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  1. Hi John, Good thing the court in Alameda county is not the highest court in the land. It is not over yet. Steve Herschbach
  2. Hi, I agree with El, and politicians are easy enough to buy. But once you go to court you have to prove your case, and old gold miner is spot on. If the EPA says dredging is OK then a judge is going to have a hard time saying otherwise. If one does, he or she is likely to be overruled on appeal. In most cases the rulings must be based on good science. But it is never a given. Our system is ok but like everything human it is flawed. Steve Herschbach
  3. Hi, There are times when I will admit I'm a "recreational miner". I'm heading down to Crow Creek tomorrow and am going to pay them $20 to screw around for the day and find a little gold. If I only find $10 in gold I won't care. I'm just going to go for the fun of it. But when I get a mining claim the game changes. Anyone who owns a claim is by definition in the mining business, plain and simple. Now I'm in Alaska, thank God. But if I owned a claim in California for the express purpose of dredging I'd be suing so fast it would make head's spin. Sure, you can always find some "expert" who cla
  4. Hi John, OK, I guess I exaggerated a bit. MSRP on the Gold Bug 2 is $879.95. Of course you buy it for less than that. But still quite a bit more money than the GMZ. Mind you I'm not promoting the GMZ as an alternative to better units. Personally I'd pay more money and get the GMT or Gold Bug 2. But for a few people on a budget it may do the trick. Steve Herschbach
  5. Hi, Just confirmed with Steve Howard at White's that the official MSRP for the GMZ is $499.95. Not saying you can't get it for less or that it might not change in the future but that is the word as of today. Or maybe some wires are crossed? Maybe you can do some checking Bob. I hope top get one out in the field soon. Should be hot as a pistol with the little Shooter coil. The GMZ will easily hit smaller gold than a Gold Bug 1 but won't match the Gold Bug 2 on the tiniest stuff - but the GB2 does cost twice as much. Keep in mind though this is an entry level unit. It was not intended to go he
  6. Hi Guys, Not a this versus that thing for me. I own both the GPX-4500 and GMT. Just got back from a trip, in fact, where I used both. My GPX is a great unit. But this location, while it does have some larger nuggets, is just chock full of little gold. I mean to the tune of over an ounce per yard in some places. Bottom line is I can go over a spot with the GPX and pull out some nice nuggets. Then I can take the GMT with a small coil and scrub the ground and get all kinds of little stuff. I can hit tiny stuff weighing 1/10th grain or less. Seems silly until you drop thirty or forty 2 grain and
  7. Hi, We had a short season at Moore Creek this summer due to the recession. But the finds were better than ever - over 86 ounces of gold was found by 28 people in a two week period. There were 12 people the first week and 16 people the next. We have a "day off" between weeks, and so people who go for both weeks get a free day. Ken P from Alaska stayed for two weeks and got that free day, and it really paid off. With a 32.2 oz nugget found not 300 feet from the main camp! Other major finds were a 6.4 oz nugget, a 4.7 oz nugget, a 3.5 oz nugget, and three nuggets that weighed over 2 ounces. Wa
  8. Hi Dan, You can bet I'll have mine at Moore Creek in a few weeks and will be reporting back in July. V is not a PI unit but it is quite a VLF unit for sure. I'll be heading for the old junky campsites at Moore Creek with it. We will miss you this summer. Steve Herschbach
  9. Hi, I'm fortunate that George and I met. He is an inspiration to me as a detectorist. But George was robbed this last year of his true love, and I'm worried about him. He needs to know people care. I know I do. If you know him and care, please let him know you do also. My prayers are with George. Yet I have to admit for the selfish reason of wanting his company again soon so we can go look for those big gold nuggets. God bless you George, and come home to Alaska soon! Steve Herschbach
  10. Hi Bob, I've resisted saying much about price because truly only White's knows for sure. The goal all along has been to make it very affordable but what does that mean? Right now a White's DFX300 is $1199 as is a Fisher F75. The Minelab Explorer is $1500. One the ground balancing PI side we have the Garrett Infinium at $1250 and the Minelab SD2100v2 at $2250. I'm talking MSRP to compare apples to apples. All the units can be had for less. My gut feeling as a marketer is the unit should be more than the Infinium and less than the SD2100v2. There is a $1000 spread there that makes a gap to be
  11. Hi, The Falcon can scan an area about 1" wide and detects about 1"-2" deep. It will hit the tiniest speack of gold. Great for crevice tracing or checking hardrock gold but impractical for normal detecting. It is more a pinpointer than a detector. Steve Herschbach
  12. Hi Mike, If you think the Vaquero is just a coin beeper you'd be wrong. I'd use a Vaquero to hunt gold before I'd use a DFX, and yes, I have one of those also. If you know what you are doing you can find gold with almost any detector. If you do not know what you are doing the best machine in the world is not going to help you. But like I said, I'm not trying to sell you on a Vaquero. My GPX-4500 will be here in a few days and I recommend you get one from Bill ASAP. Steve Herschbach
  13. Hi Allen, Yeah, sounds better with headphones. I'm not trying to sell anyone on the Vaquero. But try talking sometime to somebody who seriously does not have much extra money to spend. Lots of Gold got found with the old Gold Bug 2 and a Vaquero is easily a better unit than the original Gold Bug. And for people for whom weight is an issue the 2.2 lbs. is a bonus. No doubt there are better units. I have an X-Terra 70 myself and really like it. Butplease realize "just spend more money" is not an option for some people. Can you imagine how peoplle like me with a $5000 metal detector must look
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