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  1. I'm going to try and get out to Az for a couple months this fall.
  2. Don't have any photos. Gold specimens are somewhat difficult to photograph, even among the commercial photographers. They were sold long ago.
  3. I brought this specimen from Ron at the LSD outing last year. Prepped,treated and sold for a tidy profit. Over 60 pieces similar to this were found in two separate patches years ago. The sizes range from a medium aspirin to a large egg. Half had quartz but the gold was thin in all of them. No "nuggets" to speak of. Four turned out really exquisite. I'm sure most of you have seen gem grade spider webbed turquoise. Picture spider webbed thin gold veins running through pure white quartz. Of course they were treated which bleached the quartz.
  4. Sure fooled me too. Have seen nuggets in just about every conceivable shape, even some "half" nuggets. ie... Some had a crystalline shape while the other sides were flat and looked as though it had been cast in a tufa mold... But they were real as I found a few like that as did others by the Eugene Mtns.
  5. Looks good to me too. Like to see the rest of the story.
  6. This is a link to some of the fantastic amazonite and smokey quartz specimens that the Dorris family found on the show. They're towards the bottom of the page. There's also some topaz which I think were also found on the show but can't remember who found those. Anyway, they are reairing the episode this Tuesday. http://www.mineral-forum.com/message-board/viewtopic.php?p=28653&highlight=#28653 Steve
  7. Both shows tonight deal with amazing finds of amazonite and smokey quartz. Some of those crystals are stunners. On a side note, there's yet another reality show called "Rock MY RV". In this one, they take an old RV and turn into one for a specific use. http://www.travelchannel.com/tv-shows/rock-my-rv-with-bret-michaels Someone should apply have theirs turned into a prospectors RV. One with 12 Minelab 5000's that can swivel out of the side,swinging and detecting automatically by use of a central console in the living room and well as a small backhoe built into the back. What else can they come up with??? A beer brewer in the kitchen? Any other ideas???
  8. Great work as usual... Wish I had something like that to give Steve to work on.
  9. Wow!! Congrats Adam. Did you hike in or fly in? You look like Rocketman. What a payday both of you had. Congrats again. Hopefully there's more in the area. Steve
  10. Me and a buddy of mine from Idaho checked this area out years ago. It's all mostly patented or private property (in the form of ranches) with hardly any BLM acreage in the area. There's some but even that is all claimed up. It was difficult to get permission from anyone to hunt. Found out later they've had plenty claimjumpers in the past and the only way to hunt it is if you already knew someone in the area. Steve
  11. How much you selling them for Frank? I'm at wits end and will try anything. Can't seem to find a commercial pair that works for me.
  12. I have a pair of black widows myself but am not happy with them at all. Just feel I might be missing some signals because they don't seem like they are amplifying as much as the ones I used to have. Had a pair of KW-100. These were made by Koss in conjunction with Whites back in the 90's. Great sound but not made for field use. Also had a pair of Koss TD-81's that were pretty good but can't find them anymore. Am at a loss as what to use now. Whatever it is, it needs to have volume controls for each ear. Steve
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