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  1. Thanks Grubstake, do you think the blue clay is volcanic ash or sediment trapped by volcanic ash that make slate, Just wondering.

    Sometimes here someone will split the slate and wash between the layers but thegold is almost too fine to see. Too much work in that. I like potato patch size nuggets :innocent0009:

    BTW the SKUNK got my buddy yesterday and being the young :laught16: fellow he is, he's paying for it today.

    Later Wyndham

  2. For what's it's worth. Back in the 70's I went down into a small canyon just off the road in the rt 49 gold are of Calif and being younger and stupid I didn't carry any water.It was just a quick look around, about an hrs worth.

    I got wasp stung from a nest under a ledge, almost heat stroke and when I got back to the car almost scaled my mouth with th jar of water I left on the seat..... about 110 or more deg.

    That's my story and I'm stuck to it, be safe, cause something will bite you. :ROFL:


  3. My first view of this was about a month ago when this fellow was given 2 pieces to check out. My first comment was they looked like solder table blobs.Then later he showed me the 3 that he found. I kept telling him that he needed someone to help him out of the creek if he fell or tripped over a space ship. No luck but he's gone this weekend to try some dredging and I'll see him for coffee at the cafe in the morning.

    I've seen a fair amt of gold from this area (the uhurrie(SP) slate belt ) near Star-Bisco NC. It's a long slate belt part of the Reed Gold mine about 40 + miles away and this gold looks so different, I was skeptical but it's real.

    He's going to bring some of the local rock back for me to look at...gees.

    Theres a layer of blue clay/mud as well and I suggested he try to get a sample below that area as well. Interesting stuff.

    Thanks guys

  4. Friend of mind just stopped by to show me 3 sm nuggets he just found in a stream in NC. They are about the size of a split pea half or a bit smaller. I didn't get a chance to photograph them but they look globular like solder globs. They are natural not man made but come from an area that may have had a volcanic eruption into a gold vein, remelting and blasting out the gold. Have any here found this type of gold? If I get photo's next week, I'll post some. The fellow also said the quarts also looked melted into the host rock and the creek has a lot of blue clay, which would be slate around here if it were compressed by time.

    Thanks Wyndham

  5. The USB drive can be thought of as an egg crate where in each compartment the egg is a magnet. This is not exactly correct but the closest I could think of for a visual. The sandwich of the super mags would change the ability of the computer to read the eggs.

    Mythbusters show once that a degaussing magnet(big and strong) would not erase a credit card, only the government can do that.

    I had some speakers near the tv and wondered why the colors in that conner were weird, the mags in the speakers were strong enough to effect the scan field on the TV. Magnets can do some strange things, but I think UFO's are what causing all the problems not finding GOLD. :laught16:


  6. Arch & Sawmill. I tend to joust too many windmills. I know the real world is out there and how to deal with it but I have never liked politics in any thing. That's just me. It's easy for me to post theory where folks like you, Sawmill deal with the BS everyday.

    As a potter with a retail store, I have my share of reality to deal in and I at least what to believe your grass is greener because it's my illusion. :innocent0002: Wyndham

  7. Sawmill, I understand where you are coming from. I'm not advocating breaking the law. My main gripe is that we as a nation, which started out that the government served the people, has turned 180 deg around.

    To paraphrase a 19th C French diplomat, when he saw our form of government. He said in effect that this is th egreatest form of government till the those in government learns it can manipulate the people with money and favors for their own selfish ends.

    So when I rail against the laws that are designed to coerce the people into being compliant, I am really lamenting the decline of our nation. I may have a naive POV about what this nation stands for as it's purpose in the world but that's just me.

    Your example of logging is an excellent one because you can see first hand that if there is no ethical administration of the laws you work by, no mater how well you adhere to the law, corrupt members of any oversight group can make you the bad guy at the drop of a hat and your live could be ruined.

    Don't you think that i am aware that there are people reading this forum, that for their own purposes would love to cause damage to some here because of their differing POV and would use the letter of law to effect that outcome.

    There was an experiment conducted years ago where a group of people were told that it was ok to administer an electrical shock of high voltage to some test subjects. The subjects were not wired to a current but the test group though so and with the "Doctors" looking on added more and more current, just because they were given permission to administer excessive pain to innocent people.

    There has to be ethics in the law and in the people that accept that responsibility of administering the law because our word is all we have.



  8. So two men are dead, lives ruined, others will go to jail, families will break up, children will hate those that destroyed their lives, all for some %$#@& rocks.

    At some point in a future that keeps this going, a person will be arrested and jailed or hung because he dug in a trash pile and found a Beenie Weenie can.

    If I were to print a story from the future that a person committed suicide because he was collecting "Sacred Mt Dew Bottles" or "Jack Daniels bottles" that were thought to be part of some ritual ceremony and got caught. His life ruined and his wife left him from the public shame, you'd call me more names than a few, but it just happened and their lives were more precious than the artifacts involved. This country has lost it's way.

    My ancestors are dead. As great or worthless as they were ,they lived their lives and died. Under Paris there are the bones of 6 million or more people. so what.

    What we do to one another both the good and bad, today, right now, is what matters. If those same lawmen were to help a starving family in this country, that would make a difference. The law is made of stone, there is no heart in the law.

    There I go again, better get back on my meds before the black helicopters get me again.

