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  1. Man Uncle Ron, that sure sounds good to me too! Like Dizzy said, weather here (I'm about 100 miles south of Dizzy) has been terrible. Arizona is looking better and better every day. Cors
  2. :hahaha: Now that's funny right there! Better not let the wife see that picture Shep, you might be sleepin' with the dogs tonight! :hahaha: Cors
  3. Howdy Canadiangold, and welcome from Washington State. HH, Cors Old age and treachery shall overcome youth and skill
  4. Woot! Sounds like y'all had a fun day Bill. Been too wet up here in Washington State to even get out, but one day soon it may clear up enough Cors
  5. Good ol' Washington... can't even get to the hot tub let alone swing the coil! :wah2: After taking this picture it snowed another 6 inches for a total of 18. Cors
  6. Howdy all. Hey Bill, how much snow do y'all get down there usually, or is it a freak thing for it to snow there? Also, anyone near Kingman, what's the snow info around there? I'm pretty sick of it here in Washington State. Had 16-18" in Nov. and another 2" last night. :*&$*(: My wife and I are looking at moving down that-a-way in the next few years. This cold, wet weather is getting to be too much. Thanks for the info, and a great forum, Cors
  7. Still waiting... ... :huh: ... :blink: ... ... :hahaha: Cors
  8. Merry Christmas all and a Happy New Year from up Washington State way! Cors
  9. Congrats Gregg! :whoope: Thanks for the fun Allen. Corsairian
  10. I'm thinkin' 105 nugglets. Corsairian
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