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  1. I've used a 7" widescan on most of the Tesoro's. I like it for really bad ground. In fact, I just gave a Sidewinder to a friend not too long after putting a 7" widescan coil on it. I need to see if I have another that you could try. Reg
  2. Hi fred, I know you well enough to know you are always a gentleman who always shows respect for fellow hunters. So, don't be bashful, I don't get upset any more. On a different note, since I have maybe 40 different detectors (most of them older models) I need to take Ron under wing and let him try a few of the newer ones I still have left to see what he likes. Unfortunately, I have been selling off some, so I don't have some of the more expensive ones any more. As an example, I recently traded my F75 Camo LTD for another TDI. I still have a few left like the MXT for him to try or maybe a
  3. Once you feel you have the area detected thoroughly, I need to have you go over it again with a PI. I will be happy to supply the PI for you to try. Just to let you know, I pulled out a couple of merc dimes from that area late last year. On the upside, I didn't hunt the entire area. Reg
  4. A gold machine isn't necessarily the best option. For example, my brother tried using his GB 2 and that didn't work that well. Now, he is trying a newer GB which is a lower frequency and it works ok. The MXT might work a little better, though. As for your Tesoro line, I have used a lot of the older models and only one of the newer ones. They work fine but work better with a few mods. Like most detectors today, they added circuitry to compensate for what I call operator stupidity and that compensation does have its down side. Early VLF motion detectors had a direct relationship between t
  5. Hi Fred and Ron, Well, since my ears were burning I thought I might jump in here and correct a couple of things. Ron, the guy I was hunting with (Jim) was using a factory TDI SL and i was using one of the SL type Super Pulse units that basically is a SL with two controls gone. Those two controls are the delay and the conductivity switch. This unit was originally built to be sold in Africa but the people over there are lacking knowledge of detectors so they try to purchase exactly the same as what is being used by someone they know. Ron, I have been out to the same park several times and hav
  6. JasonG, Do you repair your ML coils or just toss them? I suspect some can be repaired. Reg
  7. First, there isn't that much difference between the three TDI's. All are built on the same platform but mainly differ in features. For example, the TDI and the Pro differ in the fact the Pro has slightly different filtering which allows for a little better response to really small gold. The TDI comes with a dual field coil while the Pro normally comes with a plain mono. Also, the Pro has an additional GB control that works as a vernier, making it a little easier to ground balance in really bad ground. The SL is also very similar but has a noise reduction feature that makes the threshold v
  8. You shouldn't have the detector automatically balance out gold with the GM4b. That usually happens with a detector that has an automatic ground balance system. However, if you ground balance over very small gold, it might happen. So, be careful on the ground balancing. Now, if the ground balance is not set correctly even by the slightest amount, you can easily miss very small gold in areas with a lot of black sand or even under some rocks having magnetite in them. You might experiment with this to see what I mean. Take some black sand and lay a small nugget in it and see if you can detect
  9. Ed in SoDak gave the best generic response. What he also said was very critical and that is, ideal sweep speed is detector dependent. Some VLF's work better when they are moved faster and the only way to know for sure is to some serious testing. The best approach is to use a very small target, preferably a non ferrous one. Next, bury the target. Yes, you can get an idea in an air test, but the in ground test also takes in other factors that are not easy to explain. PI's are different. Because an extra amount of filtering is used on a PI, the sweep speed is more critical for more reasons th
  10. Just for the record, the foldback design is something I designed a few years ago. It was my answer to the dual field design White's had that wouldn't step on the patent. Information of that design can be found on the Geotech1 forum, for those interested. I posted the basics as well as how to build one. The folded 8 as I called it allowed for one to have two different size coils in the same housing by using a figure 8 design where the top half of the 8 was folded back into the bottom half. Making the 8 lopsided would provide two different size coils, thus, better sensitivity to small gold b
  11. Hi Tom, I use the TDI as well as the SL and like them both. No, they are not ML's but that isn't a bad thing. No, the TDI series will not go as deep as many ML's which is the big thing always mentioned. What the TDI has going for it is its ability to handle noise, hotrocks, black sand and be able to actually ignore a lot of the iron junk while detecting the size of nuggets most often found. This makes cherry picking targets quite easy in the worst kind of environments. In my opinion, most TDI's sold by owners are done so by people who have actually not used the PI long enough to fully under
  12. Complaining about not people in Michigan not being able to find more than .55 oz? WOW, keep in mind this what they can find on state land with only a permit. Try that type of prospecting or any other for that matter in your state on state land and see what happens if you are caught. Personally, I feel Michigan has some progressive recreational prospecting laws on state ground compared to many out here in the west. Most states including CO and AZ have laws stopping people from "trespassing" let alone recreational prospecting on state ground. Maybe we should ask our states to be more civilize
  13. I am going to offer a generic answer rather than offer a particular brand or model as the ideal ones to buy. Koss UR-30's work well but knowing why and more about the brand helps. So, first of all, Koss is a great brand for nugget hunting, but knowing more about Koss headphones in general helps because not all models even of Koss work that great. The Koss UR-30's are 100 ohm impedance headphones. The Koss UR-29's are cheaper are also 100 ohm headphones with a volume control. On the down side, the the UR-29's do not come with a coiled cord and the coiled cord is generally preferred, especial
  14. Hi Bill, PI's have basically one way to ground balance and that is to take different samples and subtract one or more from the main sample such that the subtraction signal equals the main signal for the object you want to ignore. Normally, this adjustment is done to ignore the ground signal. So, in the case of the TDI and the SD's, a later sample was taken, amplified and then that signal was subtracted from the main sample to eliminate the ground signal. When this technique is used, some objects will create a high-low signal while other objects will cause a low-high response. Just which sign
  15. Hi Frank, I had forgotten about the post that was on another forum pertaining to coil current and battery life, but even though that post is a few years old, the fundamentals still stand. ML detectors are very finicky about what coil will work on them, so as a general rule, the inductance and resistance remain the same regardless of coil size. As mentioned in the other post, there can be some variation between the DD's and the Mono type coils but this can occur because on a DD, the receive winding is the winding that plays an important part as to whether the coil will work or not. In the ca
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