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  1. Hi Guys, Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. The sample of the stone found in the field in Livingston arrived yesterday. My opinion is that it is not a meteorite. Upon examining the sample, slicing it and viewing under magnification the conclusion is that it's most likely a volcanic basalt. There are visible traces of oxidized green copper material embedded in the stone, as well as what appears to be iron flecking. It is magnetic however it is full of deep vesicles, and very porous. The outer surface does not have fresh black or even oxidized fusion crust, but a glassy like surface which wa
  2. THANKS DEL! I appreciate it. Nice review by the way. I'll be getting the Legend most likely very soon. Maybe before I head back out to West... ;) Anyway It seems you are pretty hard on your equipment. In other words you use it a whole lot! I am sure though the electronics don't like rare earth magnets very much and they do play hell with LCD screens. That could explain the lines. I haven't read the reports or any other reviews of the Legend but it seems to be the best selling GPS Garmin has so that says something about quality to me. Thanks again! Look forward to meeting you again in the
  3. We're back from West Texas now and after letting things slow down a bit and catching up on some much needed work I've finally got a moment to post some photos. I'd like to thank all you guys out there in meteorite land. My good friends, Mike Miller & Ruben Garcia (finally got to meet you Ruben after talking on the phone for 2 years!) Without you guys' help this trip might not have been a success. A big hello and thank you also go out to our new friends Michael Cottingham and Christopher Cottingham for his first finds, congratulations to Christopher for his gorgeous 44 gram oriented West
  4. Del, What problems? I'm getting one. Upgrading from my old Garmin to the Legend. I noticed on my old one the Compass seems to have a mind of it's own when you're standing still. Is this what you are talking about? Eric
  5. SONNY: Good to finally get to meet you Sonny! Maybe one day we'll get a chance to do some hunting together, and I might just take you up on that beer you keep promising me for the past 2 years! ;) lol DEL: Super good job on your finds Del! I'm way impressed. Just goes to show what more time in the field will get ya. Good job! Eric
  6. Thanks Jason! Debating on my next detector. It's a toss up between the GMT and the GB2. Leaning toward the GMT but I love the sensitivity of the GB2. Never used the GP 3500... Good job again on the stones... Maybe one day I'll get to meet you out in the field. I look forward to it. Good luck out there. Eric
  7. Great haul! Superb... :whoopie: I know you've probably said this before, but what detector are you using? Careful crawling around out there on your hands and knees, snakes are starting to come out! ;) They might bite you in the arse! Eric
  8. Nice work. Great job Frank! You'll always remember your first... ;) Now for a 1 kilo cherry popper! 500 grammer will do I'm sure... Eric
  9. Awesome Nate! Good job! :woohoo: :whoopie: Never hunted Holbrook but I hear it's a tough field to hunt as most stones have been found and the ones still there are typically smaller pieces. Great finds! Eric
  10. Yup found one piece... 6.7g fragment. Looked around for the other piece but no luck. This fall is so scattered the pieces are extremely far apart. the other half of my piece could be 1/2 mile or more away. Del's finds are by far much more exciting and to have found his large piece in the manner he did just goes to his hunting prowess. Again great job Del! I was throwing rocks at the ground too just to see how far they would sink in the soil, it did surprise me that some sank in up to 8 inches or more in some places. Sadly most of the meteorites that landed in that field will probably never
  11. Del, Great finds! Especially the big one. Mike, Sonny, and Ruben are great and Steve was very generous. It was good to finally get to meet you out in the field last Monday. CONGRATULATIONS! :whoopie: GREAT JOB! You'll remember this trip for a lifetime! Regards, Eric
  12. There's more info it's just hard to find... It has died down a bit on the Merced meteor, but there are people still looking at this event and hoping. This one might end up like the Tollgate expedition on last years Sept fall. There were actually erroneous reports that there were stones on the ground, and even one where a pilot reported seeing an impact. It just goes to show you why meteorites are so valuable to science, collectors, and hunters. I've got a little bit of info but nothing spectacular or anything that would make me jump in my Jeep and head for northern Cali yet. But I'll let you
  13. @Dean Very nice piece Dean! Awesome! Congrats! :whoopie: @Ruben I knew it! Told ya you'd go... ;) Eric
  14. :whoopie: :whoopie: :woohoo: Nice job! Congrats! You'll always remember this meteorite! :woohoo: :whoopie: :whoopie: That's a lunker for a first find at GB. WOW! Very nice job on that find. So how's it feel to be one with the meteorites now?
  15. Del, Very nice haul! Impressive! :woohoo: :whoopie: Didn't think there were that many more out there. Very cool Del, keep it up! Eric
  16. Congrats Jason! and BIG congrats to your wife for out hunting you... ;) This tends to happen. My girlfriend did the same thing to me out at Franconia with her first find too! Good job! Nice! Eric
  17. 20081227 Merced Fireball Link is not working... Can you send it in an email?
  18. Infrared, black and white, real color... no matter a photo that shows this meteor would be awesome! If it has constellations, direction and time stamps in it even better. Could you do me a huge favor and email a copy of the those photos when you get them? That would be greatly appreciated. I'm still searching for video. There's all sky cams in northern Cali, and more than one of them had to have captured this thing. Thanks... Eric
  19. Cool little gizmo there Jason... Had a similar idea a while back but never got around to making it. How heavy is it? I know those "neos" have super magnetic power and can make a chondrite jump as much as 3-4 inches if it's an H. I have loads of NWAs, and a few Franconias and GBs. Even the GBs give a good pull on a large neo mag. It will work... No doubt. The only issue I see is documenting the actual insitu GPS position of the meteorite when found because unless you are checking it every 2 or three swings you may not know when a small meteorite jumps up on the mag and could walk some distan
  20. Thanks for the link! I'm following this story closely. Maybe something hit, maybe not. But if you're as excited about the prospect of a new meteorite fall as I am you'll agree that this is certainly fascinating to say the least. I created the map based on the SpaceWeather.com reports here: http://www.spaceweather.com/glossary/fireb...ab859vva8mutjc7 Anyone having any info on this please contact me from my site: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/blog You're welcome to join in the fun. Eric Wichman MUSA
  21. Thanks Jim. Jim...;) Bone! That was my first thought when I saw it, until I stuck a magnet to it, then I sanded it. The moment I got the rust off I noticed the spheroidal inclusions and the iron in reflected light. Lots of it! It has very high iron content, and if you look at photo #4 you'll see it. It looks even weirder under 10X magnification. The "stone" is VERY HIGHLY magnetic, almost as much as some canyon diablo irons I have. I did a streak test and it leaves a brownish-red streak to it, as does some of my other NWA meteorites which isn't conclusive at all and is very subjective. An
  22. Meteorite 2: Very highly magnetic with very visible metal. What the heck is this?
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