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  1. oh... just found this...(awkward, flattered)...Thank you, Bill. On another note, Merry Christmas to you and yours, AND everybody here! Greg
  2. You are correct there, Wvr H., I've been trying for a long time to find that type of stranded wire in smaller guages and every business I have contacted, automotive, electrical supply, etc., tells me they don't carry it and/or do not know where to find it. I know it carries DC current better, the more surface area of conductive material there is, hence the many multiple x's of wire strands there are, and the fineness for flexibility. I want to rewire my utility trailer with it, is why I am looking for the smaller guage stuff. Greg
  3. Thanks for sharing, Steve. Beautiful workmanship in those firearms. Greg
  4. Will do, Haderly. Your offer of assistance is very much appreciated. Greg
  5. Thanks for the reply Haderly, I hope to make a trip this fall/spring and try to find some fire agate. Greg
  6. Nice find, Haderly, it looks like fire agate. If it is... is most fire agate enclosed when found, meaning do you(a person) usually have to break stuff open to find it? Greg
  7. I like killer beers !!!!! Greg
  8. If you have access to a geiger counter, I'd check the stuff in the first picture. Looks like some small pieces of uranium rock/ore that I have seen, but I am far from being an expert. I wouldn't carry it in my pocket though, until I found out for sure. Little piece(shiny/waxy) in center of last picture resembles jasper. Greg
  9. NICE job cleaning that up, Allen! Greg
  10. You keep responding like that, Mike, and people will not be confused and call you "rude". Well thought out response. Greg
  11. Congratulations on your retirement. And for the nugget, too. Nice one. Greg
  12. Very sorry to hear this, Steve and Dee. Every picture you have ever posted of him, he looked happy. They ARE our fourlegged children. Greg
  13. Seeker, Just found your reply, This October will be 26 years together,...and I'm still trying to figure that out... Greg
  14. Sometimes, when my wife is mad at me, she gives me stuff. Sometimes, when my wife is happy, she gives me stuff.
  15. I like your comment, Steve, because it is true..... I hate the fact that it is...... a FACT!!!!! Greg
  16. Happy Birthday to both you guys! Greg
  17. Rim, I think it is an old paperweight. Greg OOPS! Scratch that! That'll teach me to enlarge the picture FIRST, before opening mouth, LOL! Maybe, an old electric fence insulator???
  18. Really nice looking, Tom! Congratulations! What does the other side look like? Greg
  19. GJ, Do the 'rights' taste like chicken? Greg
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