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  1. I'm going to try and get out to Az for a couple months this fall.
  2. Don't have any photos. Gold specimens are somewhat difficult to photograph, even among the commercial photographers. They were sold long ago.
  3. I brought this specimen from Ron at the LSD outing last year. Prepped,treated and sold for a tidy profit. Over 60 pieces similar to this were found in two separate patches years ago. The sizes range from a medium aspirin to a large egg. Half had quartz but the gold was thin in all of them. No "nuggets" to speak of. Four turned out really exquisite. I'm sure most of you have seen gem grade spider webbed turquoise. Picture spider webbed thin gold veins running through pure white quartz. Of course they were treated which bleached the quartz.
  4. I was in contact with Ron Ringsrud asking him about this case. They are lowly but surely knocking claimants off one by one. Maybe in couple years this will be resolved. By the way, the appraisal of $400,000,000 is ridiculous. No is going to pay anything close that that figure if it were ever to be sold, unless it's 200 years from now and inflation is 20%.
  5. The blue could also be Scheelite as that's fairly heavy. The yellow has me stumped. If you read up on the geology of that area, it should give you some clues. Might be worthwhile checking into.
  6. Sure fooled me too. Have seen nuggets in just about every conceivable shape, even some "half" nuggets. ie... Some had a crystalline shape while the other sides were flat and looked as though it had been cast in a tufa mold... But they were real as I found a few like that as did others by the Eugene Mtns.
  7. Looks good to me too. Like to see the rest of the story.
  8. At least it's a dry heat. Or so they say in Arizona...
  9. Casey, I don't think I've ever seen any obsidian that's translucent through a 1/4" thick slab. I meant a really,really thin piece. MY bet is the green specimen will be opaque , no matter how thin it is.
  10. I'm not sure it's obsidian. If it's opaque and not translucent on the edges, it's something else. Chip off a little piece to check. To be honest, I've seen slag that looked similar to that.
  11. This is a link to some of the fantastic amazonite and smokey quartz specimens that the Dorris family found on the show. They're towards the bottom of the page. There's also some topaz which I think were also found on the show but can't remember who found those. Anyway, they are reairing the episode this Tuesday. http://www.mineral-forum.com/message-board/viewtopic.php?p=28653&highlight=#28653 Steve
  12. I took some 1/8" or 1/4" wire mesh, cut a piece out to fit the top of the dry washer classifier, then simply shoveled it on top. Can fill bucket and pour on top also. in either case you still have to use your hands to prod the dirt through. I find classifying using screens on a bucket to be onerous and time consuming. I find some areas don't need any classification at all. http://www.louispage.com/blog/bid/10206/Do-You-Need-Wire-Mesh-With-Small-Openings
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