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  1. I've got this plan, that maybe, this summer to get out to RP BUT.... Need some advice on the tires for my pickum-up truck and will a 2 wheel f 150 get me in and out? My pipe dream is a white's new PI a set of good tires, BTW should I buy them out there, swap out the hiway tires then replace when I leave and hold them for the next year. I'm coming from North Carolina,.... maybe. I'm wondering how bad is BAD on the RP road?? Thanks, I just have a bad case og gold fever, Wyndham
  2. George though we have never met, take comfort from the many here that know Christ and want to comfort you with words that are so inadequate. Christ has given us a Comforter, ask and you will receive, more then we can understand. Peace, Wyndham
  3. I'm a little late to the conversation but several things I wish to comment on. Bill has given us a great gift in the use of his forum and should be reimbursed for the cost he has incurred. Whether it is rent, or other methods of bookkeeping "Right is Right" As the club grows there are many unforseen things that will crop up that need specialized knowledge. The quicker we start looking to the growth in every facet, including the internet, the easier it will be to deal with these issues. Some of these things we can handle with the talent we have, somethings need outside help and will cost some
  4. Hey Del I picked the 2 top and bottom of the center rock, didn't see the one you got in the upper rt . Interesting stuff. BTW you have to click enlarge on the attachment to get it big enough to see the red circles Wyndham
  5. From the larger rock in the middle of the pic : #1 6 o'clock 3in or so down color: brown #2 9 o'clock almost to edge of pic color: brown #3 smaller just above center rock 12 o'clock color:brown. Thought this might get others to guess, having never been to gold basin, and never one in the raw,I'm guessing like heck. Wyndham
  6. I think the addition of patented placer claim with some known reserves might be a very good idea. Since I am not aware of all the legal stuff on land ownership and how it relates to ownership by a club and the individual members.I wish to ask to clarify this. If we all pony up to buy a claim does that give all club members an asset that if a member, later on, leaves, has a value to that member that they can sell back to the club or outside the club. Since this is a tangible asset, have we , in the bylaws , accounted for this and how the value may be placed. Example, We buy a patented claim
  7. Glad to hear somebody's having fun. Tried to convince my wife that NV is just the next over from NC but she got the map out, well maybe next time. Dakota Slim, I like those pics of the fellow with the hand full of nuggets and the purrty pic of the rez behind him. After I saw that I was out the door, I just forgot my wifes better with a rope than a map :innocent0009: maybe next year, just leave a few of the baby nuggets to grow up for next season. Have a cold one for me and a slice of walleye steak,Wyndham
  8. First time I went to Oatman, had a sandwitch stolen by one of those city dwellen burros. They hang around town and scarf up the turisto's food. My daughter thought it was kinda funny for dad to pay the high price for a sandwitch just to lose it to a burro, Wyndham
  9. Well I just thought that since I changed my email address in my profile(thanks to embarq) that was the prob. Anyway thanks to both Bill and Roger for the new PW and email reply. I had been keep busy lately and did not keep up with the timing on the PW change. Thanks again for the time and effort allwho make this a good and growing club you put in Wyndham
  10. I'd hate to be the shovel man on that dig. Wyndham :headphones:
  11. Glad to be a part of a great group thats growing. Thanks to the hard work that's being done for all. Wyndham
  12. Well now you've gone and done it, you voted me into the group. I've been drooling over the keyboard about all those nuggets before I was a WSPA member, now it's gona be worser now. Just saying thanks and if I can help out, let me know. Being in NC it might take me awhile to find a way to get out west but if I can dangle karat(24k) in front of myself maybe I can meet some of you that I have only met by this forum. Later Wyndham
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