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  1. GOOD TO SEE YA BACK!!! Been awhile my friend!!!
  2. I have not seen a post from him in months. I hope he is OK!
  3. Sawmill, did you ever get your Minelab PI detector fixed?????
  4. HOWDY BILL!!! Thought ya left for good there for a bit. Hope things are starting to get better.
  5. Colin, I am working in San Marcos. When it cools off I have a few spots between Julian and San Isabel. Also off of Banner Grade, if you know the area. Found gold at all the locations. Probably by the end of October I will be hitting the Julian area. The spots I know are not on any ones claims. So I keep them sort of quiet. I have traveled to Arizona many, many times over the years. But its right here in East San Diego County if you know where to look!!! Plus there are lots of good relics to be found here also!!!
  6. Ron, ever check the area just South of 60/89?? Sort of across the road from the gravel pit along LSD wash. I remember years ago exploring the old mines and washes before it dumps into the Hassayampa. I think it was west of the RR bridge. This was back in the early 80's when I lived in Wittmann, about half mile due West from the old dragstrip. I have no idea whats there now.
  7. If ya don't get the depth in the coin mode compared to the prospecting mode, chances are you need to up the sensitivity and be sure the ground balance it set right. In the coin mode put the sensitivity up as high a possible till it starts chattering while not moving the coil. I have found a several grams of gold here in the coin mode. And tried switching to prospecting mode and not much difference. And this is a spot near Julian, CA where everyone says there is no gold!!! If your in a area without much iron trash, use the prospecting mode. But if there is a bunch of nails, tin etc, use t
  8. Blake, is that cooler in the back full of bacon??? (inside joke). :innocent0009:
  9. I hear ya Grubstake!!! The really most time and money saving I had with a pinpointer was here where I work. We have 12 tractors and 3 skidsteers. And we have 1,000s of nails laying around in the dirt from years ago when a chicken farmer had the property. The tires on all the equipment are "cord" type tires with no steel belts. So when I get a flat tire and can not see the nail on the outside, or feel where it is on the inside, but as soon as I patch the tube, within a day its flat again. I guess the weight of the tractor pushes the nail out of the rubber casing against the tube. So I ru
  10. A plastic scoop is the way to go detecting for gold. But hunting a park where you want to keep the grass looking good a pinpointer is the way to go!!
  11. Thanks Herb. Was there a few years ago with some members. Was on my way to the rear of your claim, out by the Oriflamme. Might check out the Website on Yahoo and join.
  12. Does your club still have the claim on Banner grade??? And the video says "west" of the dunes, and "east" of Yuma. I think the E & W are mixed up!!!
  13. Here is a good one of RD takin it easy smoking that pipe!!!
  14. Hey Ron, remember this picture. Thats ole JJ in there also. Such a shame he is gone now. And who could forget these two outlaws???
  15. OK, I am sure Bill Southern will agree 100% :laught16: with nude pics for the young prospectors to view. Get real, this is a family forum. If anyone else thinks its OK to post nude pics on this forum, lets hear ya!!! Kids under 18 can not say, or look at them (right!!) :confused0013: :confused0013:
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