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  1. That's some great info, looking forward to SC & NC when you get a chance Wyndham
  2. Hey Jim, it's going to take a little time but I bet you already feel years better. I had a hip replaced in Dec that I had needed for 4 years earlier. Just be carefull not to over extend or bend in the wrong way and pop that puppy out of the socket. I had a good Doc and good hospital care. Take some time and go carefully. Good luck Wyndham
  3. There's still a shortage in gold coins as well. I heard that about 2 weeks ago. You can always buy bread with gold but maybe not PT????? Wyndham
  4. If you look at platinium and rhodium price drops this could signal a major retreat in the auto industry, based on the use of these metals in catalytic converters. It may take awhile for this industry to get back. Oil is around $90 a barrel but gas is still $3.79 here. Kinda funny if it didn't hurt so bad that gas prices rise on oil price rise but never fall at the same rate. Does anyone remember where gas was when oil was at this level 9 months ago. Gold is down to $882 off about $24 and platinum is up about 2.7% Well I'm just an observer, no $$$ to play, Wyndham
  5. Yea, that's a bit much. I wonder if the snakes are getting ready to den up and have chosen your place or your next door neighbor's place for the rendezvous. Back here in the east we are having a bumper crop of nuts, fruits, berry's and I kinda agree that it might be a sign of a cold winter ahead. One of the fellows at the local cafe puts great store in these things and he's as bald as a cue ball. If he starts growing a head of hair, I'm heading to AZ or OZ real quick. Later Wyndham
  6. Yea, I agree on that. Non essentials will be hit hard, like pottery :hmmmmmm: Wyndham
  7. Jim That's what the fellows at the Alaska Gold forum were indicating a well. To me there are several possible paths this can take. one is a wait and see by the big European banks, waiting the bailout vote and the election(no comment here). The other is that they know how deep the economic problem is and that there is going to be a major restructuring of the world economy and paper won't be worth much compared to today. The strange part is that the markets , like you say are not responding to the either real or bank made shortage of gold. The last thing could be that things work out and the
  8. Here's something interesting about the squeeze on gold and prices don't seem to match. Thought you fellows would like to see. There's more on this at http://bb.bbboy.net/alaskagoldforum-viewth...amp;thread=1004 Anyone here picking up on this, Wyndham
  9. Many years ago in Texas, I was firing my pottery kiln. It had gotten late and I was resting on my 500 gal propane tank that was about 20 yds from the kiln. It was a quiet night, no wind or noise and with the orange flame of the kiln coming out in a gentle roar, I kinda drifted close to sleep, when something placed 2 small paws on my shoulder, I froze for a moment. Just the day before a neighbor saw a Marquey(sp) cat, about the size of a Lynx in the yard. Fortunately My next door neighbor's snow white cat had jumped onto the propane tank behind me and came over to see what I was doing and not
  10. We are all known by the company we keep and remembered by. God knows and loves us all, thank God. R.I.P. Wyndham
  11. It may produce a BLACK HOLE and swallow up the universe, or not. I just don't want the electric bill that comes with that sucker :twocents: Wyndham
  12. That's unbearably Funny :Huh_anim]: Wyndham
  13. Well how much does a hem weight, I always though it was about 3 lb with the cackle left in. :innocent0009: Just remember I went to scrhool in South Carolina Wyndham
  14. Everybodies had a snake story or too, so here's mine. I was working 600 ft underground in grants NM as a surveyots helper in a urainium mine when my bossgrab my shoulder and stopped me from going any further. I thought there was danger from a rock slip or something but a very pissed off rattler was in the middle of the drift about 4 ft away. He had fallen down the shaft or rode down the bucket trying to cool off, I guess. Ray pinned him with something and we took him topside and let him go in some nearby rocks, cool I thought. Ray said the snakes family would be glad to see him. Really I said
  15. Allen, from what I have learned on this and other forums, unless there is some certificate of purity, most places would buy from "approved" sources http://goldrefiningforum.com/phpBB2/index....936896827d6df84 is a link to the gold refining forum that has several knowledgeable people that might help more that other sources. Some of the folks like me are very new to the forum and ask beginner question. Harold and several others might have a better understanding of what is needed. Hope this helps, Wyndham
  16. I have carpel tunnel Balls :Huh_anim]: Uea, Wyndham
  17. It took me a few shots to realize the slope changed for every shot. :confused0013: Now I have carpel tunnel putting Wyndham
  18. Sandy, the coins that are melted together will sell for silver price, if that's what they are silver or silver clad, hope so. The others should not be cleaned as this reduces any collecting value. Just soak them in warm dish detergent like Dawn over night and pat dry, don't rub or try to buff them. Silver is around $16/oz depending on the current market so you might want to weigh them to get an idea of how much weight you have. Try to get a book at the library on coins to help you figure out what you have. Be careful of undervaluing what you may have. Wyndham
  19. "is it possible that Apache tears could be in an none mineralize area?" Azaware, there's a place at Silver Peak where the Apache tears are in a volcanic (I think)matrix. It has a white frothy mineral like spun glass or volcanic ash with the AP globs inside. Nearby are the silvermines that Silver Peak is know for as well as nearby Death Valley. I would guess it's a highly mineralized area unless they washed down hill like float sometimes is. It's just a guess, Wyndham
  20. I was looking at the classified in the ICMJ and noticed a bunch of new unpatented $4,000-8,000 claims for sale. Kinda looks like wildflowers after a summer rain, just a thought. Wyndham
  21. Thanks Mike. I think we are all so used to just point and click, I forget that 300 baud modems were not that long ago and the internet was Hush-Hush for the university/ govment types Later thanks Wyndham edit BTW the TDI forum with cougarjim is down too, looks like somebody's maybe doing a 4th of J hack. I hope not but the Pentagon gets attacked 300,000 time a day and we are as important as they are. :innocent0009: later Wyndham
  22. Tried yesterday and today but the entire treasure forums seem to be down. Has anyone heard anything. Wyndham
  23. Thanks. Truly God works in mysterious ways.
  24. Since many here have noticed a cause and effect and the explanation is a halo effect does not mean that it comes from the target alone Some such as Eric Foster and others have mentioned that the TX signal is absorbed by the ground around the target as well as the target , so it seems likely that something or mineralized outside the leaching of the target might be the cause, causing the RX signal to appear stronger before digging. The more the ground is compacted by time, it would seem that density might come into play along with the target, but the target is sort of a focus to that extran
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