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    98 miles south of Randsburg California
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    My interests are many; but my focus is Epithermal Placers and Stony Meteorites (AKA Aerolites).

    I'm sometimes thought to be a "Maverick" as I think out of the established box and come up with new ideas that are sometimes challenged by others.

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  1. What another birthday? May the magnetic black sand beneath your search coil be laced with yellow gold. jim
  2. Mike for me it doing local park coin hunting....
  3. Sadly Old Tom...It seems "civilization" is lagging beyond our technology... Changing the subject "our" Bill Southern is really an accomplished writer. His latest article, Determining Depth Advantage in the current July/August Gold Prospectors Magazine is a must read...well-written, understandable and concise... Bill really knows his subject!
  4. Sadly our great nation now is be plagued with racial tensions... As the late Rodney King once said "Why can't we get along" I guess everyone needs to take a break and go out prospecting.... jim
  5. Gosh to add to the mix is the current heat wave... It is best to avoid any alcohol and drink plenty of water while out on the claim. But you'all know that..... Best to wait until cooler weather occurs... jim
  6. Out on 'the claim' alcohol and carrying are a poor mix. But we-all know that. jim
  7. Uncle Ron it is to easy to be able to pass a background check at local gunshow and buy a handgun or rifle without any knowledge on how to use it... Sad... jim
  8. Although as I mentioned in my last post while all of us on the AZ0- forums are good stewards on our earth and back-fill our dig-holes so they are not open and unsafe hazard for others such as the tortoise or a bike-rider. We all know better to target practice willy-nilly with both a large calibre revolvers and high-powered rifles in areas where there are others wandering around. We all know better than to target practice on killing pit-vipers such as rattlesnakes, as they are important members of the natural critter community and will not attack you and normally out your way; but if cornered they will defend themselves... So we all know to just back off and let them go away... (we all know most of the snake bites occure when someone teases them)
  9. Thank you all, especially Bill who has pinned this 'jim straight here' which has been full of tidbits of knowledge. So Bill you are 'the man' that is allowing all of us to 'spread the word'. So everyone keep this forum full of good information. As good Stewards of Earth we all know to be sure to backfill our dig-holes and to respect the critters while we are are out on the claim as it is their home... jim
  10. Wow... Beer Maker.. A Happy 106 Birthday to you Sir... from the Kid... jim
  11. Old Tom... anyone 10 years younger then you are is still a kid. Thus anyone 10 years older fits the geezer interpretation... Now Jerry, to Old Tom who happens to be over 10 years older than you he could be thought by you as a geezer. So Happy 70th birthday Jerry... Just be careful not to burn your nose when you blowout the candles on your birthday cake... Hah-ha "Old" Tom. Birthdays are just a number and anyone over 100 would still be a kid if'n they were a redwood tree. So Tom all I can say is just be sure when you blowout the candles on your next birthday cake is be careful not to burn your whiskers... jim
  12. Bill what I'm trying to say and continue to say it badly, but at my age I'm on my way out. I've had my 15 seconds of fame years ago... My day is past. I liken myself as a caboose on a train... Thus when you and Kevin honored me in your folksy presentation it really touched me deeply as it could be my last one; not that I plan on going soon as that is up to the Lord, so you and Kevin really "twanged my heart strings." ... jim
  13. Bill all I did was hand you a reel for your fishing pole. You skillfully have caught the fish... Bill, words fail me for all the, Good Words which you and Kevin honored me that morning at the seminar. I'm truly Humbled that so many attendees at the Pomona gold show remember me. At 86+ I'm a living antique that has, as an example used a SCR-625H Military Anti-tank landmine detector during ROTC Basic Training back in 1953; then later as an "Electronic Prospector," a phrase coined by Mr. Kenneth White. I started detecting for placer gold first with a "metal-mineral" BFO in the early 1960's. Now I marvel at you knowledge and your folksy presentation at the seminars. You and Kevin make a great team with your wiliness to freely share your knowledge... jim
  14. Tomorrow is the Pomona Gold show and Bill Southern is a speaker there. As we all aware Bill is educator, a dedicated teacher and will not point or hand you gold; but will show you the ways to speedup finding the gold akin to handing a fisherman a pole to find many fish rather than handing you just one fish. If you miss Bill at Pomona next week he will be speaking at Vegas and later at Phoenix... jim
  15. It was in poor condition as the repeating mechanism was gone and it could only be loaded and fired one round at a time... Also being black powder it was now limited and even during the 1930's and 1940's single shot black powder revolvers and rifles were considered obsolete due to smokeless powder cartridges becoming popular... As an example a Spenser 45-70 carbine was available for about $2.00 and was popular as a smokeless powder .410 shot gun shell was virtually the same as a original 45-70 government round. Most of the black powder cartridges developed a blowback cloud of smelly burned powder at the breech and were dangerous to fire... Back in 1948 as a 18 year kid I made the mistake of loading my grandfathers 45-70 with an original Government shell and it was a terrible event... I would not advise anyone to even be close to one... The Henry rim-fire black powder repeaters were well made and used up to about 1932 and were then obsolete due to the cease of manufacturing cartridges. Being rim-fire they could not be reloaded....
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