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  1. You are absolutely right about ONE thing Jim. We come from two very different worlds. And I believe (perhaps naively) that I can change them, with the help of LOTS of people. So far you've said about me: I'm preaching to the choir: No, I'm having a discussion with fellow meteorite hunters about an important issue on a meteorite hunting and collecting forum. Seems like a no brainer to me. Then again I'm preaching to the choir. I'm doing it wrong: Really? There's a rule book for what we're all doing here? I'm wasting my time: Really? I don't think I am. Sorry you feel that way. You accuse me of
  2. Hi Jim, Without getting into a pissing contest with you, I still think your accusation is irresponsible. Maybe I'm taking it too seriously or the wrong way, but to make a blanket accusation against all the reputable rock and gem dealers and the City of Tucson for illegal trade at the Tucson show, whether directly or indirectly isn't cool. The burden of proof is on the accuser. This is a public forum. You write something that could be considered an accusation of corruption and conspiracy against particular group of people, and then you ask me if I'm a lawyer? There are many reputable rock and g
  3. Forgive me, but it seems that accusing the city of Tucson of $100 Million dollars of illegal trade isn't very wise. Are you really saying that Jim? Am I reading that wrong? I think the dollar figure you're talking about includes sales by dealers of perfectly legal rocks, minerals and fossils. Seems pretty irresponsible to accuse anyone of illegal trade without proof. Not to mention the bad idea of including it in a discussion about meteorites which draws an unrelated negative correlation. That's just plain "less than smart" in my opinion. Your post paints a dark picture. Many reputable people
  4. I starting writing and couldn't stop. ;) Instead of posting the whole thing here and taking up too much room, please read my response to this thread and question here: http://www.meteoritesusa.com/meteorite-articles/meteorite-law-usa/ Thanks, and I welcome your comments. Regards, Eric
  5. Ben's right... I think most meteorite hunters will agree, it's important to take a photo of the meteorite find before you remove it from it's resting place, even though that may not be where it originally landed. It's also a good educational image for visual ID to help "train" your eye to see meteorites in the field. Regards, Eric
  6. Thanks for the post, and the kind words Dale. I've received many private emails from lots of people within the community and I'm flattered and humbled by the outpouring of support. If you haven't yet seen the magazine yet. Please feel free to take a look here: Free Preview Premiere Issue Digital Preview: http://www.mhcmagazine.com/current-issue/july-2010/ (email for password) Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Regards, Eric
  7. UPDATE: The Digital Edition is LIVE online! Read The Digital Edition To view the online version send me a private message or email and I'll send you the password. If you like it, please feel free to SUBSCRIBE and leave a comment. mention this post, and get 10% off your subscription. Feedback on the mag is welcomed and encouraged. (note: people who subscribe after July 31st will start their subscription with the September issue; You can still enjoy July's premiere online through our Digital Edition) POST YOUR EVENTS: Meteorite hunting season is coming up FAST. If you have an hunt, event or outi
  8. No... You didn't miss the main mass. It's not on this map and won't be included on this map unless accurate coordinates are given. The reported location was ambiguous. Thanks for the kudos... Eric
  9. A "How To" article on eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_6734286_hunt-meteorites-public-land.html Figured this might be relevant to some of the topics we've been discussing lately. Regards, Eric
  10. As promised, the WI Meteorite Strewnfield Map has been listed on my site and is available for viewing and download. http://www.meteoritesusa.com/meteorite-articles/wisconsin-meteorite-strewnfield-map/ After much work and the combined efforts of countless meteorite hunters, collectors, dealers and scientist’s data. The Wisconsin Meteorite Strewnfield Map is done (more coordinates will be added as they come in). This is a work in progress. Thanks go out to all those who've contributed to help build the most accurate publicly available map of the Wisconsin meteorite strewnfield known to date. Mor
  11. We now have an official website. http://www.mhcmagazine.com/ Browse around, take a look. Subscribe even. Enjoy... Regards, Eric
  12. Hi Daryl, You're welcome for the info, and so sorry for not responding to your email from the Met-List. I must have missed it. I literally get hundreds of emails "per day" I have to sift through, totally my fault for missing it. I wasn't ignoring you. If you have any questions, just send them over, and I'll try to help as best I can, if I can;t answer something, I'll refer you to someone who can. I'm always available to help. Talk to you soon... Fred, Where's my neighbor? ;) You live close to Escondido? L.A. maybe? ;) I know there's a more of us meteorite huntin' types down these parts on SoCa
  13. Yes, "Wet" tile saws will cut meteorites. They have a built-in "cheap" coolant system (water) and they're an inexpensive alternative to expensive lapidary equipment. Stone meteorites technically are just rocks with little bits of iron in them, so a good wet tile or masonry saw will cut them with ease, only your blades will dull just a little bit faster is all due to the iron. Which is the case with any saw blade you use for cutting meteorites. A wet tile saw works, but throw away the blade that came with it. The cut loss is too great on the factory blades. Don't EVER use them unless you don't
  14. Hi John, Ditto! I was pleasantly surprised with your call enjoyed the conversation. You truly are knowledgeable. You gave me some perspectives that I hadn't looked at yet, and thanks for sharing your stories with me and congrats again on the asteroid! I remember hearing about it a while back, but hearing it from you added unique insight. The PLP might be a good idea, not familiar with them. Perhaps they could do something to help. I do hope though it doesn't come down to having to defend some poor guy/gal who gets arrested or cited on this issue. Like I said to you on the phone, I think gettin
