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  1. Don't make waves? I believe people shouldn't stick their heads in the sand... Sorry Wayne, I have to disagree with your approach. Here's the black and white of it. There is NO meteorite law. This goes all the way back to the Old Woman meteorite and even further more than 100 years. There is only a misinterpretation and misuse of the current 1906 Antiquities Act http://www.nps.gov/history/local-law/anti1906.htm and The General Mining law of 1872 http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/info/regulations/mining_claims.html with regard to meteorite hunting on federal land. I'll try to address both issues. The
  2. Since 2007 I've been studying meteorites 24/7. Well almost 24/7, people have to sleep sometime. Just in the last 3 years I've spent over 8760 hours pouring over scientific papers, online and offline publications, books, encyclopedias, and web databases learning everything I possible can about meteorites, meteorite falls, and related astronomical science. Ever since my first meteorite was given to me by my girlfriend for my birthday in '07 I've been enthralled, intrigued and some would say obsessed with rocks from space. In light of my love, admiration and fascination with meteorites I've been
  3. The point of the MHA is not to fight the law, nor is it's primary mission to lobby the government. The main purpose is to educate the public thereby preserving scientific data, with that education comes knowledge and advancement. If the MHA were to make lobbying the government the primary mission, then it would most likely paint a target on every meteorite hunter who is a member. It's not about lobbying. Rather than do that, I think we should create the MHA as a vehicle for the public to promote meteorites, meteorite hunting and the science to the public in general. More to the point, in a way
  4. We're moving forward with the creation of the MHA. Those interested in becoming a member please send me your full name so I can add it to the tentative list of members. I'll keep everyone updated on the formation of the association. Once the organization is created I'll contact everyone about completing your membership enrollment. Or use the contact form here: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/contact/ Be sure to include your email address so you can be contacted once we officially start accepting members. Just as a side note, the MHA will have it's own website after we get a large enough membersh
  5. Hi John, Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Especially the asteroid. That's a great achievement! I would disagree though, that some space rocks are "butt ugly". They're all beautiful to me. Ok, most of them are. ;) I also want to commend you on your work and charity, it's very noble and a great thing you've done! Most people wouldn't do half what you've been able to accomplish and that you must be proud of. First and foremost I have a profound and deep love for meteorites and the science they can teach us. I believe they hold within them the secrets of the universe and perhaps answer
  6. Hi John, I think the those who "interpreted" the Act are a little confused too. ;) People have been hunting meteorites and providing them for collection and study for decades. Why shut off the flow and stifle the science because a few think that only the privileged should recover meteorite in the field? Meteorites that "sit" in boxes are of no value to anyone but those with authorization to access them. I'm not saying open up the collection vaults for every Tom, Dick and Mary, to peruse through, but I think putting a larger selection on display throughout museums elsewhere around the country a
  7. Hey John, Wouldn't you say that is a responsibility of the meteorite hunting and collecting community as a whole to promote the science of meteoritics to the public and the government, and not just the job of one man? I respect Jeff and agree with his view that there needs to be some compromise and allowance for the cooperation between the scientific community and the public to collect meteorites in the field. Meteorite hunters are perfectly capable of preserving vital scientific data. Not to mention, if a meteorite hunter spends his own dime on equipment and sets out on an expedition in the d
  8. Me too... Thank you Terry! I appreciate the kind words. Regards, Eric
  9. I understand your frustration... I don't see the MHA as a political organization and I can't say if the MHA will take an active role in lobbying the government for anything, but I can say I support the rights of the public to hunt, fish, and for recreation on public land. The MHA is meant to further the science of meteoritics by growing the meteorite hunting community and promoting a unified community with a common purpose. So lets hunt! Regards, Eric
  10. Hi, You're asking me to predict the future of an association that does not yet exist, or an hypothetical situation involving members which have not yet joined. Certainly I would hope that the MHA could have some positive influence on the public's perception of meteorite hunters and realize their value to the meteorite world and the science of meteoritics. Having said that I would also hope that there will be no negative effects of being a member. On the Contrary I believe that the MHA will be a boon to the meteorite hunting community and one that supports the membership base and scientific com
