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  1. Chris, I remember when the original poster, "scotty", posted about this. It was something he created. I did a search for it, and I came up with the info at this link; http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/06/prweb535009.htm His contact # is toward the upper right hand corner, but I didn't try it, so I do not know if it is a good # or not. Hope this helps. Greg
  2. Congratulations, Ron, that is really great! Greg
  3. Ron, You know what this means.... Now you have to sell your ATV and get a two wheeled dirt bike since you now only have one ramp.....LOL! Greg
  4. Thanks Bill,... I hear ya, Garimpo, please pass the kleenex! Greg
  5. Bill, Just curious, I haven't heard where the new rush is, overseas. Do you know where? Greg
  6. Agreed, Don, thanks for putting this up. Greg
  7. Not a problem, Don, I saw the post from ten49 was same day as mine, and I assumed your post was recent also,...ooops! If I can be of help in the future, just let me know. Happy New Year to you and yours, and everyone on the forum too! Greg
  8. Don, PM me your address and if you think you'll receive it through your customs down there, I'll send you some. Greg
  9. You guys snuck it in here on a day I didn't check the forum. HA HA I just paid up as soon as I found it. I am now retired as of today, so hopefully, I will now be able to get out in the field and meet some of you while I'm out there. Guess I'll have to work on a picture for an avatar after all this time. Greg
  10. Ron, What kind of skull is that?, and need to see more than just the barrel. Greg
  11. I don't know about anyone else, but, it takes one "click" to navigate, and two to go back.???? Greg
  12. Doug f, I use galvanized hardware cloth with 1/8th of an inch square holes for a frame. Cut it to fit in the box, under the riffles. Cover the top of the metal cloth with the cloth of your choice, just folding it under enough to glue and keep the glue areas underneath the riffle tray assembly when installed. Hope this helps, along with the other good advice given by others. Greg
  13. cp90, Your design is pretty nice. I made one about six years ago, and "hard" installed the motor to the top of the bucket, with an aluminum plate. It works great, but when it becomes time to replace the bucket/lid(they only last so long), it is going to be a pain in .., well, you know. I like your way of mounting the motor. Also, the lid on mine just snaps on, and comes off with difficulty. Where can a person find a "Gamma Lid"? I also noticed that, on your bucket where the hose goes, the flange on the bucket is curved to match the body of the bucket, on mine all I could find was a flat
  14. I wasn't sure where to post this, I guess here is okay.(?) I think some of you will enjoy this...radio controlled. http://users.skynet.be/fa926657/files/B29.wmv Greg
  15. SF, That big piece above the quarter is a beatiful specimen. It really shows it in the second picture! Congratulations, Guys, nice find! Greg
  16. XT18000, Welcome back!. I'm not sure if it was this forum or not, but your pictures jogged my memory. I recognized the pictures of your trommel barrel, (the helix parts that you cut and put in the bigger part), that you posted quite a while back, on one of the forums, just can't remember which one. Interesting use of a vertical shaft engine. Good luck with it! It looks like it will work good. Greg
  17. Quite a sobering thought, Garimpo, from your post above, "............But already, 75 percent of American teenagers aren't eligible for the Army because they are overweight or have other physical disabilities, can't pass the entrance exam, or they have a criminal record. And Army recruiters are prevented by law from asking for recruits' medical records." What will be the state of our military in another twenty years? Definitely a worrisome thought.... Greg
  18. Frank, When you bought, was the seller in a hurry to sell? (LOL) :yuk-yuk: Greg
  19. Svortek, Click on this link... http://olyeller.wordpress.com/ It will answer all your questions. Greg
  20. Skip, Your request is being fulfilled...keep us updated. Greg
  21. Great news, Allen, that is good to hear. We were never meant to forget the ones that move on, but a new one does sure help get your mind off of the one a person is missing. It took the wife and I, after we had to put our last dog down due to medical problems, four years to replace her. After about six hours we were, and are, glad we did. It is kind of sad to think about people that choose to never experience a dog's devotion, especially the way they throw it at you. Those people just don't realize what they are missing in life. Again, congratulations. Greg
  22. Keith, It is "Public Lands for the People". www.plp2.org/ Dean, I suggested the same thing on this thread on one of the other forums, received no response to the suggestion. :shrug: Greg
  23. Got it, Dave! Thanks for the additional info, I'm sure others, besides myself, may also find this useful. Greg
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