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  1. A few years ago I got a foxtail in my ear. The doc thought it was a spider. Almost had to have surgery to remove it but the doc held me down and reached in with tweezers and got it out. Only reason i knew it was there was because my ear started bleeding.......
  2. H-2 Charlie I was quite sick for a while and pretty much out of it for the first few days after the bite. With antibiotics and time I got better. Now dealing with Mysthenia Gravis on a daily basis but will never give up. Bedrock those were some good old days.
  3. May be time to sell finally
  4. Continued prayers for your dad.
  5. lapis has pyrite in it.. Most likely glass
  6. Motherlode Mineral Society will be hosting it's annual show this weekend at the Turlock, Ca fairgrounds. It is a family event with good speakers and exhibitions. One of the largest in the stateand definately the best. It is from 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Admission is 6 dollars and kids under 12 free. It is worth the visit.
  7. Thats alot of cash for a meeting...... maybe something will work out. remember I had to put a camber compensator on it to help the rear axles on my 58
  8. Might be wise to find a forum on old coins and coin collecting
  9. Seems like it would be easier if you had asked what he wants for it and list it in classifieds
  10. It looks like an old stone that we refer to it as bottleite.
  11. Happy Birthday Tammy Double the gifts with Bday and Valentines day on the same day. Make him pay.
  12. Happy Birthday Gary another day older but due to senility I forgot the rest of it......
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