  15. Curious why ASU didn't want the coordinates of Franconia meteorites under 100g? Sounds fair... I think recording coordinates should be "required", but only if there is an allowance for the finders ownership of the meteorite. It's best practices of meteorite hunting, and it provides accurate data. But this will only work if the fear of losing your meteorite to the government disappears. Regards, Eric
  16. I think I can agree that the tax thing isn't viable. However, I hope you would reconsider a Meteorite Hunting License. Would you dredge for gold without a permit? Would you hunt deer, rabbit, elk, or any other game without a hunting license. There are also many minerals which you must get a permit to locate, mine, or sell. What makes meteorites different? Your comment "...I'll just go to "picking up cool looking rocks" and won't report anything!..." Del, you and I, and everyone else knows that this is probably not responsible, and will hurt the science. You're a professional, you hunt meteorit
  17. Steve, Please take no offense to what I say, but doing nothing about it solves no problems at all. We're trying to fix something that's broken, unfair and possibly not legal with regard to the Old Woman meteorite and meteorite hunting on federal land in general. Your comment "...Personally- I think things should stay exactly as they are. Finders keepers..." is not really realistic because that's NOT how it is. There is no Finders Keepers law... Right now if you find a meteorite on federal land, the BLM mistakenly thinks it belongs to the Smithsonian. NOWHERE in any legislation does it say thi
  18. Ok... I've said what I have to say. So, you can get a permit, big deal. What's the point of a permit if you can;t keep the meteorites you find? What's your proposal? What's your "plan of action" to fix this situation that allows the gov. to take your meteorites? I'm not challenging you, just give everyone something to grab onto rather than portraying things like you're arguing with me for the fun of it. If you're agreeing with me on the idiocy of the misinterpretation of the Act, then propose a solution instead of arguing points which don't really answer questions. All your points have been
  19. Hi John, No I'm not planning on suing you for libel right now. Maybe later... ;) I can look past all the crap and personal stuff I think to the greater good of the issue at hand. This is bigger than me or you, or the guy down the street. I'm a realist, and think I can separate fact from emotion. I'll deal with your comment later. ;) You know you can still call me... still waiting on that call. I'd be happy to speak with you. ;) You make some very good and valid points. "...The old rules ONLY allowed you to collect and posses for personal use only 25lbs & one piece per day and a maximum of
  20. Also with regard to research grants, sponsorship and funding for scientific studies... Meteorite research grants can be issued by both the MHA and the Government/Smithsonian for the study of meteorites, expeditions etc. The government through the Smithsonian could very well distribute grants funded by my proposed "Meteorite Tax" and license fees collected through the BLM. The Meteorite Hunting Association could supply funding in the form of research grants to scientists and institutions as well! The MHA's funding for grants would be raised by donations since it will be "non-profit" organizati
  21. Hi, I agree that hunters need to come together as a group. A legal entity with a common goal and purpose. Meteorite hunters and researchers/scientists should in fact band together. The MHA (Meteorite Hunting Association) is for all these purposes. Protecting our rights as meteorite hunters Protecting and advancing the science of meteoritics with responsible meteorite hunting Promoting the allowance for private education study and collection of meteorites Promoting meteorite education to the public through creating outreach programs and MHA member group outings/meetings Promoting a positive im
  22. Your questions lead one to believe that you do not support hunting meteorites on federal land. The very reason we're having this discussion. I think what the real issue is this. I think you believe wholeheartedly in our rights as US citizens to hunt meteorites on federal land and you feel that meteorites hunters should have every right to hunt for and recover meteorites on federal land without fear of confiscation. Where you dissent is with the actual selling of such meteorites. You don't like the commercialization of these meteorites. I would argue that without the "ownership" of such meteor
  23. John, Refusing to join my group or the IMCA because of illegal activity? That's a very BIG and completely irresponsible statement to make, and probably libel. Your statement: "...I refuse to join your group as with the IMCA there are illegal activities within that group..." and when you ad the "...as well..." that implies to the uninformed that there's something illegal within our group which hasn't even completely formed yet. I very much hope I'm misunderstanding what you're saying! Please do not add confusion on this issue. I understand your opposition to commercialization, and I respect tha
  24. John, please contact me off-list... Please call me when you get this message. I'm usually up late. 760-522-2152 Eric
  25. Hi John, Thanks for the reply. I agree 100% that strength is in numbers, and that perhaps there should be some support shown in the area of legislative change. I've been researching this issue for quite a while now. Right now it's little more than a conglomeration of laws and quotes but it's a question about an issue I had a while back that no one seemed able to answer. The IMCA is a good organization for meteorite collectors. It's primarily an association which promotes authenticity and trust among collectors and dealers. I believe the IMCA can help meteorite hunters as well, which is why I
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