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  1. Steve, That is nice! I really like the way you enclosed it completely. Seems very secure. I have one, (well, my wife has it now) that is for a coin, but it has a screw-closing style bezel. I just have never felt comfortable about the screw not coming undone and losing the coin.
  2. Da#n nice looking stock, Allen, good job. Hmmmmm..... Maybe..... You can sell the pink one to Don?
  3. Thank you Don! Those are really good and I needed a laugh. Greg
  4. Very nice work on both, Steve, and last but definitely not least...nice rounds, too! Greg
  5. Steve, If you are feeding them "laying mash", then, mayyyyybe they exchanged that for "sour mash".... you should be able to tell if... ..if they are taking slow and deliberate halting steps, looking around like they are trying to focus, and you hear an occassional "hiccup" in the midst of "clucking", well... Greg
  6. Nice enhancement, bigrex. Now that you did that, the image to me looks like a deer. The dark red small circle is it's eye, and just above it is the horn(s) pointing down. It's one of those things when you have to look just "off" the subject but not focused right on it, then it's easier to see the whole image. What say others? Greg
  7. Whew, Greg! Your response kept me from having to ask! Greg
  8. Good deal, Arctic Dave. Enjoy the reading! Greg
  9. Arctic Dave, The magazine is in the mail and on it's way to the address that you provided to Bucket. I took the liberty to provide a sleeve that, hopefully, will help to protect this old magazine issue during it's travels. Let me know with a post when it is received, I'm curious as to how long it takes to get to An., Alaska. Enjoy! Greg
  10. Steve, I'll take it after you, just please send me a reminder PM, so I can send you my mailing address. Greg
  11. I see a horse at a gallop with a rider. How about the "Pony Express" nugget? Greg
  12. Steve, That is really neat! Obviously by count I see twenty stamps, but was it considered two separate ten stamp mills, or a twenty stamp mill? And especially, How is the rebuild coming? Will it actually be operable, if just to hear it? Greg
  13. Glad to hear it, Ron! See, when you guys talked about it, the two of you had been thinking about it; you both were feeling the emptiness from your dog just passed(read dog as "family member"). "Patch" will never take her place, but will fill the void the two of you were feeling. And like "Rimshot" says, you can definitely see it in his eyes and body language! Congratulations and good goin'! Greg
  14. Jason, I myself do not have any of these "metal free" boots at this time, but I do plan on purchasing some in the near future. To stay truly non-metallic, IF the new boots have plastic or nylon eyelets, one thing you can look for at any law enforcement/uniform shop or store is a zipper that laces into place in the front of the boot, with the regular laces. After you have it adjusted and laced where you like it, from then on you just use the zipper. Only difference is the zipper is in front, not on the side. This shouldn't matter if you can get the plastic/nylon zipper. I kept my boots this w
  15. Thanks for that, Rimshot, Those will come in handy and save some money! Greg
  16. I'll guess 256.5 grams. Thanks for the chance! Greg
  17. 17.364 grams. Thank you for the opportunity! Greg
  18. This was sent to me in an e-mail, so I thought I would share this with all of you. It seems fitting to do so as we have a special holiday tomorrow. When you watch it feel for this poor woman that has suffered in not knowing for 68 years or so, what happened to her husband, a WW II pilot, because our Gov't dropped the notification to her. AND, how the locals overseas honored him. http://www.wimp.com/missinghusband/ Greg
  19. Whew...!!! Good going, Steve. You got those brass colored pieces of metal out of the environment before they could turn anything green and pollute it..... but they sure turned your pan green fast! Greg PS...Nice gold!
  20. Darn. So sorry, Ron. She was a sweetie. You and your wife hang in there. Greg
  21. Hi Ron, I don't know if you had Mahina " snake-trained" or not, but if you did, in the past, ..maybe, after this bite, and after the interaction with the snake in the tunnel/hole a year or two back, maybe she needs refresher training? Just wondering.... . Very happy to hear she made it through it. Greg
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