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  1. Yeah and really I am not upset or anything. I am happy you even read the thing after all the two finger typing I put in! But I do like it to all stay put in one spot. I am sure Bill will fix it - thanks.

    True story is now that I am retiring to be a prospector I need a little income wherever I can scrape it up. That website is going to get packed with more and more info, and part of the reason is to generate a little income off Google Ads. So the content is worth a little money to me. And I am going to get my posterior in gear writing for the ICMJ and maybe a book or two. So I have to keep an eye on all that two finger typing as it might pay my utility bill!

  2. Please delete my clearly copyrighted information. I am flattered you are reading it and I am glad it helps you (I hope) but it clearly says do not copy or repost without my express permission. I update the stuff regularly and do not want out of date parts pieces floating around out of my control.

    I am a Gold Bug 2 guy myself but I am very, very aware a GMT and Gold Bug Pro will pull nuggets up much deeper. The GB2 is a very sensitive but shallow depth sniper. Between the GMT and Gold Bug Pro it is pretty much a matter of whether you want multi-use (GBP) or dedicated (GMT).

    This is seriously hair splitting stuff. I have a Gold Bug 2 and a Gold Bug Pro and I am considering getting another GMT. They are all great detectors.

    Steve Herschbach

  3. My Infinium makes noise all the time for no rhyme or reason. Short of sending it back to Garrett, I don't know what to do with it.

    All the time where? The Infinium like most PI units is susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI). No surprise if around the house or even in town. If you are well and truly away from EMI sources and the units makes random noise just sitting there, then it may need to go back to Garrett. Be sure batteries are in correctly if using AA as a reversed cell can cause issues. If you have a spare coil try it out also. Coils cause more problems than control boxes. If the issue is only when moving the detector around could be loose coil cable if it is not properly secured. Do not forget that cell phones can cause EMI issues also.

    If you do need to send it back send the control box, headphones and coil. Normally you do not send headphones with a detector but they are integral to the Infinium so best to send along. No need to send rod. Garrett has excellent service if you end up needing it.

    Steve Herschbach

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  4. Thanks Bill!

    And thank you everyone else for the kind thoughts and invites. I will be on the forum more often to keep up on what outings and events are planned. I am planning a major gold dredging operation for this summer in Alaska. I really enjoy metal detecting but drdging is a more consistent way to find gold, and I would like to get a lot of gold this summer! I just posted my plans with photos at my reactivated Steve's Mining Journal HERE if anyone is interested in what goes into planning a dredging operation. Lots of work but could pay off very well at current high gold prices.

    Then down south in the fall when I can hopefully find an outing to visit with some of you.

    Steve Herschbach

  5. Hi Guys,

    I am posting to a few of my favorite forums but if this is off base just nuke it Bill.

    It has been in the works for several years, but it happened kind of suddenly at the end. I realized recently I do not have to spend another winter in Alaska waiting for spring so I can go prospecting. Last week I turned in my resignation at the business I co-founded in 1976. My partner and I sold it to the employees a couple years ago, and I do think they can handle it now without me. They are a really great bunch of people.

    Since I got into business while in high school I am a bit ahead of the curve. Too young to retire really, so time to just go do what I want to do full time, which is prospect and metal detect for gold and write. I have a dredging operation with my brother planned for this summer with lots of detecting possibilities on the side.

    I have a lot of content I created scattered about the internet, much that I want to disassociate from any commercial websites, so I have set up my own website at DetectorProspector.com where I can host my stories, and sell my gold, used mining gear, and hopefully in the future my books. It is non-commercial and so I am trying to set up link trades with anyone interested HERE. I already have this forum listed and Bill's store also. If anyone else would like to trade links let me know. If I can build some traffic I can get a little income via Google Ads to help supplement everything else.

    I will finally be moving to Reno this spring and my brother, the other prospector in the family, is in Phoenix, so I expect to be all over the western US when I am not in Alaska. Hope to finally meet up with a lot of you.

    So with that I can well and truly say Happy New Year!

    Steve Herschbach

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  6. Hi John,

    OK, I guess I exaggerated a bit. MSRP on the Gold Bug 2 is $879.95. Of course you buy it for less than that. But still quite a bit more money than the GMZ.

    Mind you I'm not promoting the GMZ as an alternative to better units. Personally I'd pay more money and get the GMT or Gold Bug 2. But for a few people on a budget it may do the trick.

    Steve Herschbach

  7. Hi,

    Just confirmed with Steve Howard at White's that the official MSRP for the GMZ is $499.95. Not saying you can't get it for less or that it might not change in the future but that is the word as of today. Or maybe some wires are crossed? Maybe you can do some checking Bob.

    I hope top get one out in the field soon. Should be hot as a pistol with the little Shooter coil. The GMZ will easily hit smaller gold than a Gold Bug 1 but won't match the Gold Bug 2 on the tiniest stuff - but the GB2 does cost twice as much. Keep in mind though this is an entry level unit. It was not intended to go head to head with units costing much more. But for small gold it may very well outperform lots of units that cost far more.

