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  1. Hi again and thanks to anyone who came to the auction Nov 5. It went well here that day. I have a group of detectors and coils that did not sell, which i will post on a new thread soon. Thanks again, bruceks
  2. hey bob sorry for late response busy with prep thanks!!! bruce here is a pic you took
  3. devilish jim- my friends took flyers out to the board at stanton. i will have to check if it is still there. thanks bruceks
  4. i contacted bill southern hoping he would post my auction info in the classifieds i am a long time forum member, inactive over the last few years. he posted it for me bill southern has always been a class act. thanks again. bruce yarnell
  5. allen 23rd admin chu lai americal ets 8/23/69 i was lucky to work in a hootch but dodged plenty incoming rockets late at night. bruceks
  6. hi mike and thanks mom and dad did a lot of hard work in their time.......i came here with a promise to help out 10 years ago. living up to their example has been my greatest task. sorry for side tracking this thread...... i have enjoyed detecting the most so those claims would be worth a lot imho. using the vac/drywasher/concentrator combo is also exciting the rare dredging claim would be great!!! lately there are more posts about working hardrock claims.....i think that would be a good skill to learn today.. here is a pic of my new way to get there, and another of my small claim to
  7. hi denny thanks for the support..... 3 of them are small rental houses next to the university......still a good market there i think... the home is on edge of town in a desirable area...... just getting started with this. bruce
  8. hi denny, roger, and all all i can do today is plan to be active in the future. my mom passed away in june and we are settling the estate.......i have 4 houses to sell and a mountain of work to do now. soon, maybe within a year, i will buy a place in yarnell and make the move until then i am too busy for anything but dreaming. thank you all for any effort to build this club. i really believe it will be worth it. bruce brown manhattan, ks
  9. i agree with martin on this one. i think good legal advice could be helpful. bruce
  10. great stuff sarge!!! that would be a great area to explore....been by it many times but never got to stop. bruce
  11. bob, we have not met but i plan to meet you and do some prospecting in the future. good luck with the complications. i believe you will come out stronger than before. bruce
  12. hello roger and all i vote yes to use wspa money to obtain more claims. wish i could offer more direct help. bruceks
  13. i am for it too...... my mate made it through the first round and we have fingers crossed. we wish the best to george. bruce brown manhattan, ks
  14. good deal dan!!!! i am looking forward to detecting with you again......bruce
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