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  1. Ah.... we get to the root of the matter. No Mike, I am not your representative at Minelab. I am not responsible for reporting your problems for you. As far as what I communicate or do not, it is none of your business. Your passive/aggressive commentary had me wondering and now I know it has been aimed at me personally. I am not sure what your problem is, but I take it you have a dim view of me. Good enough. I won't trouble you further.
  2. So you reported your problem to Minelab and they have ignored you?
  3. So if I get this right you guys prefer to get no more early information from people who have an inside track on such things? Just wait for regular purchasers to report? I have made the suggestion to at least one company that tester gag orders simply not get lifted in the future.
  4. Hey Ron, If you run the sensitivity at the proper level it will certainly run quietly on any ground I ran across, including alkali ground. The truth however is we need to wait for JPs commentary coming soon as to how the GM1000 performs in Australia to get the real scoops on your question.
  5. Hi Guys, been busy! Hope you all are doing great! http://www.minelab.c...rst-impressions
  6. The ATX is one of my core "must have" units. These days I use my GPZ 7000 almost exclusively. However, the ATX has one of the best ground balancing circuits available and it will run smooth in hot rocks (basalt cobbles in particular) that will challenge even a GPX let alone a GPZ. It will also fully balance to salt so perfect for alkali flats. So the ATX serves as my backup for my GPZ for oddball situations plus "just in case". It is also my number one beach hunting detector. I even coin hunt with it now and then when the mood strikes me. Just a great all around PI for me at least. It is a very good nugget machine, I just wish a lighter weight dry land version was available at lower cost. The coil is a bit sensitive to hard knocks so the main secret to using it while prospecting is careful coil control. Here are some of my ATX finds. The large nugget in the center photo is 0.85 ounce.
  7. Hi Jim, sorry so long to reply but I have been (you guessed it) out prospecting. I am all surveyed out but you are right I am sure about desert gold and how most of it is near surface. People keep puzzling over why newer machines are not finding more big nuggets down deeper and the sad truth is in many cases they just are not there. Best wishes to you and your extended family!
  8. $3k will get you a brand new GPX 4500 with an 11" DD coil and 15" mono coil, three year warranty, and $300 cash left in your pocket. $2699 now. Or a GPX 4800 with an 11" DD coil plus a Eureka Gold and $350 cash in your pocket. Both with three year warranties and all for $2649. Sorry to say a used GPX 5000 just is not worth now what it was a couple months ago.
  9. It is by no way a comprehensive survey so no doubt you should avoid drawing too many conclusions regarding machines with only a few responses. And as you note some people may be only finding a couple dinks, others pounds. I think the obvious conclusion is the serious guys are not shy about investing in serious horsepower in the form of top end detectors and usually more than one. Lets face it. If all you expect to do is get out and detect a few times a year and find a few nuggets, investing over $10K in detectors makes no sense. For people that measure their gold in pounds it is just the opposite. Cutting corners on equipment can be costly.
  10. Apparently GPZ owners are hanging out more on other forums. Not one GPZ response here and in fact the responses on this forum were heavily weighted towards VLF detectors.
  11. A week ago I started an informal survey on seven US metal detecting oriented prospecting forums including this one. The survey was not meant to prove anything per se. I was basically just curious to see what the detectors were that were employed to actually find gold nuggets in the last year. The survey has many shortcomings. It only polls people who were on the US forums in the last week who cared to respond. The forums have tended as a whole to be Minelab oriented and so it is not surprising results might skew in that direction. Still, I got a large number of responses and so some conclusions can be drawn. I eliminated duplicate and joke responses. I eliminated a couple borrowed units. It was winnowed down to just detectors that found gold for their owners in the last year. Everything else was pretty straight forward. The only thing of note is I put a couple Gold Bug SE responses under the Gold Bug Pro because they are basically the same detector. The SE was just a precursor model. Everything was compiled on a spreadsheet and totaled. 114 people responded as having used 220 detectors to find gold nuggets. That is an average of a couple detectors per person but the reality is a lot of people owned three detectors, and then quite a few just one detector. In general you could say many nugget hunters own a couple PI detectors (or a PI and a GPZ) plus a good VLF detector. If you really want to generalize things your could say people own a couple Minelab PI type detectors and a Fisher VLF. The Gold Bug 2 and the Gold Bug Pro were the runaway favorites in the VLF category. Tesoro is conspicuous in their absence. Only one Lobo ST listed. I was a bit surprised to see not one Garrett AT Gold listed. Except for a few ATX units Garrett is pretty much a no-show. White's does a little bit better but still only just over a dozen units out of 220. The TDI PI models are the most popular alternative to the Minelabs with 8 listed. As I noted Fisher totally dominates the VLF detectors with the Gold Bug 2 and Gold Bug Pro. And I was surprised at the very large numbers for both the SDC2300 and GPZ7000. The GPZ in particular due to it being very expensive and out for only the last 6 months. The adoption rate is phenomenal in my opinion. Here are two sets of results. The first is simplified for easy digestion. I have lumped similar models together and not listed onesies and twosies. The second list is the full per model breakdown. Make of it what you will, and thank you for participating! Simplified Results: 51 GPX5000/4500/4000 33 GPZ7000 33 SDC2300 32 Gold Bug 2 15 Gold Bug Pro 13 GP3500/3000/GPExtreme 8 White's TDI/DIPro/TDISL/SPP 5 White's GMT/GM3/VSAT 5 Nokta FORS Gold 4 Makro Racer 4 X-Terra 705 3 Garrett ATX 3 XP DEUS Full Results: 33 GPZ7000 33 SDC 2300 32 Gold Bug 2 31 GPX5000 15 Gold Bug Pro 11 GPX4500 9 GPX4000 6 GP3000 5 GPExtreme 5 FORS Gold 4 Makro Racer 4 X-Terra 705 3 Garrett ATX 3 White's GMT 3 White's TDI 3 TDI Pro 3 XP DEUS 2 GP3500 2 Fisher F19 2 CTX3030 1 TDI SL 1 White's SPP 1 Troy X5 1 XT17000 1 SD2200V2 1 SD2100V2 1 Tesoro Lobo ST 1 White's GM3 1 White's V/SAT 1 Minelab F1A4 1 Garrett Scorpion
  12. This is an informal survey, just out of curiosity. For those of you who have been out prospecting in the last year (back to Sept 2014) and actually have found gold nuggets, what detector or detectors did you find the gold with? The poll is not mant to prove anything. I am just wondering what detectors are most commonly in use now for finding gold nuggets by those who are actually finding the gold. I am posting this on the most of the active US forums so please do not post your answer in more than one place. In a week I will compile all the answers from all the forums and post the results back to each one. Thanks in advance for you participation. I own a number of units but so far in the last year my gold was found with the Minelab GPZ 7000, SDC 2300, and a few nuggets in trashy areas with the Makro Racer.
  13. Thanks everyone and good luck Bill. Hope you all had a great 4th!
  14. You can read my two latest Treasure Talk blog posts on the Minelab website at http://www.minelab.com/usa/treasure-talk/a-little-gpz-gold-part-1 (Part One) and http://www.minelab.com/usa/treasure-talk/a-little-gpz-gold-part-2 (Part Two)
  15. Glad to hear the GPZ is working for you Bill. I find gold with mine almost every time I turn it on. Great detector and having used it myself early on one I knew would prove itself with time. Steve Herschbach DetectorProspector.com Fisher F75 & Gold Bug 2 - Garrett ATX - Makro Racer - Minelab CTX 3030 & GPZ 7000 - Nokta CoRe - White's V3i
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