    Steve Herschbach

  8. Hi Guys,

    Not a this versus that thing for me. I own both the GPX-4500 and GMT. Just got back from a trip, in fact, where I used both.

    My GPX is a great unit. But this location, while it does have some larger nuggets, is just chock full of little gold. I mean to the tune of over an ounce per yard in some places. Bottom line is I can go over a spot with the GPX and pull out some nice nuggets. Then I can take the GMT with a small coil and scrub the ground and get all kinds of little stuff. I can hit tiny stuff weighing 1/10th grain or less. Seems silly until you drop thirty or forty 2 grain and 1/2 grain and 1 grain nuggets in your vial in a short period of time. They can add up pretty quick.

    But after some fun detecting we just set up a highbanker. That little spot got us 2.25 oz of nice gold out of about two yards shoveled.

    Anyway, I've just got to have both. Gold Bug 2 is great also.

    Steve Herschbach

  9. Hi,

    We had a short season at Moore Creek this summer due to the recession. But the finds were better than ever - over 86 ounces of gold was found by 28 people in a two week period. There were 12 people the first week and 16 people the next.

    We have a "day off" between weeks, and so people who go for both weeks get a free day. Ken P from Alaska stayed for two weeks and got that free day, and it really paid off. With a 32.2 oz nugget found not 300 feet from the main camp! Other major finds were a 6.4 oz nugget, a 4.7 oz nugget, a 3.5 oz nugget, and three nuggets that weighed over 2 ounces.

    Way to go Ken! Moore Creeks largest nugget and one of the largest ever found with a detector in Alaska.


    Steve Herschbach

  10. Hi,

    I'm fortunate that George and I met. He is an inspiration to me as a detectorist.

    But George was robbed this last year of his true love, and I'm worried about him. He needs to know people care. I know I do. If you know him and care, please let him know you do also.

    My prayers are with George. Yet I have to admit for the selfish reason of wanting his company again soon so we can go look for those big gold nuggets.

    God bless you George, and come home to Alaska soon!

    Steve Herschbach

  11. Hi Bob,

    I've resisted saying much about price because truly only White's knows for sure. The goal all along has been to make it very affordable but what does that mean?

    Right now a White's DFX300 is $1199 as is a Fisher F75. The Minelab Explorer is $1500. One the ground balancing PI side we have the Garrett Infinium at $1250 and the Minelab SD2100v2 at $2250. I'm talking MSRP to compare apples to apples. All the units can be had for less.

    My gut feeling as a marketer is the unit should be more than the Infinium and less than the SD2100v2. There is a $1000 spread there that makes a gap to be filled. An the range you mention would do that nicely. But of course there are cost considerations that I simply know nothing about. It would be interesting to know how much a company goes into the hole developing a unit for a couple years and therefore how many detectors they need to sell before they hit a break even point, let alone turn a profit.

    So I'm as anxious as anyone else to find out what the unit will sell for!

    Steve Herschbach

  12. Hi Mike,

    If you think the Vaquero is just a coin beeper you'd be wrong. I'd use a Vaquero to hunt gold before I'd use a DFX, and yes, I have one of those also.

    If you know what you are doing you can find gold with almost any detector. If you do not know what you are doing the best machine in the world is not going to help you. But like I said, I'm not trying to sell you on a Vaquero. My GPX-4500 will be here in a few days and I recommend you get one from Bill ASAP.

    Steve Herschbach

  13. Hi Allen,

    Yeah, sounds better with headphones.

    I'm not trying to sell anyone on the Vaquero. But try talking sometime to somebody who seriously does not have much extra money to spend. Lots of Gold got found with the old Gold Bug 2 and a Vaquero is easily a better unit than the original Gold Bug. And for people for whom weight is an issue the 2.2 lbs. is a bonus.

    No doubt there are better units. I have an X-Terra 70 myself and really like it. Butplease realize "just spend more money" is not an option for some people. Can you imagine how peoplle like me with a $5000 metal detector must look like to some folks? Rich, elitist snobs! I know I can go find gold with a Vaquero and so have no problem trying to get some people into this that simply cannot afford it other wise. For people willing to consider used you can get some good buys on older VLF models for under $300.00

    Steve Herschbach

  14. Hi Old Salt,

    The Stinger goes for an internet price of $469 so it a little bit more than a Vaquero. Having used both I can say I think the battery replacement scheme on the Stinger is the worst you can currently find on the market. Straight out of 1970. You actually have to pull the circuit board out of the housing and plug batteries right into the circuit board! There are several little pieces that can get dropped and lost in the process. And only one accessory coil available. The unit actually works ok but it is way overdue for a remake/facelift/update.

    Steve Herschbach

  15. Hi Bob,

    Well, reality is there are lots of good used detectors out there. But I find that many people do not want a used detector.

