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  1. Hey folks, it's been awhile since my last bout of gold fever but it popped up again. I have a question on "clay be gone" and other such animules.

    I have a source of clay/silt that has some micro gold in it. It's the wash water from a Pay to Play mine by the bucket. They wash some of the paystreak to get some of the muck clay out before putting it into 3 gal buckets, this is what I want to test..

    I have no idea how much gold is in this but have about a gallon or 2 of mud. In small test amts I want to breakup this mud and wondered if Clay be Gone will allow the gold to settle out first if I use a test tube with some mine mud and the CBG, at least enough to put it under a loop and see if there is anything there.

    I have also heard that Sodium Silicate(which I have some)and/or some Calgon might also work.

    If I can measure any gold in this silt/clay mixture I might find a way to safely leach it out of a concentrate. no cyanide or other such leach.

    Since I can't come out to AZ to play in the 117 deg temp I thought I'd find out what my backyard here in NC has to offer. :thumbsupanim

    Thanks Wyndham

  2. Has any one thought or tried using several pad sanders attached to a dry washer for vibrating the dirt?

    I know there's the electricity problem but that should be 110 off a small generator.

    Thinking out loud and cutting down on the weight maybe.

    Please let me know what you think, Wyndham

  3. I hadn't posted in quite awhile as I've been out trying to make a few $$$. I didn't realize till this morning the political crap starting to cone in. My wife says I'm not aware of what goes on around me sometimes.

    Anyway, I'll not rise to the political crap that seems to be in full bloom and if I'd been more aware, I'd have held off the solid gold respond and just keep to looking for gold.

    BTW I could use a map to some lost treasure or something, need to get my gold fever back up to 104 deg.

    Best to all Wyndham

  4. Yes you are kicking up dust. Yes you have a right and duty to have an opinion and express it to others as occasion arises. All of this is fine, but please don't expect others to follow your path.

    We are all sinners but we also have a redeemer so because we are all sinners we still may differ and still be Redeemed.

    My #^%t stinks and I know it but even the worst, uneducated, drunk lying on the bar room floor is still protected in America by the Constitution as an American and the sovereignty of this nation how ever it was formed. Beside no country on earth has clean hands, do you, I don't. If you want to turn over your rights paid for by greater men than any here, no one is stopping you. If you feel guilty for what others have done to one another, speak out about yourself, give your fortune away and beg others forgiveness for the wrong you have done them. But...., allow me to defend me, my family and my country, which I love and admire against all enemies in and out of this nation.

    I will defend your right to speak and I may not agree( I would not have posted this if I agreed with you) but that self same blood that was shed to make this country allows you that right to speak against it now.

    Find a Jew that lived through the Holocaust in Germany and survived, hear what true evil is, learn the pain of persecution, look hard at the photo's of the death camps and be thankful you live in America for what time we have left.

    Maybe you wanted to go in this direction, maybe not. Maybe you just wanted to see if someone would respond. Maybe you don't think that America is valid. Isn't it wonderful to be able to express your thought so freely and insult others without having to pay the bill your self. Maybe you did, Maybe you are a war Hero from any of the recent wars. Maybe you paid in blood and limb, in dreams that can't be erased. I don't know

    I don't have a clue for your thoughts.

    One of the problems with the internet is we can't sit face to face and talk. We can't see the human being in front of us, just a screen and our own reflections.

    My sincere apology for this OT on a gold forum, where I wish I were out in the hills diggen up pounders

    I am thankful to be able to say God Bless America


  5. Don't use the borax from the grocery store such as 20 mule team. It has other stuff in it. Get the stuff from a pottery supply place like Majorine(sp) or go over to the Mesa art center in Mesa and ask a potter over there where they get there supplies. It shouls cost about a buck or so a pound in small amts. You can also get some soft insulating fire bricks at about $3.00 ea and build a little furnace to use with the mapp gas so the flame comes under the crucible. Steve over at gold refiners forum has one he made and sells


    Hope this helps Wyndham

  6. One of the many new variables that has to be factored in is the 6.6 bil people alive today. Supply and demand based on an exploding population that wants the same standard of living as seen on TV changes the whole mess. 1980 China did not want the oil it does today. India didn't have the possibility of the economy it has today. We fueled the fire of demand now we have a fire storm that is global that we can't or should control. Our government has not got a clue on what to do. Even if they did , they couldn't agree to get together to piss on a fire in there own congress.

