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  1. Rest in peace Bob. It was great to know you and hear your stories, I know when I'm drywashing in the DALE with probably the last drywasher you made that you'll be watching over my shoulder. My condolances to your family. Terry
  2. Welcome back Bill, Great post the last couple of weeks, its good to again hear what we know we should be doing, this season I'm going to slow way down. Chris - good point on swing distance, I'll have to check what I'm doing there. Thanks. Terry
  3. Homefire, I don't think the politicans and protesters have taken the time to read the Law. Its going to be an interesting election year in AZ, sending my donation in. Terry
  4. Yes, Billy is my grandson, and some of you met him at the "If I Can" claims last year. He is 21 and has not decided if school or work is best for him, he is new to prospecting but enjoys the outdoors in general and does a lot of fishing, which is his favorite thing to do. Since he is still young and eager he can carry claim post for us when we mark claims, I think his grandmother wants him in as a member so he can watch after me. He will fit in well and mixing with the club members at the outings will help shape his values as he matures. I'll vote for him. Terry
  5. Hi Bob, Sorry to hear about your set back, get well soon so you can be around the campfire at GB in March. Your in my thoughts and prayers. Terry
  6. Bob, Thats great news that your repairable, Happy Birthday too!! I'm also glad they found no "Big C" lurking around. Terry
  7. Denny, Sorry to hear about the knees, I didn't even notice anything wrong at the outing. Get well soon. Terry
  8. I also want to thank the past leaders for getting us all started on the right track, a fine job they did. It will be a pleasure to work with Calvin, Bob, Joe and Yvonne to guide our club towards a better future. Remember that this is your Club also and we can use your help and input on all areas to help make us better. Thanks, Terry
  9. Bob, Happy 63rd and many more. I hope the knee is getting better. Terry
  10. I knew that Joe and Evette were thinking about being Treasurer but didn't know what they had decided to do, I therefore withdraw my name for the job of Treasurer. If nobody else wants to be Secretary then I'll give it a try, I'll be off line for two weeks as soon as I finish this post, while I'm gone if somebody decides they want to be Secretary then just let me know and you'll get my vote!! 29 - get well soon Terry
  11. I can run for Treasuer if you still need someone. I wouldn't be available until Jan.17,2010 as I'll be out of the country Nov.21-Dec.8 and Jan.2-Jan16., if that works then I'm available. Terry
  12. Billy and I had a great time out there and hope to get out there again in Jan. or Feb. and find a big patch in the green stones out there. Bob and Martin thanks for doing the drywashing classes, now I've got to get one for next time. Bob and Denny, I think Billy wants to be your grilling helper from now on, he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed meeting the new members and was glad to see we have a good core group of past outing members showing up. A special thanks to Nv. Chris and Wilma for getting me out of the sand and sharing their campsite with Billy and I. No color for us this time but we had a relaxing week out there. Terry
  13. Hi Bunk and Dunk, I'll be bringing my grandson. We'll bring firewood and a sweet/sour red cabbage slaw. I'll also bring some extra water for dry washing clean up, we'll also be attending your dry washing class. Terry
  14. Anybody that can do dutch oven cooking gets my vote. Tee Bee
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