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  1. Hope you have a Great Day Mike, Happy Birthday!!
  2. Just alil late but belated Happy Birthday to you guys...and shush while I am at it, Belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all had a Great one.
  3. Lol Glad you got out and found some gold and Fun...Last nugget I found was 0.04 grams ~~~
  4. Happy Birthday Frank, I hope your day is a Great one!!
  5. Thanks for posting Doc, I also was introduced to prospecting by Hoss. He sold me my 1st Detector the old XT 17000. I agree that Hoss was quite the man!!
  6. Thanks Guys for the Birthday wishes. Just another Day as they say, But Thanks a lot!! Dave, Hello and how are you doing? Good I hope? Are you still working downtown?...After 3 plus years of being retired, I had plans of taking some Road trips...I haven't made it out of the state yet!! You take care. jerry
  7. I hope you all have a Great Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ahead, Be safe all..!!
  8. You too Ahorton and yours, be safe!
  9. I thought they were Over sized Roaches!!
  10. So sorry to hear this Dave, My prayers are with Sara and her Children, you are a good friend to her Dave!!
  11. Great day for you Toms, Congrats! Enjoyed the Photos...Hang with it!
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to One and All !! For I am Thankful for all I have and want NO More.....Enjoy and be Safe!!
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