    Hyper inflation will set in at some point in the future and oil and food more than gold will be the currency of choice. Gold is more a personal hedge which is fine but food stuffs like grain or the shortage will also come more into play.

    Yea, it's a doomsday threat that might wait a generation or two and most here won't be around to see it, but a whole lot of folks will.

    Hyper inflation also leads to wars(generally)and/ or collapse of nation states. If you think this is a bit over the top, look whats happened in the last 100 yrs

    What's this got to do with the price of gold, nothing, but a Mc Donald's HB will cost $20,.... Oh it already does in Japan and several other cities around the world. :laught16:

    We're screwed, we just have the paperwork yet :tisc-tisc: :laught16: :angry-smiley-010:

  7. What I mean by this is some 30 yrs back in a visit to the gold country on rt 49 I was told that the quartz I saw along the road in the pastures was not the type that carried gold, he called it bull quartz. It was a white quartz and there were many outcroppings in the fields as I rode with a fellow who knew the country. He never told me which was which and could have been blowing smoke for all I knew.

    Is there a geological time period that certain quartz came up that either did or did not carry gold.

    Just remembering back that i never thought much about it till now.


  8. And, you guys are so right, those newly burnt areas are tough detecting especially in the

    areas where there were lots of plants-now-burnt-branches, stumps etc. They really produce

    a lot of false signals...is it something to do with the amount of carbon? Just wondering.


    We've been having an interesting discussion over at the TDI forum on this very topic. Take a look if interested.


    Gets a little testy at times but all in all some good info, I thought.


  9. Who knows, real volcanic ash is not favorable for nugget shooting generally. I am skeptical of a lot of tales, maybe it was volcanic ash, but maybe it was mis-identified. Without more info, its just hard to say.


    Hey Chris, I didn't realize that Lake Lahontan went up to the Rye Patch area til I saw that aerial showing the ancient lake shore lines.

    I looked for the post in all the archives on different boards but no luck. It seemed that it was this fellows first trip over from the North West to visit family and he was in a wash with a new ML 3500-maybe and got a signal from a very hard packed layer in a gully going down to the lake. Now it might have been a calachie(sp) layer or other material as well. Just thought it might ring a bell about some different ground around the lake.

    I know over at Silver Peak there is a white volcanic ash deposit at the dry lake bed that we used to drill wells down to to get a lithium chloride solution when i worked for Foote Mineral years ago.

    Later Wyndham

  10. Allen, just curious about the lay of the land on this. Are those boulders at the bottom middle or high in the draw. The reason for asking is that I wondering if this was a major flood or glacier melt or just a gully washer type event.

    Since I'm thinking about the ice melt, could that area be a glacial push or moraine that's weathered down from 10000 yrs ago..

    Since I'm back here in North Carolina, I live vicariously through those that get out there and find stuff. Hope I'm not too nosy, Good, better and best of luck Wyndham

  11. Jim, my prayers and concerns like others, go out for you. I doubt any here have not had serious things, life has thrown our way, so we understand how serious this is. God has promised that He will not give us a burden greater than what we can bear, even though it sometimes feels that way.

    Words seem so inadequate at times like this but remember that Christ is the Word of God and He hears your's and others prayers. Words have power.

    Though we've only know about each other on this forum, Peace and healing, brother.


  12. Morning guys, interesting thread. I never thought there would be that much diversity in the "Blue Mud".

    Well NC in this area was part of an inland sea or something like that. The sandhills are only about 20 miles east and the slate belt was a swampy area that dried and compressed to slate. Some areas the gold/quarts intruded into this and also Rhyolite tuff. I don't know if it occurred when the slate was mud or hard slate.

    There's several lost ledge stories that deal with a gravel bar in the stream bank with large nuggets found and lost in the area. If those have any truth to them, it looks like the same kind of thing as the Calif ancient river channels buried, uplifted and buried again but on a smaller scale. That's where the bluemud/slate may come into this timeline.

    Anyway you can, keep beeping. Wyndham

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