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  1. did not hear about it but would like to hear more if possable. take care. ron
  2. never met bob but loved to read his stories and just by the way he wrote, one could tell he was a very special person indeed. RIP bob. ron
  3. bill, thanks much for the books and very good read. us new guys can surely gain some valueable information. i know out in the field is the best way to learn but these books can really help. again, thanks much. take care. ron
  4. have a good one max. take care. ron
  5. bill and richs, thanks much for the great links, some very good readings. take care. ron
  6. bill, thanks much for sharing your experence's with us and it gives guys like me a possitive outlook and not giving up.i know there is a long hands on learning experence but just got to go through it. again, thanks much bill, take care and stay safe out there. ron
  7. Billygoat, thanks much for the good laugh. very good. take care. ron
  8. let us know how everything went. take care. ron
  9. happy belated birthday frank, hope that you had good one. take care. ron
  10. great idea frank, wish i could be there. what month are you thinking about? thanks much, take care, ron
  11. our prayers got out to his family. take care. ron
  12. allen, sounds like a real nice area, keep us updated on your progress. thanks much, take care. ron
  13. very nice and thanks for sharing. take care, ron
  14. great post and very informative. thanks much for all the information and this should be taught in schools so it will be remembered and not forgotten.if it was,ent for these brave people and the brave one's that came after them, we would not be free. take care. ron
  15. another goof-ball, throw him out. ron
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