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  1. DUDE Im so glad your ok, your mom texted me. and asked if I had heard from you. and I still have not heard from you. please call me. I have been so worried. About time I heard somthing. Your good buddy. T-Rex
  2. Earl If you remember I watched you dig a sub grain nugget up on the top of push 5, Do you remember that?? I was blown away.. no joke...... If it is working for you dont fix what is not broken unless its broken. how are you old freind?...
  3. You can count me in, maybe we should do a potluck dinner one night, kinda like the GB outings. Travis
  4. I'm in Allen, Look forward to the outing lets make this one come together guys. Travis Brown
  5. Hear Hear Bob you said it, these guys are blowing smoke up everyones arse. its total BS and those who cant see that have been duped. sorry but its the truth, If I find the main mass or a large mass they will have to pull the thing from my cold dead hand. Who in the hell has ever heard of, oh you found one bigger than mine, I deserve your larger piece :rofl2: WTF... """"""""BS"""""""" Come and get it then, I dare you :innocent0009: . What a bunch of freaking crap. I have never heard of so much BS. It is up for the grabbing I dont care about the resale value, I want pieces for my own col
  6. Im not calling you passive just everyone who wants to go but does not!!!!! and is afraid of stepping on the "PROS" toes, I have read every post from the metorite list and how we should all bow down to the "PROS" and let them have the strewn field for Science, Give me a break, Heck if they are so worried about making sure the strew field is marked of cords and such heck they can have the cords to the ones I find, there are guys on there complaining about this or that or the other about this fall. Just get up go and find them is all I was saying, And for you information, I stand firm in my shoes
  7. I'm sorry but your whole post is " BS" give space to those who "deserve it" My FAT "arse" come on You are just as passive as the rest of the whimps out there, its BLM land my god go out there and join in......... Oh Dr, you deserve it, ya sure he's been meteorite hunting 15 years that gives him rights My freaking AAAARSE, we are headed out on Sunday. there has been enough info let out it shouldnt be hard to find them. Passive people are the wanters.. Get up off your butts and go get what is for the getting, Oh science my butt, they will be up for sell in no time mark my words at $100.00 per
  8. Man there was an 8lb 4oz 22inch speciman just brought to earth as of Yesterday at 6:20am Sunday Morning We all Know Billyazprospector, he and his wife just welcomed their first child in to this world Congrats Billy and Tiffany Congrats Billy Post a picture when you can. Travis
  9. Way to Go Dean, that is a Dam nice piece, I am happy for you :whoopie: :bowdown: Looking forward to getting back over there and hunting with you again. I say it wont be long now. Congrats My friend It was good to see you in Tucson, thanks for thee drink, I'll buy at the roadhouse on the next trip over. Travis
  10. The last trip out I found a 354 gram piece, it is for sale, asking .50cnts per gram. Call if you have questions. 623-792-8254
  11. Thanks Dean had a great time, you are going to have to make it over here before they are all gone, This was my first trip there and Billy said its not what it used to be, so the finds I guess are going to get even more slim. Thanks Billy for the trip, It was a good time other than a cracked tooth that was KILLING ME. had the Root canal done on monday and it still feels like CRAP. Gotta get back soon so we can see more Sidewinders. :innocent0009: Travis
  12. Well Billy has been begging me to get a post up on our Hunt at Franconia, this was my first trip there and really didn’t know what to expect. We got there late and set up camp and burned all the wood we had and finally realized it was bed time at 2am. We got a late start on the day and it was already freaking hot. We started out not far from the rail crossing on the west end I think I hunted for about an hour and got the first one for the trip a real nice. 2.1Gram Iron. Nice little guy. I had lost Billy so I went in search of him and finally met up with him near the Avenues. We proceeded farth
  13. Bigfoot revealed as big hoax: Thawed out 'carcass' turns out to be rubber gorilla costume Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi holds a photo of what he claims to be the mouth and teeth of a deceased bigfoot or sasquatch creature during a news conference Friday, Aug. 15, 2008, in Palo Alto, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot) 08-19-2008 2:57 PM By JUANITA COUSINS, Associated Press Writer ATLANTA (Associated Press) -- Turns out Bigfoot was just a rubber suit. Two researchers on a quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot say that the carcass encased in a block of ice _ handed over to them for an undisclos
  14. I am hoping that some of you Meteorite Pro's :bowdown: can lead me into the right direction for more reserch on Strewn fields, Or Distribution Ellipse. I am reserching an area and would like to understand more about how the fields are distributed. The Book Rocks from space is pretty vague :Huh_anim]: . Thanks in advance Travis
  15. Thank you Sonny. man let me tell you the AX heads have came down on me hard for even bringing up Glorieta on a public forum. To be honest with you, I took some time to think about what I wrote and how it was written to not divulge this that or the other, or to name anyone, or point fingers at anyone, these people know who they are and what was done, Meteorite locations are just as private as gold locations. But the things that go on at these locations need to be acknowledged....... Respect is all I was trying to get across here. I asked no one to contact me because of promises and I
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