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  1. Just found this, possibly it will be pertinent info for some forum members. http://www.gunnews.com/springfield-recalls-xd-s-9mms-45s/ Greg
  2. Yes, I know, that is why I said "and any others necessary". Using the shot shells, I thought, would give you some fun. Greg
  3. Good find, HF. At the 1:30 mark, he says what I suggested above. Hopefully you have something, handgun or longarm, that you can use to shoot them and exract them easily. VERY sorry to hear/read about your dog. Use those rounds and any others necessary to get rid of those rodents that did that!! Greg
  4. The same length as a regular .22 LR, from rim to bullet tip, or just the case length of the regular round?
  5. From the looks of the case in your photo, they should probably only be fired in a firearm with a magnum length chamber. In a shorter chamber the crimped part looks like it is exanding into the area that transitions from the chamber to the bore. Too tight. Or possibly the packaging is mis-marked, if it says they are okay to shoot in anything shorter. Just a couple of possibilities... Hope this helps! Greg Edit: Oops! Just noticed the part about coming in a bag, with no packaging! I would bet that the original package did say they were for a magnum length chamber. Good luck with them! Greg
  6. Well... in trying to help I found this, a good age, needs exposure, experience, and training to pack, probably breaking to a trailer also, and you'll probably have to travel a ways to pick her up, but seems a fair price, given what you seem to experience, cost wise. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/grd/4050244840.html Greg Here's another to your East, http://nacogdoches.craigslist.org/grd/4018371604.html
  7. Skip, This is the issue ( I was having a while back, in another thread) and am still having, I never figured it out, either. I tried doing what you suggested, I clicked the BB code, it grayed out everything, and then when I clicked it again the toolbar and other stuff came back, but still, when I click into the typing box to type or copy and right click, when the editor box opens the "paste" selection is grayed out. I am not able to paste anything from another program or my drive into the forum reply box. (?) Greg
  8. A little late, but Happy Birthday, Gents!
  9. Congratulations to you both!!, and a really nice job on the ring, El D! I really like the prongless type settings for the stones! That one won't get caught in her hair! Greg
  10. H B again, F C. Good luck detecting tomorrow, here's hoping you find a 10 ounce full set, instead of fangs this time!!! Greg
  11. Happy Birthday, guys! You're all so young, well.... except for Frank, he's up there in my neighborhood, LOL! Greg
  12. The second picture looks like the object already has ground off spots on it, on the left side in a few small places and at the top part, they're not shiny, but look like it was previously ground, possibly to make it sit solidly, without wobbling(?). Greg
  13. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the Reno show! Greg
  14. Best wishes and luck for quick containment... El D, Is the wind in your favor? Greg
  15. A little late, just found this, Happy Birthday!, hope it was a good one! Greg
  16. nvchris, Tried to send you a PM, but messenger says you can't receive messages, tried both links in your signature line, one says under construction, the other says forbidden. (?) How do I message you? Greg
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