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  1. a long time ago some one told me that you put your tongue on the chrysocolla and it will try to stick to your tounge because it has not enough water in it and then it sticks to your tonque
  2. Grumpy dog, why did you post on my Classified add if you were not going to make an offer? 

  3. I hope you broke a hole through th bottom of the pool so it could leak out other wise if it rains enough then you get a huge quagmire almost as if it were quick sand mush
  5. last weekend i saw an 1800 at the wittman swapmeet for $250 went back an hour later the guy was gone dont know if he sold it or not
  6. just looked it up and then drove down there they give you one thing to hang in your window and another cheap piece of paper and " THIS MUST BE CARRIED ON YOUR PERSON " i was told I asked if i could just leave it 30 feet over there in the truck so that i dont sweat it all up and mess it up OH NO you must carry it on your person at all times while in the field .................. i well iguess i need to put it in plastic and have a big sweaty bag too hand to the inquisitive officer
  7. i have one of the real cheap phones and if im far enough out in the widerness to look for gold the phone always flashes SEARCHING And if i leave it alone for 4 or 5 hours it will suck the battery all of the way down and then its off until i get back to town to plug it in no cord adapter for to run it on 12 volt available
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