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  1. Swamp,  sounds like you landed some deals too!   :yesss:        I don't think I could store vintage stuff without knowing what working shape it was in, LOL, it would make me crazy wondering!   You are correct with your anchor assesment, in fact that is exactly how I was going to describe the weight of my components, but my post was getting so long.  No plastic to speak of in those things!

    Oregal1976, it is amazing!  i think part of the reason, probably the main, driving reason, for the amount of stuff a person can find is because of the population out here.  Which is why I am looking for greener pastures, HaHa!   :barnie:    :hiker:


  2. Quote - Oregal1976 ;

    ".. It's all about nostalgia. Each and every album has it's place and associated memories with different parts and times over the course of my early life. I've always been weird that way about music. I can listen to certain pieces and recall related events from my past so clearly that I actually taste, smell and feel everything connected to the memory and see it in my mind as though I was there again. It's nice to still have that connection to my past and to be able to visit at will. No, I don't live in the past like that all of the time, nor would I want to! Music has always been a HUGE part of my life. " ,  Unquote.

    I know exactly what you mean, it does the same to me.  In the late 60's/early 70's, there was an electronics store chain in So. California, went by the name of "Dow Electronics", as I remember.  They had an incredible selection of individual components that would comprise whole systems by different manufacturers.  I was working part time at a student type job, still in school, making $1.50 an hour.  I realized that they had a "Marantz" individual component system that kept calling my name, LOL!   Well, at that part time pay, there was no way I was going to be able to afford that system, which at that time was... in the neighborhood of $800.00 to $900.00, I seem to remember.

    Fast forward to 1995, i was in Imperial Beach, CA., with a friend that had to go into a mom and pop type store, think small dry goods, sundries, small selection of clothing, etc., so I decided to go into the store with said friend.  As I was perusing the items, lo and behold, there was the Marantz system that I had sought so many years earlier.  It had been too long to say for sure that it was the exact system or not, but this one had it's own glass fronted(door) wooden cabinet 4 foot tall or so, and all the separate components, and was in mint condition.   It was in the store on a consignment type of sale.  I inquired of the store owner if anyone had shown interest in purchasing it, and he replied that a few people had looked at it, but that was all.  I asked him how long it had been for sale there in his store and he said about two months.   At that time they were asking $450.00 for it.  I kept checking on it for about a month and a half, about every three weeks or so.

    I finally asked the store owner to check with the owner of the stereo and see if after almost 4 months, if he would be willing to take $250.00 for the whole thing, operation untested.  I went back a week later to see, and it was a done deal!  Might have been 25 or so years old, but worth the gamble.  To my happy, happy surprise, it was in literally brand new condition.  Every component worked perfectly, and still does.  My 38 year old son wants it now, but I keep telling him, maybe, someday, LOL!



  3. 23 hours ago, Micro Nugget said:

    Well I'll be...  With only 8 sitting justices the Supremes none-the-less mustered a 5-3 opinion striking down the Texas laws in Hellerstedt that created "undue" roadblocks that interfered with the exercise of a constitutional right.  This development raises a possible new argument in the dredge cases: Has California unduly interfered with the exercise of a federal right via a denial of due process argument by creating laws and regulations that are virtually impossible to meet?

    To answer your question,
    I would say that the answer to that is a resounding "YES"!!!!!  :yesss:
    That is just my opinion, though,     ..... and I am aware that opinions are like other parts of the anatomy, Ha!


  4. Nice gold, Adam, I agree with AU Seeker about the nugget sitting at about 11 o'clock in that picture!


    As for the unknown creature, I was thinking a civet cat, but you can't see the tail.  I googled (images) and was schooled in how many color variations there are.

    Here is a photo that resembles your picture, at least the general head, leg, and foot shape.

    Image result for civet cat


    I don't know, however, if they are found in the area you were in or not. ?



  5. Yep, Pretty crazy, I agree Don. I know meteorites, and/or material is expensive, depending on the rarity,

    but this, IMO, is crazy. I had to laugh. I guess if you consider the rarity and age of this meteorite, and what was entailed in fabricating the firearm and components from it, it would be expensive.... but that much?

    Whew!.... :ROFL:

  6. Andyy,

    Just my opinion, but here goes...

    I don't think you will find such maps, as they are inherently different than placer claims. Placer claims, being a plot on top of the ground, and visible, are easy to map.

    Lode claims, not visible, being underground, cannot be mapped like placer claims. I doubt that anyone would keep a data base of lode claims as with every claim/workings, being different than the next, there are too many variables to map and keep track of.

    Every mine probably has records and mapped records of developed mines, but, in my opinion, most, if not all of those types of archived records are probably held by the mine owners, corporations, companies, etc., for their own use and not for public perusal.

    Hope this helps. Again, just my opinion.


  7. You bet, Don. They do look interesting. I've got just the place, actually a couple of them, that this just fits the ticket to

    get a better view of what I need to see. I just have to wait until after the holiday spending for family and grandkids.

    Then I can sped a little for me! :thumbsupanim

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