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  1. Thank You for the birthday wishes
  2. Are you going to slab it for cabachons
  3. Hey Happy Birthday You are getting older than dirt! Jerry
  4. Happy Birthday Mike You only have a few years to catch up with me.........
  5. We breast our ducks and geese and take them to the butcher and have them made into pepper sticks.. yummy
  6. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happ New Year.............
  7. Welcome Read and learn. You will hear a lot here.
  8. Bill has stated political posts of any kind are not permitted on Nugget Shooter forums. Anymore and this topic will be locked. Thanks for your cooperation
  9. There was a prior warning about the use of this as a political post. It seems some are still making political statements including Moderators.
  10. This is definately not jade as jade is not magnetic. It has no appearances of jade.
  11. Condolences to the family. A great asset to the forum.
  12. Hey welcome back Max. Glad to see you are ok and kicking. I bet Grubstake will be glad to see you back also.
  13. -The RWS 34 is a great gun but because of bad shoulders I can only shoot mine 15-20 times before I get sore. I bought the Benjamin PCP in 22 and 25 cal. I fill with a scuba tank and they are dead on. A lot of fun to shoot in my back yard and no one knows as there is no noise. I live in the country so it doesn't matter. I like it because it is cheap to shoot. It takes forever to empty one scuba tank full of air......
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