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  1. Bill looks like the 7000 is good at the small stuff for sure. The nugget looks like it has some quartz mixed it with it. Have you done a specific gravity test on it yet??? Ha ha, just messin with ya my friend.
  2. I see that Bill has not been here for over a month. Hope he is doing OK.
  3. Ron I still look older than you. Amazing how fast the years go. I am sure some of ya remember my old white dog "Buck". Lost him last December.
  4. I remember climbing the hill to see the Jackass at Jackass Flats.
  5. Where is Bill? Hoped to raze him about the day my white lab puppy stole the burger. He was there, but kept neutral. But gave me a dirty look.. And the time that old JB had to pull me out of a mud hole at Stanton. And when Mike B up at Gold Basin got about blew out of his pickup one nite when there was very STRONG winds.
  6. I don't post much anymore. But I am sure some of ya old timers remember me. I met Bill back when he had the Yahoo forum. Bill probably remembers when I first met him at Rich Hill. And I am sure he remembers my old dog "BUCK" when he stole someones elk burger. And when Red Beard fell and bruised his face up good. I am sure that Grubby and Uncle Ron remembers me.
  7. They both take a .224 diameter bullet. Probably the ammo Mike is using is necked crimped wrong or the case was trimmed wrong. Buy a box of good ammo and I bet it works. If it still does not feed right have the head space in the barrel check by a gun smith.
  8. Must be your AC broke down like mine. Makes me grumpy. But a few bags of ice and a couple beers and I am happy again! Try it.
  9. Doc, I will say 55. I put the same number on Chris's AZO forum.
  10. Chris, just leave off the "s" in "https" so it looks like "http" and the link will imbed itself. Good video!!
  11. ya are doing something wrong for sure. No credit card is needed for the link. It is 100% free. You might want to have a pop up filter and high speed internet connection.... Which a pop up filter is also free. Not the high speed connection. If ya are on a dial up, forget it!
  12. I just watched the show on the computer this morning. Looks interesting Mike. Did the freaking mosquitos eat ya up? Here is a good link for the folks who do not have cable TV to watch it. http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/player/gorillavid.php?id=rprup1ec0oyz
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