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  1. Steve, great pics. Beautiful rings and the gold isn't bad either. Looks like you guys are having fun this summer, keep with it. L8tr, Merton
  2. Another option is a personal 406 EPIRB. These can be purchased online for +- $700. I have read that unlike the SPOT they will send a signal from deep canyons or under trees. There is no yearly subscription fee( I think the Air Force monitors that freq.). L8tr, Merton
  3. Hi Steve, Those oysters are as tasty as ever and good for something else too! I enjoyed reading of your South American adventures :woohoo: L8tr, Merton
  4. Hey Rich, I have never used a hipstick so I can't comment on them other than they look like a hassle. I do use a swing arm and love it. My coil never leaves the ground so the weight of the coil is a negligible factor unless your talking 20" or bigger. The other advantage of a swing arm is you have way better coil control over a one arm swing. Just today I was using a 6" goldstalker in a grassy area. Very jerky one arming it but with the swing arm it was quite smooth. L8tr, Merton
  5. This dime was a very special find for me. I would never think of parting with it. I enjoy the historical aspect, just wondering who had it and what their story was and how they came to lose it there. I had previously been skunked for 5 days in the coastal mountains of Southern Oregon. I thought I would see what I could do closer to home but the mountains are steep and the brush very thick. After researching some rich areas and doing my due diligence I set out with high hopes but 5 days later, seriously scratched and dented but not broken I set my sights on Northern California. I was riding a t
  6. Yesterday, my friend Vern and I wanted to get an early start as the temps were forecast for the triple digits. I arrived at the patch at 6 am on a beautiful, cloudless morning. The temp was already almost 70 degrees so we had better get started. A good friend had told me that 3 small nuggets had been recently recovered in the general area of a draw that I was interested in. Lacking a good VLF I bolted on an eight inch mono on my 3500. I was planning on detecting an area that had been ground-sluiced in the old days. There were a few dig holes scattered around but the draw has a lot of Manzanit
  7. Hi Steve, I'm doing good. Just got home last night. I flew from L.A. to Eugene, bought a camp trailer there then drove home. I will be camping and nugget shooting in Nevada for 20? days this April so I'm looking to have some fun. Did you snap any tail hold bolts on your winch? Those puny bolts and that slick spectra line are a bad combo. Busted two on mine so far and you can't get a drill in there to remove them so I will have to disassemble the drum. I will put a layer of wire next to the drum then the spectra so the wire will take the load and not the little bolt. One advantage of living o
  8. Hi Mike, We're just poor folk, no 3M stock. Merton
  9. Roger got it right. Marsha, Marstin, and myself are siblings. Marstin and myself swing 3500's. Marsha and her husband, Brian, and Marstin's wife Deanna have GB's and a Minelab VLF. We are new to electronic prospecting but not Gold in general. Marstin and I started prospecting back in the 80's with our Dad. Mostly for strategic minerals because that's where Dad's interest were, but later on did some dredging. Life intruded on our prospecting but now all the kids are grown. Been dredging for a couple years now and beeping looks like a good way to satisfy our gold bug year around. Marstin, Brian,
  10. I am sure my brother would like to speak for himself but he's on an ocean going tug boat at this time and has no internet. If he could I know he would say thanks for the welcome. We both think the WSPA is a great idea and we are excited to be members. Merton
  11. Ron, it's not valid according to a conversation I had with the BLM state office here in Oregon. One locator can claim a maximum of 20 acres. Merton
  12. Hi Guys, I'm just another new guy that doesn't know Jack Schitt. Just received my(new to me) mint 3500. I have been trying to catch up on the learning curve by studying posts in the archives of the major forums. I ran across this thread titled "Excerpts from Jim Fosters' Article" on page 89 of the Nugget hunting forum. The last paragraph states "IT HAS BECOME COMMON KNOWLEDGE THERE IS A LIMITING FACTOR TO THE DEPTH PENETRATION OF MONOLOOP COILS ON HIGHLY MINERALIZED GROUND, ESPECIALLY ON VERY DEEP NUGGETS...WE KNOW THAT THERE ARE USUALL TWO DISTINCT AND SEPARATE LAYERS OF GROUND MINERALIZATIO
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