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  1. HaHa!, I know what you mean John, The heat seems to suck everything out of me and replace it with a serious case of drowsiness!
  2. In what 'generalized' area, did you find that bleepity bleep bleep sign? Greg
  3. I wish her all the luck that she needs to get the Gold!
  4. Swamp, sounds like you landed some deals too! I don't think I could store vintage stuff without knowing what working shape it was in, LOL, it would make me crazy wondering! You are correct with your anchor assesment, in fact that is exactly how I was going to describe the weight of my components, but my post was getting so long. No plastic to speak of in those things! Oregal1976, it is amazing! i think part of the reason, probably the main, driving reason, for the amount of stuff a person can find is because of the population out here. Which is why I am looking for greener
  5. Quote - Oregal1976 ; ".. It's all about nostalgia. Each and every album has it's place and associated memories with different parts and times over the course of my early life. I've always been weird that way about music. I can listen to certain pieces and recall related events from my past so clearly that I actually taste, smell and feel everything connected to the memory and see it in my mind as though I was there again. It's nice to still have that connection to my past and to be able to visit at will. No, I don't live in the past like that all of the time, nor would I want to! Music ha
  6. Thank you, Terry. I have seen the advertisements on television about them, and had considered getting two, one for my wife, and one for myself, but haven't pulled the trigger so far. Your video has convinced me to do it. By the way, it sure is nice and green there. Here, it is always dead brush brown, Ha Ha! Greg
  7. To answer your question, I would say that the answer to that is a resounding "YES"!!!!! That is just my opinion, though, ..... and I am aware that opinions are like other parts of the anatomy, Ha! Greg
  8. Are those, " tail drag marks" from Tahoe Tessie? What is just across the lake, just shy of the far shore, in the water, about 9 o'clock? Ha! Greg
  9. Happy Birthday, Hope it is a good one! Greg
  10. Boulder Dash, appreciate that, I did not know! Greg
  11. Nice gold, Adam, I agree with AU Seeker about the nugget sitting at about 11 o'clock in that picture! As for the unknown creature, I was thinking a civet cat, but you can't see the tail. I googled (images) and was schooled in how many color variations there are. Here is a photo that resembles your picture, at least the general head, leg, and foot shape. I don't know, however, if they are found in the area you were in or not. ? Greg
  12. Thanks for posting that, Don, pretty amazing stuff. I have their bedliner sprayed in the bed of my truck, but after seeing this stuff, and the way the egg and cup showed what they result in after being treated,... WOW! I am going to stop in and check this latest stuff out, the shop is about 1 mile from where I live. I'll let you know what I find out. Greg
  13. Thank you Johnno, it was a good day!
  14. April 20th, April 29th, and April 30th. Thank you for the opportunity/ies. ! Greg
  15. Nice pictures, Fred, I like the one of your two friends. Like Tom says, "it looks like some pretty barren land." I am always amazed at how they get by, with what seems to me, not near enough water at any given time. Greg
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