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  1. pondmn

    Took a Fall

    Hey Get better and get a partner.........Hope you continue to get better each day.
  2. pondmn

    Tick Diseases Getting Worse

    I have used eucalyptus oil to repel ticks. Just put on shoes and hands and back of neck. Seemed to work well.
  3. pondmn

    Saturday nugget shooter hunt

    You are too kind Rob.
  4. pondmn

    Bad News, Good News...

    As we get older on the forum we seem to be falling apart or paying the price for our younger years.....Take it easy and don't over do it. My last 10 days has been sitting around like my doctor told me........
  5. Never give up--never give up Wishing you the best....
  6. pondmn


    Old Tom Yup I am not giving up. I have too many things left to do. Just going to have to slow down and do it a little at a time. Normally I would be salmon fishing now, but with this it will be next year. My friends in Oregon say that is not bad due to warm weater, no seasonal rains and not many fish in the rivers.... With bad shoulders I like the lighter detectors especially the Equinox 800, but still have my old Fisher 1236X2 as a back up. We don't quit just redirect.......Thanks Jerry
  7. pondmn


    Well, I as you know thru Grubstake I just got out of ICU on Saturday and have not felt up to getting on the computer. First I would like to thank all for their prayers and thoughts. I went to the neurologist for a consultation and she said I had Acute myasthenia Gravis a very rare Autoimmune Neuromuscular disease and that I was to go to the hospital immediately. Long story short was five days in hospital. I My right eye is closed, I cannot hardly chew or swallow due to muscle weakness and am hoarse due to muscle weakness. the nerves do not tell the muscles to activate and the red blood cells are blocked by autoimmune problems. No cure but hope for better days. Doctors once a week for a long time. Maybe ninety days before any real change if any. Doctor say don't expect much but may get somewhat better. Biggest thing is weakness. Known as snowflake disease as no two patients are alike in symptoms. Hope for better days as soon as posssible. Would not have been diagnosed yet if not for Grubstake. My doctor said I was 2nd patient he has seen with it in 45 years........ I continue to appreciate your prayers. I will sell of some of my heavier detectors but will continue to coin hunt as much as possible. This is an up and down disease on a regular basis I understand. There are a list of banned medicines to include most antibiotics and steroids. They say you can live a long life as long as you seek treatment regularly and call 911 when you have breathing problems.......Like they say........ It is what it is........Thanks for listening to my dribble.
  8. pondmn

    Yesterdays finds

    Yea! Another fisherman in the making. Way to go........
  9. pondmn

    For The Photographers in the Forum

    Nice work
  10. pondmn


    Finding out life is what it is. Awaiting a neurologist specialist to determine a course of treatment. Appreciate your prayers..........
  11. pondmn

    Took a Hit

    What can I say really bad. Slucks
  12. pondmn

    Gilaoro ???

    Been a long time hearing from you. Happy Birthday
  13. pondmn

    cool find at an old homestead

    really neat
  14. pondmn

    Lets hope this holds....

    Good way to break a lower shaft. I know as I speak from experience. Better to case is someway such as an archery bag as it is padded...
  15. pondmn

    Really! Dang it.....

    Its mind over matter Bill. She doesn't mind and you don't matter when it comes to getting gold
  16. pondmn

    Feeling Brand New

    a friend of my own heart fossilhound you will enjoy it here
  17. pondmn

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboard
  18. pondmn

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    Wishing the best for you
  19. pondmn

    eye problemssssss

    for past five months having proplems keeping my right eyelid open. Just closes on its own. Fustrating. Now only see with one eye most of the time. Drove back from Oregon 650 miles with one eye open and the other closed. took three months to see a Opthamologist and all he said my vision was good but has no idea about the eyelid colosing involunarily. Now trying to get referral for me to neuro-opthamoligist. Only five or six in state and those are medical professors.... No call back so far. a friend has a similar problem and takes painful botox shots in eyelids. Trying to see her eyedoctor and waiting on referral that will take two weeks to find out if he will see me. Anyone out there with similar problems...........If not I will go as a pirate on my next costume party
  20. pondmn

    eye problemssssss

    Your prayers are appreciated. I go on the fourth to schedule eyelid surgery on both eyes and find out the results of my blood and eye tests. I am having trouble chewing food due to weak muscles in my mouth and throat also in swollowing food, additionally I am hoarse, have neck pain and have the eyelid problems. These are the primary symptoms of Myathenia Gravis an auto immune condition. It takes two to three weeks to get the blood tests back. The eyelid problem can be partially corrected with come and go surgery. If I have it I will probabally go to Stanford to see a neurologist specialist for treatment. If so I will take medication and may have the Thymus removed. The Opthamolgist said it is a very rare disease with muscle weakness. Not a death sentence but may restrict my future lifestyle. Thanks to Grubstake I finally found a doctor to diagnose it after several months with I don't know answers Again your prayers are appreciated.......
  21. Kkyle you will learn a lot here. Good luck hunting for gold. I see you were from my stomping grounds of Merced at one time. You must have panned at snelling or Mariposa. Jerru
  22. pondmn

    Hello all

    Chuck The comments above are dead on., I used a DFX for years coin hunting and only recently sold it as I upgraded to the Equinox 800 for coins. I found a lot of coins and jewelry with the DFX If you are not sure of what you want to do ---learn the DFX as a coin machine by going to local parks and schools and then you will know if you want to nugget hunt. If you want to start nugget hunting then talk to Bill and get a better machine. I started out coin hunting and quickly went to nugget hunting with my first machine a Gold Bug 2 I would recomment a minelab as they seem to be the best bang for youir buck. Every Minelab I have used paid for itself...........Enjoy the forum, learn and ask questions. Look for a local detecting club in your area.
  23. pondmn

    Jim Straight here

    A funny about Jim. He took a WW2 era mine sweep metal detector to a coin contest at Rancho Jurupa... The detector had no battery and was not working. He went into the field and picked up visible coins and pretended to be detecting. Several people complained his big detector was interfering with theirs even though it was not working and they never bothered to ask. Here's to you Jim.
  24. pondmn

    Jim Straight here

    Every time I was with Jim I only had one thing to do Sit down, Shut up and listen.......No one finer to learn from. A real gentleman who loves to pass on what he has learned in life. It is amazing what he has published on mining. I have always walked away with more knowledge than I came with. Jerry
  25. pondmn

    My Fishing Kayak

    we have neighbors in Oregon fish for salmon from kayaks. Got two for the grandkids but not sure I want to fish from one. My water vehicle is a 20 Ft boulton with offshore bracket, with heater and delta canvas so I cn fish in any weather.......Still Kayaks must be a lot a fun............