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  1. Everybodies had a snake story or too, so here's mine. I was working 600 ft underground in grants NM as a surveyots helper in a urainium mine when my bossgrab my shoulder and stopped me from going any further. I thought there was danger from a rock slip or something but a very pissed off rattler was in the middle of the drift about 4 ft away. He had fallen down the shaft or rode down the bucket trying to cool off, I guess. Ray pinned him with something and we took him topside and let him go in some nearby rocks, cool I thought. Ray said the snakes family would be glad to see him. Really I said as I looked at him sideways. Ray pick up a rock and thew it about 20 ft into the rocks and about a doz buss tails responded, See he said, I told you so.

    Later Wyndham

  2. Allen, from what I have learned on this and other forums, unless there is some certificate of purity, most places would buy from "approved" sources


    is a link to the gold refining forum that has several knowledgeable people that might help more that other sources.

    Some of the folks like me are very new to the forum and ask beginner question. Harold and several others might have a better understanding of what is needed.

    Hope this helps, Wyndham

  3. Sandy, the coins that are melted together will sell for silver price, if that's what they are silver or silver clad, hope so. The others should not be cleaned as this reduces any collecting value. Just soak them in warm dish detergent like Dawn over night and pat dry, don't rub or try to buff them. Silver is around $16/oz depending on the current market so you might want to weigh them to get an idea of how much weight you have.

    Try to get a book at the library on coins to help you figure out what you have. Be careful of undervaluing what you may have. Wyndham

  4. "is it possible that Apache tears could be in an none mineralize area?"

    Azaware, there's a place at Silver Peak where the Apache tears are in a volcanic (I think)matrix. It has a white frothy mineral like spun glass or volcanic ash with the AP globs inside. Nearby are the silvermines that Silver Peak is know for as well as nearby Death Valley.

    I would guess it's a highly mineralized area unless they washed down hill like float sometimes is.

    It's just a guess, Wyndham

  5. Thanks Mike. I think we are all so used to just point and click, I forget that 300 baud modems were not that long ago and the internet was Hush-Hush for the university/ govment types :laught16:

    Later thanks Wyndham


    BTW the TDI forum with cougarjim is down too, looks like somebody's maybe doing a 4th of J hack. I hope not but the Pentagon gets attacked 300,000 time a day and we are as important as they are. :innocent0009: later Wyndham

  6. Since many here have noticed a cause and effect and the explanation is a halo effect does not mean that it comes from the target alone

    Some such as Eric Foster and others have mentioned that the TX signal is absorbed by the ground around the target as well as the target , so it seems likely that something or mineralized outside the leaching of the target might be the cause, causing the RX signal to appear stronger before digging. The more the ground is compacted by time, it would seem that density might come into play along with the target, but the target is sort of a focus to that extraneous signal thru the target. Since that is what we're looking for, we notice it more.

    There is another thing that happens that I read about . air gap resistance

    There were fires last yr in So Calif and the high power lines started to arc from one to another even though there was , What 20 ft between them. The air resistance was calculated for clean air but the particles of smoke from the fires decreased the resistance and they arced. I don't know if this is correct about the compacted vs "fluffed up ground " vs air, but there is something , I'm just trying to guess what it is. Just remember I have never found a nugget with a detector nor have I played one on TV :innocent0009: Wyndham

  7. I thank God for the time we were friends and all the things we did together...........

    That's all any of us can find comfort in, sorry for your loss. I found a saying the other day that helps me at times.

    " The will of God will not take you where the Grace of God will not protect you"


  8. There can be problems on some MB that have on board video and a second monitor. If this is the case, try going into the startup bios and turning off the onboard monitor. There maybe irq conflicks . it maybe the system is trying to use video mem from 2 different sources. This may or may not be the source of the problem. Also check your system for viruses, malware or even the configuration of your firewall if it is needed.

    I once had a malware that altered a dll that was part of my virus protection and AVG didn't catch the problem.

    i hope this helps in finding a direction to follow, but remember somethings you can do are permanent be carefull, Wyndham

  9. Bill, 20+ yrs ago my stepdaughter went through some of the same, had a beautiful baby girl, got her life back in order and found a decent guy many years later. She has made a good life for herself with the help of God and has come through the fire a better person. At the time it seemed there were too many problems but what's not possible with us is possible with God.

    Vent when you need to, we do :innocent0009: :laught16: Wyndham

  10. I've got this plan, that maybe, this summer to get out to RP BUT....

    Need some advice on the tires for my pickum-up truck and will a 2 wheel f 150 get me in and out?

    My pipe dream is a white's new PI a set of good tires, BTW should I buy them out there, swap out the hiway tires then replace when I leave and hold them for the next year. I'm coming from North Carolina,.... maybe.

    I'm wondering how bad is BAD on the RP road??

    Thanks, I just have a bad case og gold fever, Wyndham

  11. George though we have never met, take comfort from the many here that know Christ and want to comfort you with words that are so inadequate. Christ has given us a Comforter, ask and you will receive, more then we can understand. Peace, Wyndham

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