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  1. just got a new mine lab excalibur and looking for a place to get a coil cover and headphones I havenr taken the detecter out of the box yet
  2. a long time ago some one told me that you put your tongue on the chrysocolla and it will try to stick to your tounge because it has not enough water in it and then it sticks to your tonque
  3. I would try the rockazona guys on grand avenue and the 101 loop road but they are only open 2 days a week friday and saturday like maybe 9 am till high noon they have lots of parts for equipment and they always had the time to answer any questions i had about polishing rocks in a tumbler set up
  4. I hope you broke a hole through th bottom of the pool so it could leak out other wise if it rains enough then you get a huge quagmire almost as if it were quick sand mush
  5. i went there the last week of may in 2012 and only took 2 bottles of gatoraid and 3 bottles of water into the shade of the panning tank area it wasnt enough first time i have ever been in that high of a humidity and suffering from the heat it was only 85 degrees but the humidity was over 90 % just miserable being there
  6. icome out to the dessert with a fully charged battery , dig for an hour or 2 and then run what i have while im digging i put the battery on a lttle solar charger about 6 inches by 12 inches from HF and then dig some more and recharge the battery on the small solar panel stayed out for the 3 day weekend and it makes it through the whole time and never had to worry about it going dead over time
  7. "We do not have any information linking the Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to any thefts at any United States Mint facility, yeah but there will be some stealing now going on from the feds of the civilians
  8. lots of bandages for the blsters you will gert and pain relievers and a big bottle of rhuematism medicine
  9. not a good enough photo but because they seem to be all not round and odd shaped i am thinking that they all came out of a tumbler or ball mill from some huge mine operation the chance of having that many of them for 150 years is just unbeliveable
  10. i think if you word it carefully enough to the newspaper editor in new york then they will demand that the politicians all get together and pass a law saying that all of the people in the town who do not have a gun must put a sign in the front window stateing clearly that there are no guns on the premises and in the event of any emergency they will call 911 and hope for the best
  11. just saw it on the news a minute ago the streams in yarnell are all flooding from the recent storm time to get bust driving and wander up up there looking at all of the flow patterns in the washes
  12. i have a verizon wire less pre paid $30 dpllars gets me 90 days if i can stretch it out except the camera button is on the outside of the phone so every time i bend over a little ways click I nox have a 147 photos of the inside of my pocket
  13. when I and my friends go out we have one of those $149.00 solar chargers from a boat parking space and freight company and we alternate with just 2 regular truck batterys and switch them back and forth every night but we are running a dry washer and you have to figure 5 hours of digging and screening the dirt to run it for 2 hours off and on and only run 3 or 4 buckets then stop and cleean it out and thenwe might run 20 buckets of 1/4 screened material in a day one guy goes back to digging and keep running the machine so out of a full 10 hours of day light one is charged and the other only actually runs for maybe a total of 5 hours broken up into 5 0r 6 short runs and then switch the batterie out for the one on charger we never have killed on all of the way
  15. highland park 10 inch diamond blade cutting saw with a thin blade
  16. puffer washer or the one that goes on the hose from the leaf blower i had a home made unit 20 years ago and the fan quit spinning so the air coming in from the blower hose was always bent off to the side of the blades and made it not distibute evenly inside the machine thus shooting the air off sideways
  17. yep we all look pretty much the same sort of out of shape, grey or white hair, but when we were done cleaninng up the claim we dug 2 or 3 buckets of dirt and ran them on the keene puffer washer that was in the back of my truck and we got a few flakes , I stayed another hour and half got 12 little pieces but then i had to leave I forgot how it was warming up and i had only taken 6 bottles of water so at 1:30 i noticed i was down to the last bottle and said thats it im packing up got it all loaded and only just had a half bottle left and then started driving out saw dave and the other couple still there in the small camper and i atopped at the wittman swap meet on the way home just catching the last of the hangerons as they pack up to leave ............ now that you are in the gold mining business where is the closest place to tempe for you to dig ? or is driving out to the dumb luck the best direction for you take ? i havenever gont to the superstition mt but i have looked for gold around the apache lake some body told me about a place between some of those mountains called fish creek and said it had gold
  18. big guy farmers coveralls white truck and camper
  19. hey Jean are you the same person who went to a gpap claims maintenence outing 2 weekends ago?
  20. last weekend i saw an 1800 at the wittman swapmeet for $250 went back an hour later the guy was gone dont know if he sold it or not
  21. i dont think that it is that much older the first ones i used 7 or 8 years ago were pure black i think the mottled gray ones are pretty new on the list . . ..and the grey one im using now the fabric is streched tight and glued to every riffle as it crosses it seems that it only has to hold up a cup and a half of dirt and black sands at a time no need to have anything else holding it up . . . . . . and right where the dirt first falls from the sheet metal onto the fabric i have glued two pyraimad shape of just glue in a pyramid shape to allow the dirt a little time to spread out father before the air hits it . . . . . when i was doing it the dirt was blowing right out of the riffles onto the sides so the triangle shapes slowed it down on the first riffle
  22. just looked it up and then drove down there they give you one thing to hang in your window and another cheap piece of paper and " THIS MUST BE CARRIED ON YOUR PERSON " i was told I asked if i could just leave it 30 feet over there in the truck so that i dont sweat it all up and mess it up OH NO you must carry it on your person at all times while in the field .................. i well iguess i need to put it in plastic and have a big sweaty bag too hand to the inquisitive officer
  23. i have had camel for 12 years been trying to sell it for 11 it got so hot in the garage that the tank it folds up in has cracked and i have put over 4 different kinds of epoxy and jb weld on it to make it hold none of them work very well just need a bigger tuperwarte cantainer to make it hold water and it still would make me want to sell it
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