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  1. Bugler; If you don`t have an individual who is willing to pay spot price or better,then ebay or goldbay.com are the best places to get spot price or better. Whether you are selling nuggets or fines you will get the most money on one of these two sites. I have actually seen small 1 to 1 1/2 gram nuggets go for as much as $60 a gram. I sold a 5.2 gram nugget on ebay for $184 when spot was in the low $400`s. Usually it is because the buyer just doesn`t know anything at all about gold nuggets, but sometimes it is because of the beauty of the piece. Hope this gives you some more thoughts
  2. Thanks alot Bill. Now I don`t know whether to keep saving up for a new GP from you, or if I should just buy that thing right now. Think I`ll keep the GP fund right where it is for now.
  3. Slim: Congratulation on getting the drywasher.Especially getting a good deal on it. When I had my 12 volt drywasher I never had a small battery last more than a few hours with a full charge.Like you I bought a new lawn mower battery from Wal-Mart on the way out to play with my new toy.It lasted about an hour and a half. After I took it home and put a full charge on it,it lasted about three to four hours each time out. Well four or five trips was all I put up with that and bought a deep cycle marine battery.With a full cherge it would last all day and then some.The only problem was the wei
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