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  1. And Bill, Mike can be a heckler! I was giving my talk at Vegas when Mike, leaning against the back wall, inadvertently bumped the light switch and the auditorium went dark! Really! Hope to see both of you there. My booth is about 60 feet north of Bill's. HH Jim
  2. Jim, the GMT will work very well there. Try a gain of 7 and an SAT setting of 7 for most areas. Wet alkaline ground may require lesser gain and/or higher SAT. If you don't mind the "angry bee" threshold then using the audio boost ON will help get those really small pieces. Hope this helps: HH Jim
  3. Rick, when using a small coil you need to especially follow the two rules of coil control: low and slow. Low for better depth. Slow so that the coil is over the target long enough to sense it. As I mentioned in "Advanced Nuggetshooting" "The SLOWPOKE gets the gold." especially the small bits. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  4. Rick you will likely find you can employ more power with the 6x4, a circumstance that will usually mean greater depth.
  5. Rick, in times past White's upgraded the GM2 to the MUCH better GM V-SAT for a modest fee. You might consider it.
  6. As I always state in my nugget hunting seminars, "If you don't hear the target you won't dig it up."
  7. Rick, if the coil says "GM3" it is a stretched concentric. Yes, DD coils cope with mineralized ground better than concentric coils, usually permitting significantly higher gain settings. With my old GM3 using the stock concentric coil the highest stable gain setting I could use here in the Mojave was 4; with the 10x6 DD I could usually double that. My favorite accessory DD is the 6x4 DD "Shooter." Hope this helps. HH Jim
  8. Chris, reminds me of the time that our mutual pal "Dutch John" showed me a nice piece of auriferous quartz at a Gold Show. He asked "Can you guess where this came from?". To me, it looked like AU that came from "Locale A." I told him as much. "Nope" came his reply. I then suggested "Locale B." "Not there either." My mention of "Locale C" likewise was also rejected. I then asked where DID it come from. He withheld that information. But he did thank me for giving him THREE new locations to search. Probably the coolest trick ever played on me....
  9. As Micronugget mentioned, the traffic here in Yucca Valley on Hwy 62 is horrific. Bummer.
  10. Jim and Dave, thanks for your posts and kind words. I first met Dowie in the Dale one morning in the spring of 1981. This "tough old geezer" (I was 28 and he was 78) was hiking up a hill with probably 60 pounds of equipment. He looked like a refugee from the Foreign Legion. His drywashing partner that day was the 29 Palms dentist "DOC" Smeton. Doc introduced me to Dowie, what a guy. He was an electronic genius, founder of Crittenden Transformers. I understand that even today certain types of transfomers are known as "Crittendens." At his home Dowie pointed to his DOORSTOP, a leather pouch. It contained 42 pounds (yeah POUNDS) of gold dust. He had a 2.5 ounce nugget which had initially "grizzlied" off his drywasher. In those days many a granite-bottomed ravine in Dale was totally devoid of sand and gravel, due to Dowie's efforts. It was great to know him. HH Jim
  11. Thanks for your kind words. Some thoughts regarding the use of larger concentric coils are in order. Obviously, always use as much gain (power) as soil conditions permit. REDUCE your sweep speed. Bigger, deeper targets will give a broader, softer signal rather than a shallower target's sharper "zip". Deeper targets produce more of a broad "uuuhhh" signal. If a spot consistently produces that same soft, broad from different directions, investigate further. Yes, larger hot rocks can produce the same type of signal. Bigger coils are better suited for less crowded or brushy locales. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  12. There are two versions of this coil: White plastic (concentric) and black plastic (DD). The concentric version has the potential for greater depth were soil conditions permit. But that IS the issue, soil conditions. John Blennert has found lots of AU and meteorites in AZ with the GM3 and 14" concentric coil. It does extremely well in CA soil, more depth and greater ground coverage. Yep, its' well worth the $80.00. HH Jim
  13. Many variables exist which influence one's level of success in the goldfields. Some, but certainly not all, have been mentioned in the forgoing posts. No, you don't need to spend 10k on a detector to find gold. In the past 10 years I and my 3 detecting partners have found about 20,000 nuggets with a model of detector retailing for $799.95. And, MOST of the gold I have found was found in the past with machines which retailed for an average of $599.95. In reality success in the goldfields is due not so much as to the MODEL of (suitable) detector employed but rather due to the skill, optimism, perseverance, and concentration of the detector OPERATOR. Under most circumstances a skilled operator using a old Goldmaster or Goldbug will SMOKE a novice using the most expensive equipment available. As for needing an extensive knowledge of geology, sorry, I disagree. YES, a working knowledge of auriferous geology is good, but remember, "Gold is where you find it." To quote from "Advanced Nuggetshooting" "... It is a good idea to concentrate your efforts in or near those areas where gold has been found in the past. The reason is simple: the combined efforts of past generations of prospectors and miners have pretty much located all of the major gold-bearing regions. Virtually every gold-bearing area, of any real size, have already been located, mapped, and worked..." Thus, rather than trying to find those rare "virgin" areas you will find FAR more gold by frequenting KNOWN auriferous areas. True, areas which have been "hammered" are less productive now than in the past, but such gold-bearing areas are ALWAYS more productive than NON gold-bearing areas. Yes, to find gold we will have to employ greater skill, optimism, perseverance, concentration AND more labor, imagination and in some cases better technology. But that is the way things are. "No trophy easily obtained is worth having." Just my two grains worth. HH Jim
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