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  1. Thanks alot Bill. Now I don`t know whether to keep saving up for a new GP from you, or if I should just buy that thing right now. Think I`ll keep the GP fund right where it is for now.
  2. Slim: Congratulation on getting the drywasher.Especially getting a good deal on it. When I had my 12 volt drywasher I never had a small battery last more than a few hours with a full charge.Like you I bought a new lawn mower battery from Wal-Mart on the way out to play with my new toy.It lasted about an hour and a half. After I took it home and put a full charge on it,it lasted about three to four hours each time out. Well four or five trips was all I put up with that and bought a deep cycle marine battery.With a full cherge it would last all day and then some.The only problem was the wei
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