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  1. jet521

    Got a nice one today!

    Nice Nugget Tom...WTG
  2. jet521

    Dink breaks the 3 skunk run

    Lol Glad you got out and found some gold and Fun...Last nugget I found was 0.04 grams ~~~
  3. Thanks for posting Doc, I also was introduced to prospecting by Hoss. He sold me my 1st Detector the old XT 17000. I agree that Hoss was quite the man!!
  4. Great day for you Toms, Congrats! Enjoyed the Photos...Hang with it!
  5. jet521

    Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to One and All !! For I am Thankful for all I have and want NO More.....Enjoy and be Safe!!
  6. jet521

    Nugget Found at Gold Basin Today

    Lookin Good Dave...Congrats!!
  7. jet521


    I plan on bein there and maybe I'll drag a friend with me?
  8. Great gold Frank, I am after a 2 year down time getting the Urge to get back out. Hope to see everyone when the cooler temps get here. jet521
  9. jet521

    Had to get out

    Lol@Pay Check Patrick, Nice shots of Gold Lon and Mike. jet521
  10. Great Post Shep I too was amazed that amount of water would move such a Large Boulder! I worked in the Municipal water Industry for 38 yrs and have seen the force of water. At 8.34 Lbs per gal it packs quite the punch, Thanks for the Video! jet521
  11. jet521

    AAAAHH Back in the 90's

    Nice looking gold Frank...Great that you can beat the heat! It just whips the tar out of me anymore. jet521
  12. jet521

    Back to the hospital

    Hope you mend well Ron...Maybe I'll meet you one of these days? jet521
  13. jet521

    Barb Fant Southern fundraiser

    Count me in on this one...I will deposit tomorrow in the account at BofA....also email Rob and Let him Know the amount...so sorry to hear this news Bill and my Prayers are with you and Barb
  14. jet521

    Meet the honkers next door neighbors...

    Nice Gold Russ...Lol at the Dance!...I bet ya did a lil number when you found these
  15. jet521


    I won't be able to make it...Not like I would be Missed...It's only been 4 yrs since I have been out!!...lol will need to be retrained on the Obsolete Extera 70...The brain cells went Bye Bye