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  1. Npoe not toth rock> he he! It is the rock in the picture!
  2. You would be wise to join a rock club in your area. If you PM me your location I can advise of a rock club near you. I belong to Motherlode Mineral society in Modesto.
  3. I do not believe it is petrified wood
  4. Not sure what it is but doesn't look like any stalagmite or stalagtie the I have had in my possession
  5. Thank You for the birthday wishes
  6. Are you going to slab it for cabachons
  7. Hey Happy Birthday You are getting older than dirt! Jerry
  8. Happy Birthday Mike You only have a few years to catch up with me.........
  9. We breast our ducks and geese and take them to the butcher and have them made into pepper sticks.. yummy
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