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  1. I remember back 3=5 years ago a post  from someone that was near pyramid lake took a break from driving and detected a wash heading toward the lake. Got a faint signal and found a nugget under volcanic tuff flow about 6-10 in down. I might have the info all wrong but I remember that it was under a volcanic layer and wondered if this had any indicator about rye patch or anything in that area. I'm in NC killing some time for a hip replacement to heal, 2nd in 5 years, wonder if I'll every get back to Az, NV, Ca so I enjoy what you fellows are doing. Does anyone else remember the post I refered to and if so any follow up.


  2. Many years ago when I lived on Silver Peak, Nv, I started dabbling in polishing some turquoise rough into free form cabs and set them in some sterling pendants I made. That was then (1976) and since have gone into pottery back here in NC.

    I have started getting interested in doing some more pendants and cabs. I have no idea what to price(per gram or per piece) for a finished cab.

    If I buy some good hard turquoise rough for say $5-$10/gram( just an example) what do folks add as a markup to the finished cab,double rough gram price or 3x or ???

    Thanks for any help, just looking to add some turquoise pendants to our potter jewelry that we do now




  3. Jim, and all others here, you don't know how close I come to chucking it all, getting a 7000 amd do as Jim suggest.It's not that I have any material gain, just the contrary ,at almost 69 yrs old and one hip replaced and the slow economy, reality hits me like a cold shower, but the dream of tramping the area Jim talks about almost overcomes common sense.

    So i will think of all the places I used to know about, consider others that Jim has spoken of and enjoy the success of all that find and post those glimers of gold.

    BTW, my wife, is also a steadying rudder on my dream dingy.

    This post is a thank you to all that myself and I'm sure many others enjoy your stories of family, pets, sucesses and failures.

    Have a good Memorial Weekend


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  4. Ok today gold is $1196, oil is $54-$56/ barrel. Do I get a better value by putting $2.27/gal gas in my car or waiting for gold to rise in price.

    For me gas is a better investment to make a living than playing in the gold futures market. I'm also a potter and fired a propane gas kiln which I just filled up at $1.26/ gal where a year ago I paid $2.56/gal I use about 100 gal per firing so I'm making more even if gold had stayed at last years prices.

    The government needs more $$$$. They are spending so fast that if the economy does not restart, I think there's a tipping point some in washington fear is about to hit after the first of the year.

    Our oin production from fracking has caused the price drop in oil, which on the one hand is good for us, but bad for taxes on gas and oil.

    So maybe the government wants to suppress the price of gold to keep the dollars in circulation instead of running to gold.

    It's as if you had several mines producing, you'd push the one that produced the best and trim expenses on the one that was breakeven or marginally producing a profit.

    The government is a crack addict for dollars and it will sell it's own people to get the money.

    Of cource I could be wrong and the USA is really Disneyland where everybody gets a free ride and the Big Rock Candy Mtn is in Washington, DC

    Money is only as real as people are willing to believe it is an gold is just a heavy burden if you can't trade it for food & water

    Just a thought after Christmas


  5. Just checking, this sounds like the Paiute indian massacre of the red haired giants that were holed up in a cave and smoked out when they tried to excape were killed. Maybe the Mormans found the cave and the giants.

    I like this,I'm in for....$2.28 in my pocket. Need to get there before the winter catches us and we have to hole up in a cave with gold and giants and the UN comes with black helicopters.... But thaat's another story. :)

    But then again, it could be real??? hmmm


  6. Hey Chris, if you were to screen the DW fines, what would you guess the smallest would be, 40 mesh? 80 mesh?

    From the photo's they look mostly 20 mesh and bigger.

    You sorta gave me an idea, dangerous as that might be, that there's an alt method for reworking some places off the gold maps.

    Hey I'm back East and prospect over everyone's shoulders on the forum.Everytime I get on the forum, someone like you get's the fever going again. :)

    Thanks Wyndham

  7. Thanks, I was looking to make one myself. I ssaw they upgraded to heat hardend hammers.

    Did you go with hammers are stayed with the trucking chain? If you went with the hammers, how did you attach them to the shaft?

    Anything else I might want to look out for.

    Thanks Wyndham

  8. I saw this rock flailer/hammer mill on you tube the other day as well as several homemade ones, one powered by a chainsaw.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried any of these and what the general opinion.

    Even thought the one in the video is a $4,000 comercial unit, others have made their own .

    Just wondering, Wyndham

  9. Mike,

    you might take a few low to medium value coins to a coin show and gague the reaction of the dealers you talk to. This would be a way of learning what the dealer say, how they respond to your inquiries, etc.

    If you belive silver will go up 20 to 50% In a few years hold on to what you have, you have a built in hedge and if inflation hits like it did with 20% interest, you are sitting fine. You might trade numistic value for gold or silver bullion, locking in collector profit.

    Just a few thoughts


  10. Ok, it's taken me about 6 to 8 months of not looking at this forum and a stout dose of liquid meds to rid me of gold fever......until today.

    It's back and that vid of the gold and the black sand did me in.

    That first post made me google "Mormon Treasure" and that was another relaps.

    Well, I guess I'll sell everything, including my neigbor's dog( he used to be mine till I tried to train him to sniff out gold nuggets and he left me for my neigbor who lets him be a regular coon dog) and go find a treasure somewhere in AZ.

    Like Jim S. I've got a new hip but can't bend down too much, so I guess I'll get my wife to do the diggen and I'll do the beepen

    I haven't told her that part yet, I maybe should wait til later.

    If you don't hear back from me, she said no... with my fav fryen pan. :4chsmu1:

    Good luck please get the gold before i get there, gold fever is too big a burden for folks like me. :ROFL:


  11. It's been about 20 yeas ago, I was camped out near prisoner lake(I think that right) a few miles down from Flaggstaff. The first evening i hear a pack of Cototes come by yiping and barking to one another.

    The best i could translate was something like "Do you see that tent, it wasn't there last night. Who would ever pitch a tent right where we walk every night"

    "Yea these tourist are going to drive me crazy, well lets go and let him get some sleep"

    That was the only night I heard them but I saw them walk by on my last night there.


  12. Hey Jim, it's going to take a little time but I bet you already feel years better. I had a hip replaced in Dec that I had needed for 4 years earlier. Just be carefull not to over extend or bend in the wrong way and pop that puppy out of the socket.

    I had a good Doc and good hospital care.

    Take some time and go carefully.

    Good luck Wyndham

  13. I've got a chance to get back out west maybe after the first of the year. I've got a gold bug detector so if i go I could use a ref book . paper back would be great.

    Any thoughts. I would likely try gold basin or where ever It looked promising. I might have a month or so and o=work out of AZ BUT.......I live in NC so east coast areas might work out in the spring before the snakes come out.

    I've heard of a large meteorite found near here, Asheboro NC but it was a door stop for 20 yrs and no one knows where the strewn field might be. It now is in the museum at state capital, I believe.

    Thanks for any help.


  14. Hey I'd be happy with any of these and a place to get out and roam around. From my POV any of you guys have it great to be able to get out and go. Anyway like Mike sez, it's all really good campfire talk.If you want more, buy more. If you can't deal with what you have. I've got a GB and i can find shoe tacks with the best.

    Reg may remember from other forums that I tend to come up with some off the wall questions. This goes for all detectors.

    How about an app for Ipad/Android/etc that takes the output from the signal or somewhere along the signal path and does some digital signal processing to a visual on the screen.

    Later Wyndham

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