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  1. Me and a buddy of mine from Idaho checked this area out years ago. It's all mostly patented or private property (in the form of ranches) with hardly any BLM acreage in the area. There's some but even that is all claimed up. It was difficult to get permission from anyone to hunt. Found out later they've had plenty claimjumpers in the past and the only way to hunt it is if you already knew someone in the area. Steve
  2. Can you believe some governments actually brought these "bomb detectors". That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard of and they were charging $40,000 for them. That's insane.. An Electroscope would probably have better luck at 1/40 th of the price... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22266051 Steve
  3. Happy Birthday Chuck. What a great find. Thanks for posting. Steve
  4. Don. Really nice gold. Bet you miss those good times. This is a great thread and like seeing what other odd nuggets other members have found. Keep them coming. Steve
  5. Don, you've probably told the story about how you wound up in Brazil but it's probably been so long ago, it can't remember it all. Would you care to refresh my memory and as well as all the newcomers on this forum? Steve
  6. Great pictures as always but this is a gold forum and we want pictures of alaskan gold. Chime in everyone. We want gold... We want gold... We want gold... Steve
  7. Garimpo-- Just wondering if one can get prescription drug insurance to cover big ticket cancer drugs. That's really my main concern....The availibility of prescription drug plans for Central- South American countries. Panama,Costa Rica, and many others.
  8. Garimpo... Thanks for the photos. What happens if you get sick when they are on vacation? Go to another town? What about prescription drugs? are they free too? Steve
  9. There's a monthly column in the ICMJ called "The Bawl Mill" too. Can't compare them since I've never seen the original one. Steve
  10. Jim, Sorry for your loss. If there's anything I can do, let me know. Steve
  11. Last time I was in Arizona, I spent some time with an old hippee living in the Bradshaws. Used to own a Tandy leather franchise until he got tired of the rat race and move to Arizona. Spent all of his time using a dredge as he didn't even have a metal detector. Showed me some spots where he was finding some good gold and one of those areas was at Copper Basin. He had permission from Phelps Dodge at the time to dredge the main creek down from the caretakers cabin and was getting some really nice feather gold (like Bill found recently) until a dispute arose with another party. Then Phelps Dodge
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