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  1. Prayers for a quick recovery!
  2. When I watched Bill in action with the monster I thought this is the perfect detector for testing new areas. My intention was not to find hundreds of dinks but looking for food for my gold well. In my travels in the Superstitions I run into things or friends whisper in my ear. Many locations to test lots of gold to find. Plus most spots are not junked up. That and I need to find the source for this stuff. Couple fingers have pointed the way. A light hot unit is the way to go.
  3. Picked one up from Bill today. After putting it together off I went to the tailing pile in my backyard. Two tiny pieces of lead then a flake of gold. I'm happy! Always remember Mike's beer can nugget.
  4. If you open to offers I'd offer $550 total
  5. I'll take 115 any day over 20 below
  6. They cut that scene. I had to show Eric how to get it in there. He does not accept advice.
  7. I'm not getting in a copter with a Scottsdale pilot who wears stretch pants. Plus I'm not flying into those mountains anyway. There are better wYs to die. The Bowie was my Vietnam knife. Good for cutting off snake heads. Come to think of it people's heads too. Oh I could tell you some stories!
  8. I also enjoyed the show. I also don't know how it was edited. By the commercial it appears I lose it and start screaming a Wayne this Sun. I did. Forgot all about being filmed. He said something that set me off. Oh well.
  9. Did not know him but read his books
  10. I have that book Fred. My password was not working them bam! What's funny you read the books then later become friends with the guys that wrote them. You then get a different story
  11. Ron I think old Terry is pissed because he could not find a speck of gold back in the mountains and I found so much. By the way your one of my all time nugget shooter Hero's. When I was back in Pennsylvania I paid close attention to your posts. Still do.
  12. Ill be hanging out helping the club at the gold show in Mesa. Stop by the GPAP booth It's very odd watching yourself on a TV commercial
  13. I'm confused on what the date is. I can't miss the gold show. Then Sun Feb 8 Legend of Superstition Mountain on the History Channel. Can't miss myself on TV It's been awhile since I've been to LSD. Been working my claims in the Superstitions
  14. I remember back when I was living in Pennsylvania reading posts on this forum. I've learned a ton for you guys and I thank you all. I never asked a question that went unanswered. I've done well prospecting thanks to all that great advise.
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