  11. Hi Terry, thanks for the questions... I'll try to answer as thoroughly as possible but keep in mind we're still forming the association. -------------------------------------------------- 1) How much per year? This has yet to be determined and is taking into account the costs of formation of the organization, the design and printing of educational materials, and the time it takes to complete all. 2) Who gets the money, and what is done with it? The formation of the organization as a legal entity (i.e. an LLC or possibly a non-profit is being discussed). The money collected through membership
  12. The main "law" that the government interprets as supporting their claim on meteorites being off limits to the public to recover from federal land. But they are using an interpretation of that legislation that was not the original intent when the law was written. If a human being has NEVER touched a meteorite or used it in their culture, how then can it be considered and "artifact"? I'm not sure this has much bearing on the issue. The 1906 Antiquities Act is what the BLM are using to support their view and the interpretation thereof, is just that, an interpretation and an inaccurate one at tha
  13. (continued from another thread: http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=17282 ) I've been talking with and proposed an idea some very well known hunters a while back about the formation of a "Meteorite Hunting Association" and other informative and educational meteorite related programs and they think this is a great idea! Meteorite hunters have supplied universities, museums and scientific institutions with meteorites for study for decades. The laws are not new, but the publicity the meteorite world is getting is. More and more people are learning about meteorites and are rea
  14. Hi, Thanks for the kudos on the site!!! ;) I hope people feel the same way about the MHA. We'll see... Perhaps the MHA topic could be moved to it's own thread titled "Meteorite Hunting Association" so as not to step on John B's thread?
  15. Nate is thinking of something that has actually been on the minds of many hunters for a long time now. I've been talking with and proposed an idea some very well known hunters a while back about the formation of a "Meteorite Hunting Association" and other informative and educational meteorite related programs and they think this is a great idea! Meteorite hunters have supplied universities, museums and scientific institutions with meteorites for study for decades. The laws are not new, but the publicity the meteorite world is getting is. More and more people are learning about meteorites and a
  16. Hey Mike, Welcome! Good to see you here. Eric
  17. is studying meteorites

  18. Hey thanks for the link.... Updated Page with more reports, photos, and videos: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/meteorite-news/lorton-meteorite-fall/ The strewnfield map is merely a "guesstimate" based on eyewitness reports only, and does not take into account wind-drift. No video has been found of this fireball event that will help determine where the actual fall area is. Keep in mind there really has to be another piece found to make it an official strewnfield. I have looked at radar data from this fall, (as have many others) and though only a small blip appears, it's promising. I've also updat
  19. Yeah, If this is a hoax I'm not sure the boy realized how big a deal it is for a meteorite to impact a human. If it's not a hoax and it really is a meteorite, then this may be the newest known fall. I'm not really investigating this like I normally do with supposed falls because it's not in the USA, but I'm curious as to what the scientist has to say. Obviously there's too much that does not add up. I'm thinking that by Monday, if this is a hoax, the boy will cave under the worldwide press and come clean with the truth. If this is a real fall, this ain't going away anytime soon, and there wi
  20. Yup! I've received many emails on this. There is not explanation yet but a reporter in Norway contacted me not long ago and said he has interviewed the scientist. The journalist said the scientist reports that he was misquoted when referring to the verification of the stone being a meteorite. The reporter also said he was going to investigate further tomorrow. I'm very suspicious of this report, as are many others. Not only has FoxNews picked it up, but Discovery Magazine reported the same thing but in a debunking sort of way. http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastro...by-a-meteorite/ Wire
  21. Earl, I agree with most of what you said... OK here is why I don't believe this story: 1. A meteorite that small would not survive the sudden slow down and ablation in the upper atmosphere. RESPONSE: If it were that small upon initial atmospheric entry then you are correct. However being ablated to that size during entry is entirely possible. ]2. Even if it did survive ablation and the sudden slowing from cosmic velosity to free fall. It would not create a small "crater". CORRECT Of course! A stone of that size would reach terminal velocity and certainly not create a crater (impact pi
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