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  1. That is a beautiful nuggie Mike!! It is always nice to see pieces like that. Congrats
  2. well well well mr brockly, that sure is some good looking yellow stuff :woohoo: :bowdown: I see you are back at it again. Congrats!!!!
  3. very nice indeed Mike! Thats a keeper, congrats!!!!!
  4. Nice piece, it makes you realize why we do this when you find beauties like that!!!!! Nice job and congrats!!!Darren
  5. Very nice speci indeed. Everyone needs a couple like that. Congrats and keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!!!
  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Very nice find Ron, anybody would love to find one like that!!!! Thanks for sharing! Darren
  7. WOW!!!!! That is absolutly beautiful! Never thought you could make a speci more beautiful until I seen these! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Great poem and thanks for sharing, it is definatly a tear jerker!!! Thanks to all that have and are currently serving in the armed forces, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!!
  9. Nice finds Bob, any gold is great but two of that size are a bonus!!! Keep it up!...Darren
  10. Hey Alan, that is a niuce nugget! How deep? I hope to start coming down in a few weeks! Maybe I can get a couple to post also!!! Keep up the swingin and diggin :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: WAHOOO!!!.....Darren
  11. Those are very nice finds Ron!!! Agreed, 1000 $ an hour is darn good! Keep up the good work...Darren
  12. Oh my Coda, that is a beauty bud. That makes up for those skinny days doesn't it ! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: Those make for a great day in the fields. Now, where exactly did you say you got those? hehehe, nice going bud and keep it up....Darren
  13. Very nice Brock, you are doing pretty good when you get the time to get out. I will be getting more time shortly I hope then maybe I can get down to help find some of that good looking stuff. keep up the good work bud!!!!...Darren
  14. Good post Allen, I totally agree!!! It is hard enough to get areas to hunt without having some idiot not filling their holes in. Thanks for taking the time to post the pics. Please people, fill in your holes!!!!!!!.....Darren
  15. Sweet gold coda, those are a good find :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: Keep up the good work!!....Darren
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