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  1. Happy Birthday!, a few minutes late! Greg
  2. Steve's got a good idea, Don, I was thinking along the same lines, just a little differently. I don't know the situation there where you are at as far as land ownership goes, but if you can't own as a "foreigner", your wife can, right? So o o... if you make enough to buy some land, buy some in the area (geological belt) of that emerald mine and have some fun!! Greg
  3. Well thank you, everybody, for the good wishes, it is appreciated. Happy Birthday, Steve. Greg
  4. John, that sounds... Slick ! ? ... Greg
  5. Just found this... Prayers sent.
  6. ALL gun sales/transfers (new, used, no matter) between two parties have to be through an entity with a Fed. license, and a transfer fee paid. It Sucks. ! Greg
  7. After watching the link, I'm surprised that he could touch the disc with bare hands, even for the short time he did, without the disc sticking to his fingers. Liquid nitrogen freezes things pretty fast. Greg
  8. Happy Birthday!, guys, and you too, Mitchel! Greg
  9. Iznogood, Don't forget about the ceramic pot itself, if it is not broken it should be worth a pretty penny too, being from the same period of time! Nice find/s!, and congratulations! Greg
  10. Heard about this on the radio today(Wednesday), had to look it up and post it here. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/11/27/florida-boy-7-struck-by-meteorite-while-playing-in-driveway-father-claims/ Greg
  11. Paleomanjim, To help with the return, or "drop", of your bellows, attach a spring from the bottom of the bellows to an anchor point lower on a leg or a crossbar. That should pull the bellows open faster than the slower gravity drop. There is a large selection and availability of different weight (pull strength) springs on the retail market. Hope this helps. Greg Also, if you think you need to make bigger holes for airflow, think about making holes and flap valves for the bottom of the bellows that would work just like the ones going to the riffles. The valves work opposite each other, so th
  12. Like... Greg (you don't have a "like" button, Don.)
  13. Hi Jason, Do you know if dredging is allowed on the Animas River? Some of that area looks enticing on Google Earth!... Greg
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