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  1. Hey all you coin /beach/relic guys i'm looking for an all around machine, for under $1000.......can you help me out, I could really use some suggestions, with reasons why they might be a good choice, I'll be going back to the Philippines soon, and looking for something to keep me occupied. thanks, tom
  2. southern arizona for now, i travel back and forth alot......thanks my friends
  3. it's much bluer than the pic shows and the blue is thru and thru......found it on the side of a hill, no mine anywhere nearby
  4. I thought this might be Turquoise.if it is I'll go back and look harder...let me know what you think
  5. that specimen had a total weight of 6.5 oz....... gold weight was 3/4 oz, no i don't have that anymore......it was not that pretty i sold it for spot gold price. here's a picture of the inside of another one i found......this one was at rich hill near stanton az
  6. any time you can come would be great for me Bill, retirement seems to make my schedule pretty open..... Let me know when you can make some time for Greaterville my friend. Tom
  7. I'll do that Bill, maybe we can hook up for some paid training on my 4500, I found this one in silver city for 1500.....but hell i'm not sure how to use this the proper way.....i got my old gp extreme back but it has some issues......It seems like i got older but still have gold fever....later my friend
  8. Hey Dave....long time no see, i'm back in Benson, you looking to go detecting any time soon?

    maybe we can get together sometime soon...


  9. Hello all......I'm back in AZ I'll be here for about 8 months......looking forward to seeing some of my old friends........I found a super deal on a GPX 4500, greaterville here i come.....let me know if anyone is headed to greaterville ....... I live in the Philippines for the last 7 years now.... Tom
  10. It is a service medal issued by the U.S. government for service to navy and marines. There is a registration # on the edge M No 5345.
  11. I joined the Navy in 1962 at 17yrs old......boot camp at great lakes, stationed on uss saratoga cva 60 attack carrier in 1963 went to fuels school in bayone nj then off to uss forrestal cva 59 discharged in 1965 at rota spain. in 1 year i was hearing alot about vietnam, begged my wife to let me enlist in usaf in 1966.....went to wurtsmith afb in michigan worked with b52 fuels systems......volunteered for vietnam and was stationed in in 1967 danang for 3 months then again volunteered for dong ha 620th tac control sqd....left vietnam in 1969 after getting messed up a bit, then stationed at altus ok 366 supply sqd worked with c5a fuels systems. agained begged my wife to re-up she said hell no.......college at university of fl then worked with department of defence at nas cecil field.....applied with the us forest service ........ worked for the government all my life.....moved to philippines in 2011 and remarried..i went back to vietnam in 2015 now 100% disabled agent orange heart problems and parkinsons disease and ptsd.....would do it all again i'm a proud patriotic american all americans should be given the opportunity to serve our country......i'm glad i was given that opportunity
  12. I know you don't miss them.......i've thought about following you and post signs.........NO GOLD LEFT HERE!
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