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  1. Mikestang, If you know this individual and can speak with her again, and since she co-authored the policy, if you could get her to put that response in writing, and put it on Department (BLM) letterhead paper, I'm sure that everyone on this forum would like to have a copy to carry with us, printed from this forum. Greg
  2. It looks to me like one part of a two part buckle I've seen before with that eagle on it, but I can't say for sure. Greg
  3. Adam, Yes, they are actual very small letters that are part of the die that the coin blanks are stamped with, when the coins are struck/made. If you have a loupe, look at a newer coin/s of different denominations and you will be able to find the "mint marks" somewhere on the coins. Hope this helps. Greg
  4. Good luck to ya, as wished, and I hope you're back up and at 'em in the week they told you! Greg
  5. Thank you SLN, didn't know that was out there! Desktop and phone... done, and done! Greg
  6. Thanks Bill and everyone. Tom, you are right, mine is noticeably faster than it was over the weekend, also. Greg
  7. Thanks Joe Z, I'll try that also, this evening I've noticed that while it works fine everywhere else, it seems that it is also lagging on AZO's site, and Rob's site, just more so here. All seem to use the same host/server I believe, at least it looks like it visually as their pages/layouts look very similar. Could the problem be with the host service? Greg
  8. My apologies, I was remiss in not mentioning earlier that, on other sites, it works just fine. Greg
  9. To try and pinpoint it further, it is very fast when going to any of the forums, but when you try and go to a specific thread, in any specific forum, is when the lag happens. I hope that is understandable. Greg
  10. Skip, Bill, I tried the re-start, made sure to clear the cache, and the other stuff, but it didn't really speed up very much at all. I did notice that everytime it lags, the delay is simultaneous with what shows in the activity bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar where it says "done" when loading. Everytime there is a lag time (alot), it hangs up with a google, facebook, or ak.facebook address showing in that bar. I might have to take Don's advice and have some of you chicken farmers send me some bones! Greg
  11. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but for me, the forums are responding EXTREMELY slow while navigating...? Greg
  12. Rimshot, Thanks! That last procedure seemed to fix the problem that I was experiencing, at least within the forum. Greg
  13. So could you try it to see if it works for you? Okay, control "v" worked to paste, after manually copying with highlight and mouse. Just for info, when I followed your instructions to turn off the compat. mode, it was already "off". I don't think it was ever on. Thanks for your help in this, Skip. Greg
  14. Skip, I, too, am having this problem. Have had it for quite a long time. I haven't mentioned it til now because I don't have Dragon, so I have to type everything, and I don't type very fast. I have tried to copy from inside a thread on this forum, and paste in the reply box, in the same thread, and the right click pop up box that I get does not even offer a copy, cut, or a paste option. When I do the first right click to copy, it offers those options, as it is a different looking and formatted pop up box. I have also tried to copy things from out-of-the- forums, things from my documents, an
  15. How many necks or chins does she have??!!!
  16. Old Tom, Hello, If you like the red ones, I'll try to post a picture of one I encountered at work a while back, if I can do it. It's time I learn how to post pictures anyway. WHOO HOOO! It works! First time I've tried to post pictures! Special mention and a Big Thanks! to AU Seeker for the instructions he gave on posting pictures just a few days ago. Worked great! Greg
  17. Nice, Allen. Where do you find these deals, LOL! Are the mounts the same manufacturer as the scope, or by a different mnftr? Greg
  18. Still supporting with prayer. Hope she recovers physically and emotionally, as if it never happened.
  19. I think they should be calf-tied, taken out in a boat, and repeatedly, slowwwwly, dunked in the stretch of water that Don posted where an excavator overturned in a river that had piranhas in it. Oh yeah.
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