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  1. I don't think he makes very many of them. Again, they are pretty expensive and a real specialty item. I think in terms of design they are well worth some study if you can either find one or want to get one made. As far as I know the only plans are the patented ones in Russ's possession though. It's pretty proprietary stuff so I doubt there are any copies floating around. It's still probably worth it to talk to Russ though, seeing as he's the man with the plan. Good luck on your projects!
  2. Definitely contact Russ. They are custom and expensive but are smooth and amazing. I've cranked one and they are awesome. http://www.russfordprospecting.com/Beck%20page.htm
  3. You're right Adam, it's just that now it's time to pay, probably by daily, weekly, yearly sticker program similar to a "Red Rocks Pass". It'll come with rules like "off limits" "panning only" and "road closed". Ah, the 70's...
  4. Whoa, that map is pretty intense. Sounds to me like a multiple use management area of some kind. Different than just wilderness, park, etc. but not excluding those designations. I know one thing, if those with mining interests, either recreational or otherwise don't get involved in the process, it won't work out well. My favorite part of the map is the "special cultural resource" designation on the LSD, Vulture, etc. Large area. It could be mining but it sounds more like an Indian ruins to me. :baaasmiley: One thing that's weird is that it's not just Maricopa county on the map, so...? Wish we had some more documentation.
  5. Funny. That's what I use. Don't forget ear protection though!
  6. If it's benches or in the wash the key would be bedrock and getting to the rich material in the crevices. Bring a prybar and a vacuum.
  7. Whatever it is, (my guess is Silver) it's a kick butt find!
  8. Definitely good to see you Mike. Glad to see you scored later.
  9. Frank, Yeah, he probably will. Motivated, in a word. I'm sure he'll find one soon. He actually gets a kick out of digging trash, so that's one in his favor.
  10. Got this one shoved down in a crack on a bench. This was one of those ones you could only hear if you detected from a certain direction. My boy didn't get any gold but I did just out of seeing this. Thanks for the great detector Mike. That short shaft works perfect!
  11. Thanks guys. Got skunked today on another short hunt. I finally get a nice long one in tomorrow and hopefully more dinks or +++. Weather sure is nice out there right now. I love the desert this time of year.
  12. Thanks Guys. It does beat the skunk. I won't say no to dinks.
  13. Too bad it doesn't cover the truck repairs but, something fun anyhow...
  14. Nice. I think you'll find it works well. A lot of spammer e-mails are already known in Spam databases. Russian or African IP? Better have a username like Russian Drywasher or Nigerian Nuggetshooter or it's bye bye charlie! Good luck!
  15. Hey there Bill. If it helps, I check each registration manually. Meaning I check the email in google before I approve and I research the IP as well. I have plenty of Russian traffic, but no spam ever for years. It's a pain but worth it in my opinion. There's probably some automated way to avoid it if you inquire on the invision boards. Good luck!
  16. "I actually like the fact LSD has a "no gold nuggets left" rep..." I agree. If you think about the way the flow of things are there, they are bound to come flowing from the deep so to speak. Still, it'd be fun if Minelab came up with a time travel feature.
  17. Nice ones Adam. Unlike some LSD spots, that one has more.
  18. Work with small pieces of lead. Afterall, you are testing, seeing how small the detector will go in certain conditions. Lead is not the same as gold but it's close if you smash it with a framing hammer to get rid of factory shapes and make it more "natural". Otherwise, just spend a few bucks and buy a .02 or 03 gram small nugget. :icon_mrgreen:
  19. As many of you know, Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott is a vital resource for placer gold research. The museum archives hold unique and irreplaceable clues in the search for gold and study of mining history which leads to finds. Arizona's Sharlot Hall Museum is a Prescott landmark and a vital revenue generator for the region. However, recent State budget cuts threaten the Museums viability -- and we need your help to make sure that we can continue to serve the community. --- The State has cut the Museums budget by nearly $100,000 already this year, and has indicated additional cuts -- totaling about a quarter of a million dollars -- for next fiscal year. --- Although were already significantly understaffed, well be forced to reduce payroll further. --- These cuts will result in fewer educational programs, reduced hours, and diminished services. All this adds up to a net loss for our community -- a community that depends heavily on tourism funds generated by organizations such as ours. --- To remain a meaningful cultural attraction and to contribute to the regions economy, Sharlot Hall Museum needs State funding restored. --- Please, PLEASE contact Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and State legislators with this vital message -- Restore funding for Sharlot Hall Museum. Thank you. ---- Contact Gov. Brewer: http://azgovernor.gov/contact.asp ---- Contact Arizona Elected Officials: http://www.azleg.gov.membershipRoster.asp
  20. That's a really cool nugget. I don't know that I would "melt it down" like the story says. It looks like it would make some good cabs. Really neat for the kid though.
  21. I called Minelab and they said it was due to some faulty control boxes. They have already started to send out the letters.
  22. C'mon Mike. Didn't you know that the machine makes you an expert in a matter of moments? That means that as soon as you buy the new detector a whole new outlook on research comes into your brain and then you develop a sort of "sixth sense" about where gold is. Oh, and forget the bite test. No more! Those pounds were found in new patches previously unknown but now found due to the new "Expert" outlook. :twocents:
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