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  1. Really nice piece, Steve. IF I did what you do (making jewelry), I don't think I could cut that. Every piece I've ever seen is special in it's own right. Greg
  2. Like... Greg (you don't have a "like" button, Don.)
  3. Thank you Don! Those are really good and I needed a laugh. Greg
  4. I see a horse at a gallop with a rider. How about the "Pony Express" nugget? Greg
  5. Jason, I myself do not have any of these "metal free" boots at this time, but I do plan on purchasing some in the near future. To stay truly non-metallic, IF the new boots have plastic or nylon eyelets, one thing you can look for at any law enforcement/uniform shop or store is a zipper that laces into place in the front of the boot, with the regular laces. After you have it adjusted and laced where you like it, from then on you just use the zipper. Only difference is the zipper is in front, not on the side. This shouldn't matter if you can get the plastic/nylon zipper. I kept my boots this w
  6. This was sent to me in an e-mail, so I thought I would share this with all of you. It seems fitting to do so as we have a special holiday tomorrow. When you watch it feel for this poor woman that has suffered in not knowing for 68 years or so, what happened to her husband, a WW II pilot, because our Gov't dropped the notification to her. AND, how the locals overseas honored him. http://www.wimp.com/missinghusband/ Greg
  7. Agreed, Don, thanks for putting this up. Greg
  8. The bucket adapter I got from, A&B Prospecting Store, here in Mesa, AZ. The Gamma Lid you may find at a store that sell "Survival" products for bulk storage. I got mine on line from,


    I have seen them at the GPAA gold show through one vendor, sorry I cant remenber their name.

  9. Quite a sobering thought, Garimpo, from your post above, "............But already, 75 percent of American teenagers aren't eligible for the Army because they are overweight or have other physical disabilities, can't pass the entrance exam, or they have a criminal record. And Army recruiters are prevented by law from asking for recruits' medical records." What will be the state of our military in another twenty years? Definitely a worrisome thought.... Greg
  10. Sheesh!, El D... Has it already been a whole year since you went the last time? Time is going too fast! Greg
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