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  1. Yo Frankeeeeeeee, Happy Birthday. Now go find a 64 OZ. Nuggie to celebrate !!!!!
  2. Right on John. Pesco started to go downhill the day you sold your half to Don's kid and his friend. They didn't have the skill or dedication to keep the dream alive. They thought it would be a walk in the park BUT as with ALL small businesses you must work 24/7 to make it happen. Don couldn't do it all. Then when the company sold out it was the beginning of the end. You two had a darn good line of products. I was sorry to see it go.
  3. This might sound unusual but check with your insurance agent for possible coverage under your homeowners insurance. I've seen many things covered that one might not expect.
  4. Just call al gore. After all he invented the sonnabish so he should be able to fix it.
  5. I thought that there were some pretty good C-Rats. Just by coincidence I served with Steve Herschbachs dad in Charlie AIRBORNE Fort Richardson AK. As a matter of fact "Little Steve" would come out to watch us jump. The best meal was Franks and Beans, eaten cold with a bayonet. (NO spoon). Considering the toll the cold would take on you filling your stomach was necessary to survival on maneuvers. I would trade for Franks and Beans. For some strange reason my sleeping bag was always toasty warm.
  6. One of the few honorable families left in this great country. "Say what you do and do what you say". They stand behind EVERY unit that hits the street. I don't think that anyone else does that.
  7. Consider the virtues of a REAL slingshot. They're not just "bean flippers" anymore.
  8. The fine for shooting one is MONSTER! The easy way that I've heard to differentiate them from 'yotes is that they are much larger, the nose is much shorter and it has a different tail.
  9. Maybe he can get a job as a security guard at the Bundy Ranch.
  10. Some years ago we had a prospector that often opined on this and other issues. His name was "Hardrock" Hendricks. He warned about going whole hog into prospecting without a safety net. He said that one should at the very least have that SS check coming in. There was another couple named (IIRC) Ed and Joy Cole. They wandered around selling New 49'rs club memberships and general stuff at Gold Shows. They had sold the house in Anaheim CA and bought in Blythe (I "think") and used it as a base of operations. They also beeped, sluiced and generally hunted the elusive yellow metal. When I was a lot y
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