... Thanks! It basically says the colors are due to high velocity at "high altitude" and is caused by ionization of the gas/air molecules. Which is correct! But... The meteor I saw, and the Washington meteor was green at a much lower altitude than described in the article. The articles angle is that generally speaking ALL meteors exhibit this green to red color change. "The color is a result of the meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere at a high velocity and ionizing air molecules that glow for several seconds. The glow starts as green because the meteor enters the atmosphe
  8. John, I believe it's composition. Of course. But my question is what makes it burns green? The temp? Is it composition alone regardless of temp, or a combination of temp and comp? If it's an iron that burns green then, why? If it burns bright red does that mean it's a low iron chondrite? The mineral composition of all meteorites are different. The heat needed to "burn" a meteoroid and create the meteor in combination with the mineral will obviously change the color. What makes iron burn green? :hmmmmmm: :shrug: IRON = GREEN? MAGNESIUM = WHITE? I bet if someone researched a fireworks com
  9. Hi all, Given the recent 'fall" (meteor) in Washington/Oregon area I figured I'd pose a question that I haven't been able to research thouroughly. What does it mean when a meteor fireball is green? Why is it green? and is this because of a high iron content? I asked this same question of a highly intelligent, and rather flamboyant meteorite expert, and he said that it is in fact due to a high iron content... ;) I figured it was a good question to pose to the group too so here it is. Why are some meteors green, while others are red, orange, yellow etc... What make them the colors they are? I
  10. Ruben, Awesome video man... Love it! Wish I could have been there to witness all those finds and meet everyone. Will be there next time. ----------------------------------------------- Del, Have to agree. Metallica is my band! Been a fan for 20 years, since Kill'em All. One of the few bands that kept it up that long. Too bad they messed up and lost Jason though... Great find too! Just a bit jealous... Only been to Franconia 4 times and got skunked every time. Course I didn't know what I was doing the first 3 times and got beat out by my girlfriend on her first time out hunting with a dete
  11. NEW UPDATED MAP OF SUSPECTED FALL AREA: Here's a link to more info and the full post on my site: http://www.meteoritewatch.com/ I'll be updating the map as I get more info... Eric MW
  12. Friggin Awesome! I'm Still skunked out there 4 times. Looks like you just found the last of them. You must stop doing that! lol Great job Del! :whoopie: :woohoo: :cool04: :yourock: Eric MW
  13. UPDATE: This just in... A new report... "findings are simply based on the fact that there was no seismic recording of any impact with the ground." Stephen Malone, professor emeritus of space sciences and former director of the seismic network "Malone noted that the readings might be a bit off because the seismometer closest to the disintegration point has been out of commission since January. He also said he's not a meteorite expert and said his findings are simply based on the fact that there was no seismic recording of any impact with the ground." AND from the same report... "Even with
  14. Great Job Mike! Great music too! Awesome finds! :whoopie: Ruben, better watch out, you got some competition now! ;) :wink2: Jason, Mike, you, we're gonna have a whole Meteorite TV station before too long... Eric MW
  15. You're absolutely right about how hard it is! Trajectory, velocity, angle, direction, wind speed, temperature, the rotation of the earth a bird flying by. They all have an effect. It's best to wait until a local finds a piece. But Everyone know what will happen when they do. Especially if it's a more rare type like a pallasite. (we can hope) Every meteorite hunter from the east to west, and people with more money than they know what to do withh will converge on the area and interviews, questions, and money will be flying around like wildfire. From reports from very reliable sources, there was
  16. I agree... It'll be hard to tell where exactly.. we're working on some reports right now from eye witnesses that say the saw the actual impact. Not a fireball but the impact itself. We'll see if that pans out. Eric
  17. Was surfing the web and found this about the new fall in Washington. Great Video and Report of Washington Meteor! http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/ylocalnews...&cl=6513765 If you guys find anything else on it or hear news of the impact site or ANYTHING regarding this new fall let me know! Cool stuff... Eric www.MeteoriteWatch.com
  18. Great Video! Even cooler meteorite! That's a monster! :whoopie: :woohoo: Great job! Eric
  19. OK... Gotta get over to the show now! Great video! Will get caught up on the video posts on my site later, and add you Tucson videos. BTW I like your new site. Looks good! Eric
  20. Great Video as always Ruben. Hopefully will be there middle of this week and get to meet up with you there before the end of the show! Eric
  21. Sorry for posting this again and I promise this is the last time I post it here... This is the best deal on this equipment. PERIOD! Let's put this thread to rest. I need the cash for the Tucson show! The first $199 takes all this equipment. Paypal $199 to care@bitsofearth.com Here's Photos of the gear: http://cgi.ebay.com/CANON-ELAN-7e-SONY-MAV...emZ250206554772 Here's a list of the gear ############################### LIST OF ITEMS: 1 - CANON EOS ELAN 7e 35mm CAMERA BODY 1 - CANON ULTRASONIC 28mm-90mm LENSE 1 - Official CANON EOS CAMERA STRAP! 1 - CANON RS60-E3 ELECTRONIC CABLE SHU
  22. Great Job Mike! You've found 2 more in one day than me in all my trips out to the dry lakes. Nice little stones! Eric
  23. THANKS! Stan, Glad to hear you like them! Good luck on getting the little 4 grammer back. That's an extra nice piece, so nice I almost kept it myself. :innocent0002: You ought to take a photo of it once it's made into the pendant to post here. I think everyone will like it. Eric
  24. SOLD! Those of you who want to stay updated on my auctions, or what I have available I've got a newsletter I mail out every few days or so from my MeteoriteWatch.com site. I always have all kinds of meteorites so if you're interested by all means sign up. If you have any questions you can always PM me or send me an email. Thanks to those of you who have already purchased some of my meteorites, I appreciate it! Eric
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