    BTW I met Mel Fisher years ago on the Spanish Galleon where he had a stack of silver bars unguarded on deck. I ask about this and He said if I were crazy enough to pick up one and run with it, I'd collapse in about 40 ft.

    He paid a dear price for all the gold he found.


  9. If anyone could compare the 2200 with the TDI that might help some of us sitting on the fence. I have never owned a PI machine, just a GB 1 , but have not had the chance to get out to learn other than the post I read.

    Been threating to run away to the gold fields, seems like forever. Later Wyndham

  10. I'm going out on a limb here but it seems a comment on our time that OUR government will spend 10's of millions of dollars in the preservation of artifacts from a past culture or in prosecuting people for the , (IN SOME CASES) of moving a rock only to ignore the pain and suffering of the children of these same people. A 150 yrs ago, the government tried to exterminate the same people whose artifacts are now so treasured, interesting

    Not only Native Americans but other Americans are doomed to poverty by the lack of understanding that people who are alive today or worth far more that the artifacts of the past.

    The preservation of a small fish is more important than the farmers who grow crops to feed people. The farmers land will wither from lack of water. He will leave because he can't make a living but the policies of part of the government only sees the fish, the other is not "There" problem. The law is more important than justice.

    I don't advocate the destruction of removing these parts of our past, I just see things from a different POV. If we are more enlightened than 150 years ago, we would do some thing much better today than we do.

    Just a stray though from a squirrel in a tree Wyndham :coffeetime:

  11. Well I've found a possible safe eco friendly leach for BS cons. I don't know if it is good bad or regular ole ugly But... I'd like to test it out on some fine gold in BS and see if it works. It really doesn't need to be good rich con at that , just some color so i can tell if this leach really works.

    If any one has some that might fit the bill, email me and let me know what you want per lb. maybe 1-5 lbs. I'm in NC and I'll mail you a check including postage.

    I thought I'd post here to get a little better action than the Buy/Sell sect.

    Gold fever has set in again this year, just a little later because the spring rains lasted longer than I thought :ROFL:

    Later fella's and good hunting Wyndham email me at wynpotter@embarqmail.com

  12. If you look at platinium and rhodium price drops this could signal a major retreat in the auto industry, based on the use of these metals in catalytic converters. It may take awhile for this industry to get back. Oil is around $90 a barrel but gas is still $3.79 here. Kinda funny if it didn't hurt so bad that gas prices rise on oil price rise but never fall at the same rate. Does anyone remember where gas was when oil was at this level 9 months ago.

    Gold is down to $882 off about $24 and platinum is up about 2.7% Well I'm just an observer, no $$$ to play, Wyndham

  13. Yea, that's a bit much. I wonder if the snakes are getting ready to den up and have chosen your place or your next door neighbor's place for the rendezvous. Back here in the east we are having a bumper crop of nuts, fruits, berry's and I kinda agree that it might be a sign of a cold winter ahead.

    One of the fellows at the local cafe puts great store in these things and he's as bald as a cue ball. If he starts growing a head of hair, I'm heading to AZ or OZ real quick.

    Later Wyndham

  14. Jim

    That's what the fellows at the Alaska Gold forum were indicating a well. To me there are several possible paths this can take. one is a wait and see by the big European banks, waiting the bailout vote and the election(no comment here). The other is that they know how deep the economic problem is and that there is going to be a major restructuring of the world economy and paper won't be worth much compared to today.

    The strange part is that the markets , like you say are not responding to the either real or bank made shortage of gold. The last thing could be that things work out and the hording dumps on the market after the depth of the bailout is seen and prices drop to absorb the supply.

    You know that feeling when your out and about and you feel the hairs on your neck tingle for no apparent reason, or when your watching a horror movie and the blond chick is about to open the door with the boggy man behind it but yell as you might , she can't hear you. Well somethings going on that not too many people(government) seem to want to let us in on.

    I don't want to belabor the point, just thought others might want to hear some of this, Wyndham

  15. this was on the Kitco site:

    "The following products have been temporarily removed from our Precious Metal Store until further notice due to production and delivery delays that retailers are currently facing; 1 oz Gold bars, 1 oz Kitco Gold bars, 10 oz Gold bars, 1 oz Silver Eagles, 1 oz Silver Maples, 1 oz Silver Philharmonic coins, 1 oz Olympic Silver Maples, 100 oz Silver bars and 1 oz Palladium Maples. "

    also APMEX has taken 1 oz Maple Leafs off of their site as well as other gold coin product.

    Interesting that there is a "shortage" but the price has not moved very much????????


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    Re: Central Banks Stop Selling Gold ( 14:16:34 WedOct 1 2008 )

    Here's something interesting about the squeeze on gold and prices don't seem to match. Thought you fellows would like to see. There's more on this at


    Anyone here picking up on this, Wyndham

  16. Many years ago in Texas, I was firing my pottery kiln. It had gotten late and I was resting on my 500 gal propane tank that was about 20 yds from the kiln. It was a quiet night, no wind or noise and with the orange flame of the kiln coming out in a gentle roar, I kinda drifted close to sleep, when something placed 2 small paws on my shoulder, I froze for a moment. Just the day before a neighbor saw a Marquey(sp) cat, about the size of a Lynx in the yard. Fortunately My next door neighbor's snow white cat had jumped onto the propane tank behind me and came over to see what I was doing and not the Marquey.


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