    I'm rewriting my nugget detector guide, and one thing I wanted to add was a "bottom dollar" unit because the question gets asked so much. I've already figured the Vaquero was it but I wanted to see if anyone had a better idea before I "go to print".

    Steve Herschbach

  16. Hi Mike,

    I'm not trying to sell you or anyone else a Vaquero! I'm simply asking a question posed to me by people on a budget. The Vaquero has a fast response time and the gain can be cranked into the "red zone".

    "cheeper is'nt always worth the headache" I agree but I do not think people on a budget should be excluded. For some people $300 is a lot of money.

    My question was not "is there anything better". My question was "is there anything better for less"? So no, an X-Terra 70 is not better for less. I have an X-Terra 70, think it is great, but it is not applicable to the question at hand.

    Steve Herschbach

  17. Hi,

    I'm looking to determine what might be the least expensive unit a person can buy new that has all the basic features needed in a nugget detector.

    So far what I've come up with is the Tesoro Vaquero.

    Operating frequency of 14.3 kHz, 14.5 kHz, and 14.7 kHz. Manual ground balance. Adjustable threshold based all metal mode. Bonus of hot disc mode. Can use all Lobo coils. Internet price $420.00

    I found a couple nuggets with a Vaquero last summer and was impressed by what a good little machine it is for the price. And only 2.2 pounds!

    So are there any other units new out there running over 10 kHz, with a ground balance and threshold based all-metal mode? And available for less than $420.00?

    Steve Herschbach

  18. Hi,

    Small gold sensitivity is more on par with units like the MXT or Lobo not the GMT or Gold Bug 2. The unit is optimized for gold but it is still a PI unit. They were still tweaking the unit so we will have to get independent tests of the final production unit to see exactly where it settles out. But no matter what I'll be keeping my GMT.

    Largo, you got me. It is a drop in battery pack. I was referring to it being in the control box but built in does imply hard-wired, and it is not. You can pull a dead battery out and drop a new one in. I have my fingers crossed for Lithium-Ion but don't take that as a promise it will happen. I do not know what the final battery will be.

    Steve Herschbach

  19. Hi Ron,

    I'm pumped up about the White's simply because it is so different. Let's face it, the Minelab units have all been laid out pretty much the same physically. As long as performance is acceptable there are times I want a unit I can just pick up and use with harnessing up. Especially for scrape and detect scenarios where the detector sits on the ground most of the time. Having the battery and speaker built in really appeals to me. And for serious side-hilling being able to hip or chest mount the unit and just swing the rod and coil will be a real blessing. The new White's coils are featherweight compared to what we are used to on Minelabs.

    You'll have to give us a report on the unit versus the SD2100 in your ground on your gold. It drives me nuts when people talk in absolutes about detectors. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I'm certain that the White's unit is going to be popular as it fills a niche with a design and a price that will set it apart. I do not see it replacing Minelab units so much as augmenting them. If all I had was my new GPX-4500 I'd pop for one of these units in a heartbeat as a complimentary machine that shares all my coils. A good backup, and one that might serve better than my GPX in some situations. In a torrential downpour I'd be far more likely to chestmount the White's and leave my GPX in the cabin.

    One big thing about the White's - almost 100% immunity from outside electrical interference. I ran the prototype under a powerline transformer and it ran better than a lot of VLF units. That alone may have some applications down your way.

    The price will be such that I can be talking to somebody about a GMT or MXT and bring this unit into the conversation without stopping it dead. The Minelabs are great units but the truth is for people shopping in the VLF price range they are often just too big of a step up for many more casual type people. You should try talking to a customer about a White's GMT or Minelab X-Terra 70 and then drop the GPX-4500 into the conversation! A lot of people react with laughter or stunned silence. I love my Minelabs but there is a need for a less expensive more user friendly PI detector and I think White's is going to deliver the goods on that one.

    Steve Herschbach

  20. Hi Ron,

    Well, as I was using a prototype I'll just say the depths were very good. A disinterested third party using a final product is better positioned to answer that question without getiing slimed. I agree with Flak that Minelab has a heck of a lead when it comes to a PI prospecting unit and so they can name their price. The GPX units are more like professional grade electronic prospecting instruments than metal detectors.

    That said I think the White's unit is going to hit a sweet spot for price, performance, and features. Built in battery, built in speaker, priced right, good performance, rod, hip or chest mount, uses Minelab coils and more. There are a lot of things in that list people will like. People raised on Minelab will no doubt have something to say about the audio but to me it is like meeting an old friend. The White's sounds way more like an analog VLF unit than a PI unit. The audio is one of my favorite features but again, that is just coming from an old detectorist like me.

    I do not know about the rod type. It will be easy enough to switch regardless. Everyone has a favorite design so there is no clear answer there. Like you I like "S" rods but I can't say I had any problem with the White's proto rod design. It did not even occur to me to comment on it, and if it had bugged me I would have.

    Steve Herschbach

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