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  1. Looking for a GP 3000 reasonably priced in good working condition as a backup for my Coiltek 40"x 20" coil. I really only need the control box but would be willing to buy minimal associated gear as part of the package if necessary. Thanks Don
  2. After doing a little research & detective work I have determined that Bill Quinn is "Rods by Plugger" on Ebay. He is located in Carlsbad Ca. The upper straight shaft I bought from him in 2007 is a really nice setup & very light. I have ordered another for a friend. I appreciate your help.
  3. Herb ~ I'll check back with you after Nov. 1rst. The upper straight shaft I described in my initial post is made of very light polished aluminum tubing & the lower carbon Sov. shaft fits it with no problem.This custom made upper straight shaft lighter than the Sov upper straight shaft. I beach hunt & use a 15" WOT coil or Sunray S-12 coil. I chest mount the Sov. control box in order to lighten up the shaft weight. At one time I owned a GP 3500 & still have a new upper & lower shaft. I checked this out weight wise with the WOT coil attached & it feels about the same or maybe a little heavier than the stock Sov. upper & lower shaft with the WOT coil. I'm just looking for the lightest shaft setup possible as the weight of the WOT coil on sand can wear an arm out after about 3 hours. I do not have any info about your website. Please advise. Thanks
  4. I bought a custom made upper shaft rod for a Sovereign several years ago on Ebay.The maker's name was Bill Quinn & he is from AZ . It was just the upper rod & hand grip, There was no control box mount,arm cuff,meter mount or lower shaft. A friend has just purchased a GT & is looking for the same. I have lost Bill's contact info. Can anyone help ?
  5. Congratuations on your finds. Anyone who has ever swung a metal detector or used a dredge etc. in the search for "treasure" will be envious of your booty. I suggest you take those coins within the concretions & place them outdoors in a open container of white vinegar for about 6 months or more. This solution is non invasive & will gently remove the material surrounding the coin. Don't rush things & you will receive great results.You may have to change the vinegar out every month.
  6. Found this silver dollar today about 2" deep along a new cut in the bank.
  7. here are the front & back shots of the 1775 4 reales
  8. Just had another big nor'easter here on Cape Cod with plenty of beach erosion with this one.Just happened to be in the right spot at the right time to snag this 1775 4 reales that washed out of the bank after a 200+ year "sleep" in the sand.
  9. After a 5 year drought of not locating any early US coins beachcombing here on Cape Cod the nor'easter storm gods finally blessed me once again with an 1814 half & a draped bust large cent.
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