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  1. Thats some nice gold--any weight ?
  2. WOW!!! That little fellow must have that MAGIC TOUCH --good for him--theres a dad who gave the kid a chance and he found the bacon--hope other dads see this and get the idea! Great post.
  3. Beautiful Picture---looks like it will get pretty cold in a month or so-- time to head south with the Birds
  4. Glad to hear her recovery is coming along well--a few scars will not slow the love from her heart.
  5. Glenn: Sure sounds like you could have a great trip and a lot of fun--the other " American couple " could be a problem--do your home work and good luck.
  6. darn that's a good one :yuk-yuk:
  7. Thanks Dave, nice post. Do you still go to Rods grill at 6am ?
  8. Thanks Dave, nice post. Do you still go to Rods grill at 6am ?
  9. That is some real good prospecting, on the 2100 and the gold. Glad to see some one doing good.
  10. Allen: Looks like that will be a lot of fun--good luck and please keep us paoted on your progress.
  11. Thats some huge gold and there is likely a lot more of the large stuff as most of the hydraulic operations recovered a low percent of the gold as I understand it.
  12. HMM--Apache and Kiowa Warriors & log bows--why the hell not?-time to try something old and new.
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