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  1. Bouse is on 72 South of Parker and east of 95 in AZ.
  2. Charlene, watch the video it is loaded with great information on Franconia and has safety tips like water needed during the hunt and cautions about mojave green rattlesnakes and scorpions in the field. Also where to hunt. The camping area south of 40 is on the extreme west boundry of the field so be prepared to walk southeast and northeast from the camp areas. Also there is a ban on off road vehicles like quads in some of the area so you need to relay that to club members as well. The north side is about 1/2 mile away on the other side of 40 and on the other side of the railroad tracks and
  3. My club The Treasure Seekers of San Diego is going on an outing to Franconia and we need some help with logistics and a place to camp. Is there any restrictions on camping on the south side of 41 at exit 13 on one of the flat parking areas for RV's. Also is there water available at any of the rest stops in the area and how far and what direction is it from the camping area? Additionally, is there any dump stations close by the camping area? Thank you in advance for all the help this forum provides fellow prospectors.
  4. There is 1 campground called Black Mountain RV Park on hwy 66 and it is 4 miles away as a crow flies but driving makes it a good 18 - 20 miles because you have to take 40 east to 66 then back down towards Oatman 9 miles to the campground. It only has 10 or 15 sites I believe but they are well equiped with bathrooms, showers, laundry room, electric and sewer hookups. We stayed there in December and they only charged us $15 a night. We have also dry camped south of 40 on Franconia offramp on a flat area on top of the hill as soon as you go up the hill on the dirt road about 1/4 mile after the
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