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  1. So, what's the conditions out there now. A group of us are going to be out there over Memorial Day weekend. Any problems getting into the hunting grounds? Digger Bob
  2. The tailings were no more than a thin layer of rocks, maybe 6 inches, along side an old drainage. The old timers had worked up the bank and then stopped. It was just a matter of detecting the bank and scrapping off the loose rocks to see if the signal was still there underneath in the dirt of the bank.
  3. OK, last one. This one was just found on New Years eve. About 14" deep under the rocks of a tailings pile. 14 oz. and very thick. We're calling it the "Little Butte" nugget as it came from the same area as the 75 Oz "Butte Nugget" of a few years ago.
  4. Hey Bob, Happy Birthday ... Hope you have a great nugget finding day! ... Cheers, Ron


  5. I just got back from 5 days out hunting at Rye Patch with a group of friends. One of our group snagged 18 little dinks with his 2300. A couple other guys also got one or two. Luckily, I managed to score the best but they are not your usual Rye Patch nuggets. The large one has quartz attached. Out of the hundreds of nuggets I've found out there over the years, I've only seen two others with quartz. It's very rare. The other is not heavy, but paper thin. Again, not your usual pieces from there. Both were about 10 inches deep and gave faint signals. No chevrons or any other marks th
  6. One thing to keep in mind too. Over many years, and many forums, the question has been asked, "What is AVERAGE depth at which you have found nuggets?" The answer over and over, is this. 6 inches. So if 50% of nuggets are found around this depth, then 25% are shallower. And 25% are deeper. And we all know the TDI will go deeper than 6 inches. So, that puts the percentage of gold capable of being found at say, up to 8 inches, at around 85%. Discounting the small ones that only a VLF can find, your odds go up even more. Now, I too, use a Minelab 3500, and yes, it goes deeper. But 90% of t
  7. The first Razorback coils from a few years ago were poorly made. They have been under new ownership for a few years now and the quality is excellent. They have been re-designed from the ground up and are fast becoming the preferred coils by many in Oz for use not only with the TDI but also with Minelabs. The ones that are labeled Miner John Designs are the ones to get if you are in the market. These are the newer designs. There is a whole slew of sizes and configurations, with the smaller ones, 9x5 approximately, the preferred size for general hunting in tight places. Check them on his we
  8. It's probably sulfer but I have a chunk of similar looking rock that my dad found in the Arizona desert back in the early 1960's. It's yellow cake uranium! Makes a Geiger counter scream. This was back when the government was buying uranium. Digger Bob
  9. My biggest along with a double eagle also found...not at the same time though.
  10. Here's my biggest so far. 11 1/2 oz from Northern Nevada.
  11. Hey Lunk! I ran into Neverquit a few weeks ago out at Sawtooth. Tell him Digger Bob says hi!
  12. Jim, I sent you a PM a few days ago. Did you get it? Digger
  13. As you may have guessed, I know more about this than I can tell. There's no doubt it's real and was found in situ by my customer and friend. With some luck and a bit more time, I hope to be taken near to where it was found. And couple more points; My only reason for going public with this was to promote my little business and detecting in general. You may have noticed that I didn't post this to the forums, someone else did. All I did was give the story to my local paper and do the video. The story went viral after that. Secondly, we decided not to reveal which machine found it, as it rea
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