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  1. Tnx all, after 3 days hard training whit my gold ring ,it seems much better. Now need only some nuggets.Tnx all
  2. Hi, I got GPX 4500 now and have any problem. Plz post here u best settings for GPX 4500 whit 8" mono Commander and 11 " DD Coil.I have too 18" mono Coiltek Coil.I need some settings.
  3. A miracle of Mother Nature. :icon_mrgreen: hope, i will soon too report my nuggets here.Here is still cold and frozen :coffeetime: .
  4. Tnx a lot. All for GPX 4000 and i´ll get it,i think.Hope more gold for me and going to el Dorado. :coffeetime: .
  5. What´s better for nuggethunting for a newbie? 3500 or 4000? Should i bay a used GPX 3500 and learn it and later to bay new GPX 4000 or it´s better new GPX 4000 ? And how is used GPX 3500 for 1750 Euro ? is it ok for this price?Plz help. Best regards Ogi
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