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    It's hot!

    I'll take 115 any day over 20 below

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

    Tomahawk from the French and Indian war period. 1750's from a settler fort site in Pennsylvania
  3. Don't worry Ron they will hound you until they get your dues. In my opinion the corporation changed for the worse after the sale. That said the Phoenix chapter the Gpap is very active. Membership is free if you belong to the GPAA. We have something going every month. Like anything else you get out what you put in. I can see the day where the Gpap may be on their own if things keep going downhill.

    Electrical power lines and Minelab 4500 in cancel mode.

    A salt coil will work in that area

    Back to the hospital

    It's those beans Ron. Wish you heal fast!

    Price of gold

    Stock market is taking off again today. That will drive the price down

    Price of gold

    It was a bubble just like the stock market and housing. It burst. It's done. . Be careful with the next one. You need to get in early and out before it burst. Watch out for greed. It will get you every time.

    Price of gold

    We will see over time. At any rate I'm always buying gold nuggets for the Gpap raffle. 90% of spot. Anyone want to sell some of their $1800 gold for 90% spot. My friend told me when to sell and I did at the exact peak. His crystal ball worked just fine for me. When he says buy ill listen.

    Price of gold

    When it hit bottom try finding someone who will sell at that price. It will take a while. Talked to a friend that is a refiner. He is looking at gold to go to $700 then take up to 15 years to go back up to $1200. He is having trouble finding sellers right now. All he refines goes to the Middle East.
  10. SGTFDA

    Price of gold

    It always goes up at the end of the week. If you need to cover your margins you buy. If you can find someone to sell at a loss. I know people in the business and they are shiting bricks and refusing to sell gold they paid 1800 oz for. This won't end well. Look for all the cash for gold places to go under.
  11. SGTFDA

    Price of gold

    Sold my gold and bought 22 shells. Went from $6 to $80 a box. If the dollar fails gold will have no value. You cant eat it. But with 22 shells you can eat. Wall Street expects gold to drop to $900 and work back up to $1200 by next year. You can't get interest on gold. Investors have turned their back on gold and that drives the price down. I feel bad for the Alaska gold show guys. This will kill them.
  12. SGTFDA

    Price of gold

    Glad I sold when it was above $1900. If you have been holding your losing your ass. Interest rates are going up and gold will continue its decline.
  13. SGTFDA

    hospital on heart

    They will want you to go on a lot fat diet. My doctor told me the other day that low fat diets are killing people. They noticed a large group of people on low fat diets were dying. Found the body needs fat.
  14. SGTFDA

    hospital on heart

    Glad things are working out Ron!