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  1. They are all under orders to STFU! That is IF they want to continue their employment. The BIGGER question is "Where was obama during all this?"
  2. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & the like. I will add one small thing to that list. Elvis Aaron Presley served with pride in the US Army. Something that a lot of people don't know is that he DID NOT "sell" his dirty assignments. Those of you that served know it was commonplace for guys with a few bucks to pay someone to do their KP or Guard Mount or any other distasteful assignments. With the kind of money Elvis had he could have bribed the Base Commander to shine his boots. If you never served please believe me that this kind of behavior says a lot about
  3. Why push it on foot when you can sit on your butt and pull it?
  4. Before making my first "new technoligy" detector purchase I agonized over the very same thing . I wanted a GB2 or a Tesoro LST . I researched it to the Nth degree . Here's the bottom line . The GB2 will find small gold closer to the surface while the LST will find a larger (same size) piece deeper than the GB2. So you might want to think of your regular hunting areas and choose . The desert will suit the LST where working along streams you will find small pickers in bedrock that might escape the LST . Now , that's what I came up with . I'm sure we will hear from others .
  5. As I understand the 1099 rules there is another catch . If you do smaller than $600 deals with the SAME person and make a total of over $600 for the year you STILL get a 1099 . You gotta deal with different people and no more than $600 with any one . BUT , this puts da gubmint only one step away from knowing who you are . Just like the BATFE can walk into a gun shop and demand records they can come up with some kind of crap to get records from gold dealers as to who they dealt with for ANY amounts .
  6. No problem RANGER . We will probably go out on this with at least you in mind in the "sandbox". If you see that you will have time before you go back let us know .We'll have an outing just for you . Many of us can make it at the drop of a hat . I know for a fact that there is NOTHING in my day that beats spending time with another TROOP digging in the dirt .Until then ... BE SAFE . When in doubt ..... take them all out . I know English is optional over there but EVERYONE understands M-60 .AIRBORNE!!!
  7. Since I am retired it will be no problem for me to schedule this time . I will however say that if it is at ALL possible we should make it on a week end that allows RANGERMG to attend . Considering that he is one of those guys that faces danger every day for us the least we can do is to juggle our relatively unimportant schedules to accomidate his . AIRBORNE!!!!!!
  8. It's been my experience that 2 things are to be observed . 1) After about 10 or 15 minutes of shoveling in your first spot you need to clean up and do a "quick check" of what you have . If you have gold then carry on . If not ...move . 2) When you see you're shoveling and all the riffles are full of black sand then there is precious little chance of any more gold to stop and settle . Clean up .
  9. Many scumsuckers in the national limelight have called for a boycott of Arizona . I hope ALL the libs hear it and participate AND I hope they broadcasted it in mexico .
  10. At least you don't have to worry about clogging it up .
  11. Rocco , I see you're at BRAGG . You AIRBORNE????
  12. I gotta go with Frank on this . I use e-bay for some low cost interesting stuff that I can't find local . I would rather climb a tree to buy local than to stand on the ground and send my money far away . The feedback area is a place that I go first . How many bad reports do they have and what did they say back . If you see trouble then that is what you can expect . I will spend no more than $40 or $50 and only with a seller that has virtually no problems . Any more than that I'm looking on known forums or at locals here .
  13. You are already successful . You cannot find anything unless you put the coil over it . The fact that you are finding anything is proof that 1) It works and 2) You are using it correctly . The only thing left to do is to put the coil over something that you want to find . The more you swing the coil is the more chances you have to find something .Good luck .
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