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  1. Very nice Bill, found with the GPZ I'm guessing. Are they from an old patch or new ground? Or maybe one of Mike C's patches. Couldn't be one of mine or could it?
  2. Mike here's a little nugget of information "it's better to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission" that's what I did. It only took her 2 week to get over it and I bring home gold every time I go now.
  3. I'll bet by hook or by crook Mike C has a GPZ 7000 before the cool weather comes back.... say by November! Mike C has bashed every new Minelab that came out and then bought it anyway. Start saving those nickles and dimes Mike... a few hundreds won't hurt either.
  4. You know darn good and well Mike C won't turn me loose with a GPZ on one of his nugget patches! It would hurt to much. He want's to follow behind me and than try every setting on the 5000 with the gain maxed out... but in reality he could never hunt with it set up that way. I can hear him now after playing with the target for 10 minutes, well I can kinda sorta of hear it!
  5. Hi Mike, I'm ready now Mike... we could call it the Memorial Day Massacre
  6. That would be great Tom, the more 5000's the better, you can make sure Mike didn't miss anything... Or I'm not sure if you're wanting a free GPZ demo at one of your patches too?
  7. Mike you're the GP 5000 expert you've had it several years now and a 20 year nugget hunting pro... so the best way to do this is you go first. I won't turn the GPZ on until you had as many tries as you want in every setting you want on the ground you choose, hows that sound? I've only had the GPZ a couple of months now and just learning the machine. So then I'll fire up the over priced over hyped POS 7000 I'll clean the nuggets out you've been missing for years on the first pass.
  8. Hey Mike I know several patches that the 5000 will not run with the gain that high with out digging a lot of false signals.
  9. So how many tries to you want to hear the target Mike? And What coil will you be using?
  10. The only problem with this kind of test is the second person will want to try 5 or 6 different setting and then try turning the gain all the way up until they have the detector maxed out where they wouldn't be able run it when they go back to normal detecting. In real world hunting you can't do that... It would only be normal for the second person to want to do this no matter who it is.
  11. Hi Mike, Please tell me you're not taking me boulder hoping at rich hill!
  12. Hi Bill, My finds have gone up dramatically also with the GPZ. I have 124 nuggets for a total weight of 43 DWT's, well over 2 ounces. All the nuggets were from old patches hammered by fully modded SD 2100's and fully modded 3500, Gold bug II, a GPX 4500. I average 7 to 9 nuggets per trip now and the biggest nugget found was a 3.2 DWT at around 18 inches. It was hard to measure because it was in a steep bank that the other Minelabs will warble with the coil turned up on that angle. I really like the new 7000, the only draw backs are it's priced to high and it's to heavy... which is fine by me because there will be way less GPZ out in the field. Mike C will have a hard lesson learned if a GPZ shows up on one of his patches. Being the nice guy that I am I'd be willing to give him a free GPZ demo on one of his most hammered patches, the only thing he has to lose are the nuggets he left behind. He doesn't need to worry about me sneaking back I have more ground than I can cover.
  13. Nice going boulder dash... The GB 2 is the king of the pea shooters! I'm not too sure how many SDC 2300's will sell at $3750 when the GB will do the job for a fraction of the price. I picked one up last fall for $150... it's deadly on tweezer nuggets.
  14. The big ones aren't just in the washes. This nugget come off a hill side placer at 26 inches! It's a hair under 6 ounces.
  15. Chris, Nice gold!!! Do you think the SDC would detect a 1/2 ounce nugget at lets say 12" - 15"? If this area has deep ground I would think there's bigger gold down deeper.
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